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Our works, gallery of woodwork, woodcarving

Our works, gallery of woodwork, woodcarving

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Cabinet of natural wood in the Baroque style Manufactured according to individual design, developed by us. Lightweight, stylish design. Woodcarving, handmade furniture adds elegance and refinement. the Bedroom set also includes a wardrobe,dressing table, chest of drawers, bed. bedside tables and stool. Full set of bedroom furniture you can see on this page. there is also furniture in a different color, size, finish. Or can design furniture to suit Your requirements and to make a reality.

Bedside table made from natural wood in the Baroque style, custom made on an individual project. it is Possible to manufacture any desired size, color, finish. And also manufacturer of furniture in any other style, exclusive design, production to provide photos, sketches. the advantages of cooperation with us: 1. Own production 2. Natural wood 3. Handmade 4. Performed exclusive 5. Professional wood carving 6. Guarantee 7. Do it with our soul! For any questions, please contact us! 0933014484, 0973703795

Custom Made on an individual project. The project developed by us. the Effect of attrition on applied patina gold color. the Decorative carving, which is made by hand, fills the interior of the house a unique atmosphere. the Carving gives a sense of coziness, comfort and tranquility, which cannot be said about plastic or other unnatural elements. We can manufacture any furniture of any size and individual design, invented by You. These products will perfectly fit in the interior of Your apartment or office, and no matter in what style the interior of the tree will always be beautiful "look" on the background of other things. Carved wood furniture accentuate Your image, individuality, create a sense of comfort and unity with nature.