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The web designer. Creation of sites, SEO-optimization, production of printing products, outdoor advertising, photo and video editing.

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Create icons for website in Photoshop CS3 One of the most important parts of any modern web site is called a site icon (favicon). It's small, only 16x16 pixel images in a special computer format having a resolution of (.ico). This image (hereinafter favicon) displayed as tabs on the browser before the page name and search results Yandex. The search engine Google, for some one to him a slave is not willing to display favicon. Which is a pity. Indeed, the presence of the favicon greatly facilitates the search for the desired resource on the Internet, and in a certain way makes the site more unique and noticeable. For beginner web-developers often question how to make an icon for the site, or where to get ready. About ready favicons not going to say. You can...

SEO website optimization and in search results. This article was created specifically for those people who are doing business in order to create a website, but do not want to spend money on its promotion in the network. These businesses think simply having a good web site on the Internet, and this will be enough to attract target customers. Alas, no.

To work in the trade network, there is no need to spend a lot of money on the purchase of their own engine, or you can order a unique design. Just contact the experts who will be able to develop and to customize the site based on a free CMS, which will require from the customer a minimum of means and efforts.

Free website - a myth or reality? As the proverb says: "the Free cheese is only in a mousetrap". Those who remember this saying, and adhere to this principle in life, usually do not fall into unpleasant situations related to deception and loss of money. In the field of information technology as well as in other areas of our lives, deception flourishes where there is care, common sense, and a careful study of one or the other sales offers. We give a concrete example for comparing service offerings to create a "free website" on one of the online designers, and my suggestions towards a site-based management system Joomla.

How you cheat in the Internet. In our previous articles we have repeatedly drawn your attention to the problems associated with dishonest attitude of some dealers working in the IT field. In particular, it concerns the increasingly frightening popularity of so-called "Designers." the notorious designers offer gullible people to create the sites "totally free" but the result is that people have to pay many times more than for the creation of a full website, commissioned a professional web master. We give a concrete example. Here is one of many services offering their services to create websites for free. What is not ambiguous is broadcasting the inscription in large letters on their web site.

How to make a website in five minutes. the Conduct of any business in modern conditions is impossible without representation on the Internet. The web site of any level, providing relevant information about the services and goods that a company significantly increases the chances of success of the business.

FastStone Image Viewer mainly intended for viewing of images on the user's computer. This is evident from the name of the program itself. In this article we look at the built-in program editor, which is able in a very short time to optimize the pictures to embed them on any web site. To consider the programme will for example, version 4.7 as at the time of writing this version uses the author. The program is completely free. In the end you will find a video instruction on optimizing the images in the program FastStone Image Viewer, as well as the download link.

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective tools for promotion. It does not require much time, and the cost is quite justified, because you pay for each go through the ad, and not just for the views or the time of advertising. However, as practice shows, not all advertisers are able to derive maximum benefits. Most often, the cost of clicks is too high, the ad targeted users or leads them absolutely on the page that originally envisaged.

The Device, which is equipped with any publisher despite the fact that the electronic media are increasingly gaining momentum and are gradually replacing the traditional Newspapers and magazines, the latter actively resisted. Information on paper still appeals to the people, and so, to work of publishers and printers.

With the development of digital technology, the entertainment industry is also becoming richer and more interesting. To replace the primitive games came more advanced. Graphics of modern computer games is simply amazing. The picture is so realistic, and the dynamics of the movements are so smooth that the player is fully immersed in the gameplay. All this diversity of the game would be hardly possible without the designers.

How to choose a name for the site For anyone who is the owner of the website, this article will be hardly interesting. It is intended for those people who are thinking about creating your own resource in the Internet. The first step to website creation is selection of a domain name. You can do this yourself if you know the basic rules. But first, let's talk about what domain name site.

Should we Expect any revolution? Today it is difficult to imagine a person without any mobile device. Designers of leading world brands, producing mobile devices for the population of our planet, day and night working to create a more perfect design for their flagship models. Even beginners in this market trying to keep up with their elders.

The Printed products remain in demand. the Internet is the greatest invention of mankind. In our time without the Internet just anywhere. However, the Internet is not yet able to completely replace the information printed on paper. People still continue to buy the regular, not e-books, read the usual magazines and Newspapers, use classic paper documents.

Or how to raise the traffic for little money. Many new bloggers and webmaster are thinking about how to increase the traffic of your resource and promote it in search engines. In the network there is already enough material on this topic, but I want to add my two cents and share my experience. We will focus on a fast and not expensive way to increase traffic to the site. Traffic, as you know, is different. Some bloggers want to increase the number of visitors for posting on their resources of advertising and accordingly earnings. And for owners of commercial sites the main objective is obtaining targeted visitors, or in other words, they don't need anybody, and we need people able to make a reservation, or buy anything.

Content Management System – Content Management System. Such systems written in the programming language PHP great variety. But in our country (Russia) and in countries of the former Soviet Union particularly popular CMS Joomla. I think that is not sin against the truth, saying that this content management system is perhaps the most popular all over the world. This popularity Jumla acquired due to many positive factors such as: