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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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: Delighting the eyes of Russian citizens is gaining weight on the scoreboard exchangers ruble threatens recovery of the domestic economy. Such conclusions could be drawn from the now-famous conversation of the President with the Prime Minister, held the other day. And these conclusions are supported by the right of A. Belousov -assistant to the President at the Forum for strategic initiatives made on this account a special statement. "From my point of view, today, the ruble begins to perekrestila. This [>>>>]

Named the approximate date of submission of the Infiniti Q30 and QX30 in the showrooms of the Russian Federation. The first test drives will be possible to make in late summer, Although the appearance themselves of new products in sales is expected only in September, the first partiiInfiniti Q30 and QX30 already in Russia. It is reported that they were supplied specifically for test-drives, under the client support provided by the Japanese company its dealers. With regard to the characteristics of both models, they have long been known. Presentation of the hatchback took place in the autumn of the year before, and its cross-version a year later. We only recall that [>>>>]

Internal investigation over the incident that occurred with the driver of one of the bus routes in Sweden. On the route of the vehicle belonging to the firm Nobina broke out a conflict situation between a bus driver and it failed by a passenger, presumably one of the refugees. During the conflict, the passenger received insults and kicks from the employee of the company for the fact that tried to find a reason to refuse the entrance in the bus [>>>>]

One of the leaders of the presidential race USA Donald trump gave a positive assessment to the efforts made by the Turkish President Erdogan to stabilize the situation in the Republic. Turning the situation into the legal field and destroyed the conspirators, the Turkish leadership has protected the region from explosive instability. This fully contributes to the three-month martial law and the associated strict regime throughout the country, [>>>>]

In the waters of Gibraltar managed to avoid the tragedy. Submarine UK during the exercise of caught Board a merchant ship. According to reports, the submarine has minor surface damage, a merchant vessel is not damaged. People were not injured. The leadership of the naval forces of the country in contact with the owners and crew of a merchant ship for the understanding of all the circumstances of the incident and identify possible problems of collision, which could be [>>>>]

The First days since the July coup, was marked by the measures of Erdogan to establish control over the entire territory of the country. Delayed real and potential participants of the July events. Retire civil servants. Established tight control over the education system. And here's the next, probably final step. The state of emergency does not threaten democracy, but strengthens it in This step was the introduction of a state of emergency throughout the country. Anticipating possible criticism [>>>>]

Unexpected will happen. As it was stipulated by the order of the day Cleveland of the Congress, the candidate of the party "elephants" is nominated D. trump. Despite almost a revolt on the part of individual delegates (we are talking about the representatives from California and Texas in the first place), American billionaire, became the official and sole protege. If the President becomes the trump, then ... Really, what then? In his programmatic speeches [>>>>]

Another hot spot of the planet Armenia. The instability of the political situation is becoming more apparent. In the capital of the country is heard shooting, escalates the confrontation between the activists and demonstrators by the police service. To control the situation, the police decided to disperse the demonstrators actively using stun grenades and tear gas. Urgent problems of economic difficulties in the country, which resulted in street protests started long ago, but the reason for it was the detention [>>>>]

The Main political intrigue of the international arena came to a head. The EU President has all chances to become Estonia. Yet the final decision of the official Brussels, but analysts and experts tend to the fact that nothing can prevent the selection of permanent representatives of countries-members. This has already been reported in the edition of Le Figaro. Among the possible contenders for a place that is England was released in connection with the results of [>>>>]

Turkey began to experience significant economic problems caused by the recent political events which kept in suspense the country. Political problems have led to falling of interest of investors to the state's economy significantly slowed the inflow of foreign capital. Against this background, recorded a negative trend of the fall of the Turkish national currency against major world currencies, the dollar and the Euro. Standard Poor's had lowered the credit ratings of the country to the level of BB/B [>>>>]

The day dawned the Ministers one of the most beautiful treasures of the world. The Louvre was immediately followed by an evacuation of Museum visitors. Fortunately, it was not connected with the terrorist threat. In the Museum triggered the fire safety system. In the course of its work in the environment actively allocated dangerous to all living things chemical compounds that can cause considerable health disorders. However, it soon became clear that it was [>>>>]

Published Great news for those who hope to buy their own homes or commercial property using the credit resources. VTB significantly lowers rates for mortgage lending! Already now clients of Bank can obtain loans at 12.6 -13,6% or arrange preferential terms for new mortgage lending program of new buildings. In this case, the percentage for the use of Bank resources will below - [>>>>]

Profile Ministry of economy of Russia admits the possibility that the possible output level of inflation at zero in August. For the past few weeks, inflation rates were stable and demonstrated a level of 0 1%. The index of increase in the cost of commodities since the beginning of the reporting period is fixed at elevation 103 8% reported in the published reports of the state statistics. Highlighted that most have grown [>>>>]

Turkish Airports — Istanbul and Antalya have become available for our compatriots. For citizens-citizens from other countries air travel are unchanged. The sale of tickets stopped according to the decision of the regulator services. Back all of Turkey remains unchanged. Flights will be conducted, tickets sold. The resumption of sales, according to managers of the airline, will start immediately after the abolition of the requirements of the Federal air transport Agency. Citizens who became hostages of the political situation [>>>>]

The Events surrounding the Minister of sports continue to evolve in different directions. Earlier it was reported that he remains at his post, because it claims to have the country's leadership is not. And closer to the opening of the Olympic games broke the doping scandal, in which Vitaly Mutko, was denied accreditation. What scandal will end is hard to say. Hardly Russian national team will indeed be suspended from all competitions. But that's not allowed in the>>>>]