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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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Nominated for the presidency, U.S. Republican candidate Donald trump has said that the possibility of use of nuclear weapons as a preventive measure and has expressed readiness command, if necessary. As reported TASS, this determination trump has demonstrated in a televised debate with a counterpart from the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton. Trump was asked if he was ready to revise the military doctrine of the United States, which gives Washington the right [>>>>]

Legendary player of football club "Lokomotiv" from the Bulgarian city of Gorna Oryahovitsa, Kostadin Todorov, was tragically killed in a terrible car accident on the highway Sofia-Varna, according to Todorov, nicknamed Kizito, played for Lokomotiv in the 1970s and 1980s In memory of the legendary left back is scheduled for tomorrow match with Levski will start with a moment of silence, said representatives of the club from Gorna Oryahovitsa. Daewoo Tico Kostadin collided with a train while driving [>>>>]

Head of the company "Tactical missiles" (tactical missiles Corporation) Boris Obnosov told about plans for the production of hypersonic systems for the Russian defense industry. As the scientist told, earlier, in the recent past, in our country, the issue of developing hypersonic weapons raised at different levels on the growth of scientific and technical potential. However, the adjustment being made to forget about the implementation plans accumulated in Soviet times, ideas and experience. The value of hypersound that [>>>>]

Tomorrow, September 27, maker Xiaomi announced intentions to soon release on the market of mobile devices, two brand new smartphones Mi5s and Mi5s Plus. From the materials that were carried in the network, it becomes clear that the new models will be in the housing, having a strong resemblance to the iPhone 7 glossy top made in IOS color "black onyx". However, there is no exact information whether to have new items [>>>>]

Us diplomat, Samantha Power representing the US at the UN, described the policy of Russia in Syria as "barbaric." However, the US Ambassador did not bother to specify what it is and give arguments justifying the attacks of the USA against Russia.Poweer again "flashed intelligence" at the extraordinary Congress, the UN security Council, convened urgently to discuss the situation in Aleppo. In fact, the convening of the security Council initiated by the US and its allies [>>>>]

The First aircraft will be able to go from Russia to Egypt next month. According to TASS, the news has spread today the Arab portal al-Masry al-Yaum". Sources have not been disclosed. It is only known that the information was leaked from the Department of civil aviation of the Arab Republic of Egypt. In the first phase will be restored flights between the two capitals. Flights should be operated from the newly built and ready for operation of the terminal air Harbor of Cairo.[>>>>]

Commission for social development, health and sustainable development parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, meeting in Paris on 22 September 2016, rejected the proposal made by the representative of Belgium, Senator, Petra de Sutter, about the legalization programs "motherhood trade". "Surrogacy puts the desires of adults above the needs of children," said Sophia kuby, head of European human rights organizations ADF. "The parliamentarians expressed their full support to ban this multinational, multi-billion dollar business." Offer [>>>>]

Domestic "Ministry of aviation" (Rosaviatsia) has posted a few tips on safety of using a smartphone while on Board the aircraft. The flagship of Samsung was not such a harmless device — known precedents of the ignition device during charging. According to the Federal air transport Agency is to abandon the inclusion of the Galaxy Note 7 in the cabin of the aircraft, and especially to put the phone on charge while you are in [>>>>]

Official Kiev will continue to resent the intention of the Netherlands to stop the process of ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. "We will continue further discussion with the countries of the European Union, and their leaders position of Amsterdam," said Ivanna klympush–Tsintsadze, who holds the position of Deputy Prime Minister for European integration, in the framework of the next meeting of the Ukrainian Parliament on 23 September 2016, According to "Interfax–Ukraine", klympush–Tsintsadze still expects to obtain from [>>>>]

IPhone 7 has become the new Apple, which fans of the brand eagerly awaited around the world, including in Russia. The smartphone has become the 10-coy from the manufacturer. Despite the fact that Apple almost has no equal in many respects, and with each new device faults becomes smaller, the iPhone 7 still has a number of features, if not [>>>>]

The Arrangement of a suburban area helps to achieve a comfortable stay at this location and provide the person all necessary facilities. One of the main problems for all these products is that they are affected by weather phenomena and other external factors. To products coped with all required loads, to better focus on the forged metal, having a high performance. Country shelters Some of the [>>>>]

The Flagship production information of SanDisk Corporation surprised the visitors of the Photokina, held in Germany, in Cologne, a new SD card with a capacity of 1 terabyte! The flash drive allows you to record about 14 hours of 4K video. And it's not so hard to believe. In 2014 the same company Expoforum presented the new SDXC memory card with up to 512 GB. For comparison, the rate of development of digital [>>>>]

Pro-Turkish party of Bulgaria "Democrats for responsibility, freedom and tolerance" (DOST) plans to nominate its candidate for the presidency. Although the shipping leader Lyutvi Mestan argues that the fact of registration of the party's participation in presidential elections does not mean that the party will nominate a candidate representing the Turkish minority in Bulgaria political power are determined. The party handed to the election Commission 5026 collected [>>>>]

Archaeologists from the University of the U.S. state of North Carolina, who carried out archaeological excavations on mount Zion in Israel found a gold Roman coin, 56-57. On the obverse of the coin depicts Roman Emperor Nero, famous for having been the first Roman Emperor who persecuted Christians, reports The Jerusalem Post. This is the first time when archaeologists in Jerusalem have discovered a gold coin at the time. The coin was found in the [>>>>]

Almost every owner of a mobile phone faced a problem of breakage of your device and need repair. With it, broken smartphones of all manufacturers and models, regardless of the cost. Although it is recognized that the budget version of the smartphone risks to break in the first year of use is higher than more expensive models. After the failure of this raises the natural question: where to repair? If the phone is out of warranty there is no problem.[>>>>]