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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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This drama played out in the last day of the Olympics in Rio. The coach of the wrestler from Mongolia, Mandhara Gantrisin decided to protest the decision of the referees in the match for the bronze medal at the Olympic games in Brazil, a very extravagant way. On the last day of the Games Mongolian wrestler faced off for the third place in weight category to 65 kg the athlete from Uzbekistan Ehteram by Navruzova. After [>>>>]

In our day work of an accountant easier various computer programs and tools that significantly reduce time and labor costs on the monotonous and tedious work with numbers. Meanwhile, automation of accounting must represent a reliable, high-quality and multifunction programs that will not allow any serious mistakes in their work. Company info-the Company offers to its customers the services for automation of accounting, [>>>>]

Before moving into an active phase of website promotion, you need to ensure that this website is entirely ready. In the system of SEO optimization, there is such a thing as a website audit. On the specifics of their it is a complex analytical processes, the result of which it is possible to make a conclusion about the condition of the site. What the process includes a comprehensive audit? Comprehensive site audit – an analysis in which [>>>>]