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The popularity of the that has a dry floor screed, due to the high technical performance achieved in just 2 days of laying with little financial cost. These floors are versatile and suitable for flooring all types of flooring.

Venetian plaster was the result of pragmatic approach of the Roman builders who used the remaining crumbs as a finishing material. Second life she was already in medieval Venice, hence its modern name.

, the Most common for apartments and houses are split level ceilings effectively fit in the bedroom or living room and kitchen, spacious hallway. Unique design ceiling on his own sketch possible without the involvement of specialists.

The blind area of the house is a constructive element which prolongs the life of the Foundation. Ignoring the additions to the building will result in a mandatory overhaul of the Foundation after 20 years of living in the house. To perform a blind area on the stage of construction, when laid the Foundation, and after the house is already built.

Components for insulation of the outer layer of the facade are assembled by means of adhesive mixtures that are diluted with water: cement, special glue for bonding foam or decorative plaster. Undeniable advantages of the finishing technology of the "wet facade", but there are drawbacks.

Or Basaltic stone wool is the most popular insulation. The technological process of production of rock wool represents the melting of rocks of basalt group, resulting in a thin solid filament, then cut into shapes.

The Bark of cement-polymer mixture for plastering interior and exterior surfaces of the walls. Contains in its composition of granules with size from 1 to 4.5 mm, when applying and spreading mortar to create a relief of education, similar in appearance with traces left by termites in wood structures.

Building level, such an important tool can be the cause of serious mistakes that could lead to irreparable consequences. And not surprising, because people, not knowing many nuances in the construction, hope, trust this device. Oblivious to the fact that the adjustment of any appliance should be checked by the user after each use.

Before you start building a new home, need to be concerned with the choice of heating system. You have to understand that depends on a comfortable living for the residents. The main thing - to choose the right type of equipment that would be reliable, easy to operate and not too distressed on the pocket.

The Most common solution is the construction of the first basement floor of stone or similar building materials, and construction of a second made of wood. As a result, the combined house acquires greater functionality and improved quality.

As is known, for heating in the cold season should take care about the arrangement of the heating system, the key element of which will be boiler for heating. The choice of boiler in turn will depend on the type of fuel that the landlord was planning to heat it.

Durable finishing and insulation of the facade is necessary for any country home. To perform front activities builders use various technologies and materials that differ from each other characteristics, method of installation, appearance

Polymer-sand tile is a unique roofing product. Material is made from sand, coloring component and a special plastic. The production method was originally proposed by the Russian specialists in the global industry of similar products does not exist.

In waterproofing measures are often used traditional roofing and asphalt, representing a waterproof product. They are suitable for insulation of wood-frame structures from moisture and to prevent contact of the racks with the backfill that is used as insulation.

In the 50-ies of the 20 century in design art was born a new style of "Hi-tech", which in English translates as "high technology". Over time, this area is firmly rooted not only in the designs of the houses themselves, but in their inner space. This direction in design inherent in a sufficient amount of space.