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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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The Problem with the false "star" hotels that are actually unauthorized to announce the availability of a number of stars, especially important on the eve of the world Cup. Foreigners are reserving a room and staying in hotels, often focus on the claimed number of stars on the website, and can get into the situation where the level and quality of service do not correspond to European star hotels. This situation may [>>>>]

Microloans differ from Bank loans the following parameters: * the maximum amount granted amount (usually it is much less Bank loans); * fast issuance of cash; * repayment terms, which include a high rate of interest and fast repayment of the loan. Do the results of such MFI – microcredit organizations, however, banks began to offer recent services of this kind. As a rule, [>>>>]

History knows many examples when the construction of the facility has not been investigated soils has led to disastrous results. In order to avoid unwanted changes in the strength of the structure, and more – emergency situations it is obligatory for engineering-geological surveys for the construction of special norms and legislative acts of the Russian Federation. The calculation of Foundation Strength, and accordingly, durability of structures is directly linked to the reliability of the base and properly designed Foundation. To make the right [>>>>]

Great consumer interest in IP cameras HikVision is attributable to the substantial advantages of the apparatus. Select IP camera Hikvision Advantages are seen when comparing them with other models from the same price range that are identical in hardware and software design: first, buy one IP camera HikVision, the consumer becomes the owner of the Autonomous surveillance system. Moreover, without additional equipment. So, don't need a DVR to connect to the cloud (remote server) to your network [>>>>]

Continued. Start here Or will arrive "black Swan" to the Belarusian it industry? Drakakhrust: by the Way about growth. Somehow this growth is almost a law of nature. But the crisis in the country, is growing unemployment, it covers almost all sectors of the national economy, and it has some kind of island of prosperity. You, Yuri, said that most Belarusian it work for export, but also a significant part of the Belarusian economy, 60%, work [>>>>]

The manufacturer takes the lion's share of the world market of loading equipment. In our time, stable performance technical and transport contractors for commercial and industrial enterprises rests on the technique of the company. Part of the concern is about 188 companies. Spare parts Komatsu demonstrate the highest levels of quality and reliability, therefore, guarantee maximum duration of the operation of forklifts in the workplace. In spite of this, any functional units [>>>>]

Today, the electronic world dictates the beginning and rapid progress of the new era. Each person has their smartphone. Almost any second, you have your own personal personal computer. To get anywhere in the world. The bookings is something that can do everything. Sit in Paris, and to order goods from China you can now quickly and easily. Perhaps you can talk endlessly about [>>>>]

Continued. Start here. What will happen to OEMs and Belarus it after Tsepkalo? Drakakhrust: We still a little pofilosofstvuem with you. Sensation this week was the resignation of the head of the high-tech Park Valery Tsepkalo. Alexander, in your research you using any special method determined that without the OEM production volumes in the it industry in Belarus would be three times less than it is now. Is it possible to somehow evaluate [>>>>]

Wall Board liner used in institutions, through the door which takes place every day a lot of people. It is not only the clinics and hospitals, although the bumpers began to be used in these institutions, as the walls of hospitals and clinics very often damaged by wheelchairs and prams, various stretchers and sick people are not able to hold the door. Bumpers often put in schools, megamoolah, boutiques, theaters, entertainment and [>>>>]

Beginning: part 1 and part 2 Golub: Who is closer to the truth? The question I want to answer another perennial question: what is truth? Actually, the point of view of the OEM, and the point of view of Gursky — both true, because the truth we will not know and most importantly, the question now is what is probabilistic in nature. I think that the truth — both in words [>>>>]

Topographical works is a set of complex measuring and computing work performed in field and laboratory conditions to identify the relative position of certain points of the plot in horizontal and vertical planes. Totals of work laboratory and field type are basic for formation of a graphical or digital models of the territory. Classification of topographical survey Ground survey is divided into three key stages: topografiniai situational and relief characteristics of the terrain [>>>>]

LGBT lobby and left-liberals are trying to impose on Ukrainian citizens is "the third sex", secretly inscribing it in the documents of the Ministry of health of Ukraine. Well, again quietly through a small door trying to promote the resolution of LGBT persons in the adoption of Ukrainian orphans.In fact, they are on the side of pharmaceutical mafia, which has long sought to get rid of the acting Minister Uliana Suprun, who tried to catch the tail of Hydra, which is profiting from the sick Ukrainians.[>>>>]

Former Secretary of education in the UK believes that Theresa may is "the first Catholic Prime Minister of great Britain" and in the centre of its policies is the Catholic social teaching. In an article for "The Times" Michael Aw, a member of the British Parliament, said that Theresa may is "more Anglo-Catholic than Roman-Catholic, but nevertheless a Catholic d a whole". Of said that although may is an Anglican and the daughter [>>>>]

The Procedure of impeachment, Park Geun-Hye of the recently ended her departure from the presidential Palace, initiating, thereby, the upcoming meeting between leaders of the United States and China. What happened and what role was played by the resignation of South Korean President? The fact that the United States was set in South Korea missile defense system designed to intercept missiles flying not so much from North Korea, how China and [>>>>]

As in a thermos of hot liquid remains hot, and cold things cold? We must not forget that the concept of "cold", there is only lack of heat. Warm liquid will stay warm, if not will transfer to the environment heat. And the ice will not melt if it is not going to act warm air. Of course in high school physics it is known that heat can be transferred three ways: *[>>>>]