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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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To provide comfortable thermal conditions in the house or apartment you need to get the indispensable air conditioning. The main period of operation of most vehicles in summer, when you need to escape the heat, but if you choose a device with a heat pump, the cold period it can be easily operated as a heater. Whirlpool air conditioners are used in public spaces, where produces a lot of heat (airplanes, concert halls, cinemas, cars, [>>>>]

In the Western Ukraine spreads panic due to media reports about the mysterious infectious disease that affects children. Lviv newspaper has placed an explanation about this unusual for this region the disease. It is about the disease caused by Coxsackie virus. The information that Coxsackie virus massively affects children in Ternopil, there are also cases in Lviv, pretty alarmed parents and caused a mountain of issues: [>>>>]

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe rejected a proposal that required all 47 member States to legalize surrogate motherhood, according to "the Catholic Herald, a Majority of the Council of Europe voted against the motion. The proposal submitted by the Belgian representative Peter De Sutter. Some members of the Council expressed concern about conflict of interest because De Sutter is associated with one of the Indian clinics, which is practicing surrogacy.

"Poroshenkovtsy" played with "byt" UAH 97 million. (about 230 million rubles) for a school and a kindergarten with a swimming pool. Management of capital construction Department of architecture, urban planning and land resources of Khmelnytskyi city Council October 7, according to the results of the tender ordered, OOO "Alliance Construction Group" construction of the educational complex for 97 million 110 thousand UAH. This was reported in "Messenger of government procurements". By the end of 2019 in the city [>>>>]

With such appeal was made by Samsung to their customers. World leader of cellular phones has publicly confirmed the real danger from any of the Galaxy Note 7. At least from recent new Samsung should refrain until an official investigation and would not clarify the reasons, which led to new cases of fire phones. Selling of the device is stopped in all countries of the world. The official portal of Samsung [>>>>]

As jewelry beads appeared long ago, but the thing is that the jewels were not available. The bead looked bright and beautiful, so they decorated items of clothing, accessories and items for the home – tablecloth, purses, boots. Afford it, then a question of skills and technology. Now you can picture the numbers to buy in the online shop and decorate [>>>>]

Firm, Deputy mayor of Cherkasy immediately after his appointment, atenderlo a million the Windows in the clinic. The Department of economy and development of Cherkasy city Council signed an agreement with OOO "Tekhstroynadzor" repair policlinic value of 1.00 million. (about 2.5 million rubles.). This information was spread by the publication of "Nettle" with reference to the system of Prosaro. By the end of this budget year, the premises of the municipal clinic 5, Cherkassy, awaiting repair.[>>>>]

Proposed a translation from Ukrainian article Dmitry Belinskogo speculating about the consequences for Ukraine's possible coming to power in Washington, and Hillary Clinton a FEW WORDS ABOUT the AMERICAN ELECTIONS the American presidential election promises to be almost the most scandalous in history. Systematic publication of compromising materials and the search for dirty Laundry reached almost Ukrainian level. As the new week began with the fact that the Buddha remembered his lewd remarks [>>>>]

The Question of making money has always been relevant. The head of the family tries to earn the maximum salary to provide for the family, and the woman creates comfort. At the present time to develop their own business, declaring it to the world, helps the world wide web of the Internet. Through the sites, users have the opportunity to visit a variety of resources, ordering a service or buying a product, almost without leaving home. The owner, therefore, gets a profit [>>>>]

Commemorative Vatican coins dedicated to the Jubilee Year of mercy world youth day in Krakow will see the light October 13, 2016 Coin in honor of the anniversary of the Relief minted in denominations of 2 Euro. It contains the iconographic image of St. Martin of tours. Saint is represented on horseback in the moment when he removes his cloak and gives it to the frozen man. This story recalls the deeds of mercy and [>>>>]

View unique smartphone Sharp Corner R of Sharp company on the exhibition forum CeaTech 2016 made a lot of noise. The screen of the device is framed by the extra-thin frames with both side and top, according to Gizmo China. In 2014, Sharp has presented the public its new smartphones with edge-to-edge case. Among the features of new products to highlight the location at the bottom of the front camera and the classic [>>>>]

Donald trump is the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, sent a letter to the Conference of Catholic leaders, which was held from October 4 to October 6, 2016 in Denver. The text of the letter provided to the CNA portal . In his letter, trump stated that it is willing to cooperate with Catholics on all issues that are of crucial importance for the Catholic Church. He also said that will fully protect the freedom [>>>>]

Televised Debates between the candidates for Vice-President USA Mike Pence (Republican party representative) and Tim Kane (Demokrfticheskoy party) pointed out additional differences between the two parties. We are talking about abortion, which was raised during the show, reports "". So Kane said that personally he is against abortion, but as a civil servant can not impose your beliefs on others. Despite the claims of Kane, his personal life, he [>>>>]

The First serious problems 7 iPhone Fans of Apple technology and the happy owners of 7 iPhone first had trouble when using a new product. Activating new iPhone 7 was not possible due to the fact that the purchased device had bind to a different Apple ID, gets into trouble megaportal MacRumors. Rumors of course you can not believe it, but on the shortcomings of the flagship Apple we already reported. One of the owners, having [>>>>]

Proposed the transfer of the investigation Alina Strizhak "Family capital Prosecutor owns real estate on 165 000 000" on the income of the chief Prosecutor of Kiev Paul Milenina. A good example of a feast during the plague — the people are poor and "heroes of Maidan" prosper. We will remind that earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, according to the poll, was named the most corrupt officials in Ukraine. The family capital of the Prosecutor of Kyiv city Prosecutor's office No. 6 Paul [>>>>]