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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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Proposed a translation of the article by the Orthodox priest George Massukh, head of the Centre for Christian-Islamic dialogue in Balamand University (Lebanon) — Is ISIS[1] face of Islam? If Muslims do not defend Islam from the encroachment of their own co-religionists, then who will protect him? How can Muslims sit back and watch how other Muslims commit crimes against humanity under the pretext that they also profess that "no [>>>>]

Speakers call devices that display the electrical impulses of the sound character of acoustic frequencies. The purpose of the device – hands-free reproduction of speech, musical accompaniment, etc. Electrical signals which are fed to the device, perform the activation of the mechanical vibrations of the system. Here a selection of speakers that are suitable for performances and tours. The speaker for the speeches. The functionality of the devices If a person needs to take you on a tour, and the number of tourists is very [>>>>]

Blogger Robert Scoble told on his page on the Internet about which major innovations we will see in the next generation of "Apple" phones. Presumably, the scale of the changes will affect the development of the entire smartphone industry. The journalist seems to have their own reliable sources in the head office of Apple. For starters, the next version of the iPhones will be in the building, fully glazed with the use of different kinds of glass. IPS display will be replaced with new [>>>>]

Lymans'ke SEL Starobilsk district, Luhansk region on October 13 the results of the tender ordered LLC "Construction company "Antero" major repair of preschool educational institution "Romashka" for 3130000 UAH. (about 7 million rubles). This was reported in the "Bulletin of public procurement". Until the end of 2016, will replace doors and Windows, repair the roof, insulate the walls, and performs finishing work, upgrading the ventilation system will replace the system of water supply, heating, lighting, [>>>>]

A Group of Catholics from the Alliance of the common good was founded in the USA in 2005. It was founded with the financial support of Fund "open society" the American multi-billionaire George Soros, as evidenced by the documents leaked to the Internet. The Alliance successfully managed to shift the focus in the media and public discussions with traditional Catholic values, preventing activities of Orthodox Catholics, writes the American Catholic news Agency CNA. The Alliance, in particular, managed to organise Barack Obama's speech at the Catholic University [>>>>]

The Scientists-psychologists from the United States presented the results of their studies which clearly show the negative impact of gadgets on how students do homework quality domashek leaves much to be desired. To this conclusion came the participants of the forum of the Academy of American psychiatrists, which was held in San Francisco. As the harm comes from the gadgets? Stephanie's academic Growth, presenting at the conference, Brown University, spoke about the direct connection between active interaction [>>>>]

To promote your website on the Internet, you need to understand the details of search engine optimization, or SEO optimization. In fact we are talking about the set of techniques that allow you to raise your website's position in search engines, such as Yandex, Google, etc. Pushing the website, you can attract more potential customers for your business. For website promotion you need to consider several parameters, external and internal. In fact, [>>>>]

Today, 21 October 2016, the House of Lords in Albion discussed in the second reading the draft law, which bans so-called sex-selective abortion on the basis of disability of her unborn child, reports the Catholic Herald. Lord Shinkwin argued his bill anti-discrimination norms of British law. Abortion after the 24th week of gestation a healthy baby in the UK is considered illegal however, the same legislation allows you to make abortion even beyond [>>>>]

The Pakistani Parliament is debating two bills that concern religious minorities, according to Vatican news Agency "Fides". We are talking about the bill, which provides for the establishment of the Commission on rights of minorities of Pakistan and the draft "Law on the protection of minorities in 2016." The bill on the Commission on rights of minorities provides for the establishment of an independent body which would be composed of 11 members — representatives of different religious and ethnic minorities of Pakistan, without membership [>>>>]

During the third and last television debate between the main two contenders to chair the White house, Donald trump said that he remains true to his obligations, and as President of the United States is going to pursue anti-abortion policies. Hillary Clinton took a completely opposite Trump's position and stated its support for abortion and the abortion industry giant in the U.S. "Planned Parenthood" infamous network of abortion clinics, [>>>>]

Police officers of the LLC "Kashtan-plus" in the attempted crime in the preparation of price bids for the supply of products for schools and kindergartens of Cherkasy, the expected value of which amounted to 206 million. (about 500 million rubles). This is evidenced by the decision of Sosnovsky district court in Cherkasy region, where the investigator filed a motion in the criminal case 42016251010000071 from 19.09.2016. In early September, Department of Economics [>>>>]