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Watch video dancing with Jennifer Lawrence under the song Rolling in the deep Jennifer Lawrence is not only a Hollywood a-Lister and star of show business, but also a good friend. We all remember that singer Adele is now on tour around the world presenting his new album. And to the Adele concert in Los Angeles gathered celebrities and friends oskaronosnoy singer, among them was Jennifer Lawrence, Emma stone, Tom Hanks, Katy Perry and Orlando bloom and many other stars of show business. Actress Jennifer Lawrence did not hide pleasure and came off for song Rolling in the deep. Watch the video.

More and more people are looking for relationships and love, not fleeting pleasure the World is changing very rapidly, and with it, and how people relate to relationships, love and first dates. Before to find someone to go on a date was much harder than now. At the present time, more and more websites and applications that are downloaded directly to the phone, help to find a couple on date night. And when you can have every day the very first date new people, it is absurd that with every jump into bed for the sake of fleeting pleasure. Surveys confirm all my words and theories. In 2005, according to statistics 69% of people polled answered "Yes" to the question "do You Agree to sleep on the first date?" and 31% - no. The same survey was conducted 10 years...

Get rid of pain in the neck as soon as possible, so as not to get a chronic headache If You spend many hours at the computer or Your head is constantly bent over a smartphone, then You know this nagging pain in the neck. What to do when neck pain? Of course, first thought about massage. It's good, but after the massage, You will again sit down at your computer Desk and still will not part with their smartphone. Therefore, the more effective will be to strengthen the muscles of the neck and back. Here's a simple exercise, how to do it: 1. Baby Cobra Try to keep your palms at shoulder level and the chin pick up. Perform the exercise 10 times. 2. Vigibase Cobra by Doing this exercise, try to match the blades. Your back and neck will thank You later. 3. Face...

Very often, imagination plays with us a funny joke. a Funny compilation of pictures. Salvador Dali would have appreciated, as Sigmund Freud would put the diagnosis. But as the saying goes: all that is natural is not dirty. The value of this expression approaches this number of photos. Because, like it or not, everything is created by nature, and she bad not create. Smile and share the post with your friends.

Extraordinary spectacle. Watch the video. the Lake, ice and wind created this mesmerizing beauty. Nature copes, and without the masters of special effects. the Lucky ones that captured what he saw, they say filmed the video in Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota (USA). This is a hypnotizing video, one can watch endlessly, and all the problems fade when you realize that once this is possible, and all troubles can be resolved. Watch and relax.

Because they will not... this year to watch films with Emma Watson, we will not, because they will not. The actress took a break. "I took a break from acting this year to focus on 2 things. The first is my personal development, and the campaign for women's rights, HeForShe. Now I read a lot, my personal objective is to read a book a week. I devote all my time to reading and self-education. I realized that you can learn much from books and from communication with interesting and smart people. So, this year I read and listen to." Supported Emma in her plans. It is a pity that this year we will not see movies with her participation, but it means only one thing, that the wise wiser and Emma will play their roles even better next year.

Do You think that Hillary is more like Baby one more time or Toxic? Hillary Clinton gaining momentum. Democrat Hillary Clinton has already enlisted the support of Marc Jacobs, Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner. It's all very well, but Hillary was convinced that it was not enough, so she continues to expand the circle of his friends among the celebrities of show business. And this is your true knight, among friends policy now and Britney Spears. I Wonder who will be following another Democrat Hillary Clinton? Taylor Swift?

What changed the opinion of Angelina Jolie on motherhood? it's Hard to imagine angelina Jolie as something different than mom - super star. But there was a time when Angelina had no interest in children at all. It is not thought to raise even one child, let alone six. In one interview, the actress said: "It's strange, but I never wanted to have children, never wanted to be pregnant, or nursing babies. Never thought of myself as a mother at all." But all was changed when Jolie was sent to Cambodia to make a film about Lara Croft. "When I first came to Cambodia, it changed me. I reconsidered a lot. I realized that a lot of us are not taught in school and in life so much that I have to understand. I was crushed by this discovery". on my next visit to the...

Like, Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck divorce...and rest together And the enemy does not want to go through the hell of divorce. It's hard and emotionally and physically, and financially. And there is no single formula how to get through it and how to deal with it. After all, a couple can communicate so much: the kids, the house, friends. Think, and also a lot of Hollywood couple Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck. According to the latest news of show business couple with their children and friends Gisele Bundchen and Tom brad vacationing in the mountains. Celebrities had fun, sipping bloody Marys and eating nachos (even supermodel Giselle allowed herself to depart from the diet and enjoy the nachos). garner and Affleck still in the process of divorce, but the...

Gigi Hadid is an absolute beauty. But this, of course, the catalog of swimwear, so look and choose yourself a swimsuit Model Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid) - currently the most popular model, and I think everyone understands why. Finished work at fashion week in new York, Gigi is removed for magazine swimwear. The first images have already appeared online and on page online magazine Beauty photo with Gigi Hadid in everything: beaches, bathing suits directly itself and Gigi)) the Shooting took place at Tahiti. Not a job but a dream!

Cold weather still outside, so warm nails the best way. let's be honest and recognize that we do long manicured nails, to attract attention (well, it is inherent in our nature to lure and captivate). But just manicured nails with manicure is no surprise, and attention to special draws, so...routine. So the stylists puzzled, more creative and created the latest trend of the season manicure - nails fur. Prior to that, as you remember, was art trend "Knit nails", now use fur. will See how interesting the look of this manicure. The trend of the season, which is still and warm.

Had the feeling that the entire Grammy evening was arranged in honour of the couple Taylor swift opened the awards ceremony Grammy 2016 song Out of the woods. The singer performed in a black shiny suit. in the meantime, while Taylor did her best on the stage, her loyal fans girlfriend Selena Gomez, and brother Austin swift did cute pictures, than stirred the Internet and fans. And why not, love can be... Follow the news of show business, to find out whether the romantic relationship between Selena Gomez and brother Taylor swift. And while the friends celebrate their victory Taylor award for Best video for the song Bad Blood. Yes, the singer swift has claimed another Grammy.

Why Megan not coped with emotions? the Grammys 2016 eventful. The latest news music show business such: Rihanna fell ill and was unable to speak; during performance Adele had a technical problem; Justin Bieber came in with his younger brother and received his first Grammy award; Beyonce came in a wedding dress; Selena Gomez after the ceremony, credited the novel with his brother Taylor swift; Gwen Stefani presented her new music video, Meghan Trainor burst into tears on stage when she was awarded Grammy as the winner in the nomination "Breakthrough of the year". Singer Meghan Trainor began her acceptance speech with, thanked L. A. Reid because he recognized her as a performer, not just songwriter. And of course, wrote thanks to my parents that always...

It happened with Justin Bieber for the first time on the Grammys 2016 either Justin worked hard all this year, or the good luck he brought his younger brother, but it happened! Justin Bieber got his first Grammy for the song Where are U now. But for 6-year-old Jackson Bieber this fact obviously makes little difference. Justin is still the same caring older brother who may be offended and in front of hundreds of cameras on the red carpet.

The Singer Rihanna is seriously ill Rihanna was in the program of the 2016 Grammy awards, but it was cancelled at the last minute because the singer was ill. It turns out that Rihanna has a serious case of bronchitis, and straining the ligaments is strictly prohibited so as not to harm the vocal of the singer. The star of the show business, as we are all mere mortals, and takes antibiotics, but the desired effect they have not given, perhaps because Rihanna is treated just 3 days. Rihanna has published in his Twitter apology that are unable to attend the ceremony of Grammy awards this year. I Hope that she feels better soon, chicken soup and help her.