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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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Austrian Police stormed the toy store for the ninja. The police of Vienna was required to establish the identity of the person who wore the costume this Japanese warrior. Police stormed the shop at the railway station in the Austrian capital. Guards were informed that there has been a violation of the law: the unknown hid his face behind a mask. When the police broke into the trade pavilion, it turned out that the law "violated" an employee of the advertising company. The police had to agree that from the law the girl did not retreat, and hid her face solely for professional reasons. Earlier it was reported that from 1 October in Austria had enacted a law prohibiting in public places, wear clothing that hides the face. It is noted that the people should not...

Not so long ago in the United States was raging, large-scale forest fire that stretched from Montana to California. On the pages of the American edition of Road & Track there was a message about the enthusiasts who in the face of a disaster to save the collection of vintage cars BMW, some cars of which survived the Second world war. According to the American automobile magazines, Jim Smith, 84-year-old resident of SONOMA, is the owner of vineyards and a fan of the car brand BMW – garage kept 18 men car brand, which was created before the Second world war. A terrible forest fire reached the estate of Mr. Smith, so the man was forced to appeal to the members of the BMW club Car Club Of America, who agreed to help save classic cars. Jeff Hecox, a member of the...