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30.12.2018 — 5:00 Tricky and unstable Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko went broke. After the appeals of the Verkhovna Rada to declare war on Russia, he did not fulfill these requirements immediately. Poroshenko put this matter before the Christmas holidays. On Saturday it became known that the Pro-Western puppet Petro has signed the law "On the area of Ukraine". According to the decree, the Maritime boundary of the Square will now be extended, and violators face a terrible punishment. Officially [...] Post Game aggravation: Poroshenko signs the slaughter of the sailors of the Ukrainian Navy appeared first on world news ALPOL.

30.12.2018 — 3:00 the Ukrainian Armed forces captured the so-called grey zone in the Donbass. Ukrainian units occupy abandoned settlements that sweep in from both sides and have no tactical value. The military themselves feel frustrated because they are forced to take part in this operation. RIA Novosti understood what its meaning. A violation of the Twenty-sixth of December, the adviser of the President of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov announced that the Ukrainian [...] the Message "You have not taken Donetsk?" Where in fact comes the Ukrainian army (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

29.12.2018 — 7:00 Military observer Baranets — the new Russian super weapon that has been tested. I remember the venomous sarcasm of some American politicians and the military right after Vladimir Putin on March 1, showed in his Message, "cartoons" (as said in haste over the ocean) — a clutch of latest and unique Russian weapons. Was then that such remarks: "Putin is bluffing!", "Such weapons have no" in [...] the post Why "avant-garde" is so important for Russia and horrible for US (PHOTOS, VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

29.12.2018 — 4:00 Russian companies are preparing for active development of the Arctic, it showed well the forum "the Arctic. Present and future" held in Saint-Petersburg in the first half of December 2018. And to develop and introduce innovative solutions require not only business interests, but also the sanctions policy of the West towards Russia and Russian enterprises, which operates almost 5 years. To Arctic exploration did not stop, the Russian company began to engage in import substitution. If [...] the Message of the Russian company preparing for an active Arctic development (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

28.12.2018 — 11:14 28 Dec died the double Olympic champion in the USSR team in hockey Evgeny Zimin. Outstanding hockey player 1960-1970-XX years was 71. Sad news reported by the press service of the Moscow hockey club "Spartak", which was made by the Zimin. "Today's heart stopped one of the best players in the history of "Spartacus" and the USSR national team, double Olympic champion, the author of the first washer [...] the Message Died the double Olympic champion the national team of the USSR hockey appeared first on world news ALPOL.

28.12.2018 — 7:59 In the past year has been a breakthrough in the modernization of the strategic Missile forces (RVSN). The share of modern equipment in this branch increased from 66 to 82%. Already in 2019 in parts of the strategic missile forces will begin deliveries hypersonic systems "avant-garde", and from 2021-the Intercontinental ballistic missiles "Sarmat". Previous holders of advanced weapons of strategic deterrence became the aerospace defence forces of Russia. [...] the Message "Breakthrough solutions": what the latest missile received Russian Army in 2018 (PHOTOS, VIDEO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

28.12.2018 — 6:00 in the very near future the canonical Orthodox Church of Ukraine expect heavy testing. In the first stage she has taken away her sanctuary. The intention of the government to transfer under control of the Patriarchate of Constantinople 11 churches and monasteries according to the Ukrainian "Vesti", citing an unnamed source. The list, according to the newspaper, was enshrined in the Treaty, which was signed by President Petro Poroshenko and Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul on 3 November. The list includes [...] Post Ukraine soon waiting for a religious war — the view (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

28.12.2018 — 4:30 This "effective Manager" is responsible in the Republic for the country's reunification — the normalization of relations with the Bank to further restore the borders of the Republic — in reality, it is the main "hawk", a kind of representative of the "party of war". Today in Moldova continues to gain momentum, the race — less than two months the country will hold elections to the main legislative [...] the Message of the Moldovan "party of war" against the Russian peacekeepers and Transnistria appeared first on world news ALPOL.

28.12.2018 — 3:00 No doubt that the Americans will do if not everything, then many things in order to second phase of "Nord stream" was built. That is why they initiate provocations in the Kerch Strait, and the pressure will heat up almost the whole year. Germany is resisting. But whether it will be enough will to follow through? The first mystery of the "Nord stream — 2" — at what stage in its construction is now. Last post [...] the Message of the Mystery of the "North stream" (MAP) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

27.12.2018 — 5:00 Joyful for the militia and their families news. Denis Pushilin has signed a decree on the implementation of measures to restore public housing to distribute it to certain categories of victims of military actions. The apartments will be allocated: 1. The families of the victims and deceased soldiers. 2. Military families that have no housing on the territory of Donetsk people's Republic. 3. Everyone whose staying on the territory of the Republic houses and apartments are fully [...] the Message is IMPORTANT: the Families of the militia DND will receive housing (DOCUMENT) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

26.12.2018 — 6:00, the Elderly have become the enemy of nationalists and reformists. Recently in Lviv there was an unusual graffiti. They depict the old, nasty-looking old lady who pokes at you with his hooked finger. "I'll decide for you," explains on its behalf, the accompanying inscription, near which pointedly is the date of presidential elections in Ukraine: March 31, 2019. According to local bloggers, behind this hate campaign against the elderly can stand [...] Post Ukraine: the elderly do not belong here (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

26.12.2018 — 4:00 newspaper the Times, which, as we know, the third age sets the standards for international journalism, spoke about a new initiative in British politics. This time the appeal of the Deputy of the Scottish Parliament Alex Cole-Hamilton, quote, "to confiscate the property of Russian, living in Scotland and participating in the information war to destabilize Britain." Cole-Hamilton readily explains what it's for Russian: "organizations Such as Sputnik and RT are propaganda in [...] Post In Scotland has uncovered a nest of Russian propaganda — Ukrainian technique appeared first on world news ALPOL.

26.12.2018 — 2:30 Kyiv can organize provocations in cyberspace. This is evidenced by the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to bring their kibervoyska on alert, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. The real military IT departments began to form in Ukraine relatively recently, but in the country the hackers are active volunteers. However, the attacks of the activists cause experts, only bewilderment. According to analysts, they are organized very poorly. The Ukrainian authorities are preparing a provocation [...] the Message "the Net guerrilla": what potential could have a Ukrainian kibervoyska (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.

Aspects of investing in real estate of Ufa. December 2018 the Company "Globalbilding" company providing consulting services in the real estate market in a number of regional and Republican centers conducts monthly analysis of cost of apartments in these cities to adjust their forecasts. So at the beginning of December 2018, the center's experts studied the situation in the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in the secondary housing market. As a result of this [...] the post Aspects of investing in real estate of Ufa. December 2018 appeared first on world news ALPOL.

25.12.2018 — 3:00 Modern fighters, long-range anti-aircraft missile systems, tanks, helicopters, dozens of tons of ammunition and good prospects for cooperation by the end of the year the portfolio of orders of "Rosoboronexport" has exceeded $ 50 billion. Despite Western sanctions, the queue of foreign buyers of Russian weapons is only growing. This is facilitated by the military's anti-terrorist operation in Syria, numerous exercises, and international defence forums where Moscow traditionally is extensive exposure. Of key arms contracts [...] Post Made in Russia — 2018. Where in the world Russian weapons chose the American (PHOTO) appeared first on world news ALPOL.