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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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GENDER ON the MARCH: NOT "EXPECTANT MOTHER" AND "PREGNANT PERSON" the Definition of "expectant mother" (expectant mother) can be offensive to transgender people, so it needs to be replaced with the term "pregnant person" (pregnant people). Such an order issued to its employees British medical society (BMA). Circular to members of the SCA contains other provisions that should be used to erase sex differences. So, instead of saying "biological male" or [>>>>]

"Medical tourist" Anton Trunichkin at a reception at the Belarusian doctor in Belarus every year come more than 50 000 "medical tourists". Foreigners from all over the world go sit down to do plastic surgery to treat teeth, to transplant organs and cure cancer. Why abroad appreciate the practice of medicine, which so often complain about Belarusians? Vladislav Androsov 28 years. This young entrepreneur — Director of the Belarusian company, which specializiruetsya [>>>>]

Vice-President Mike Pence spoke on behalf of the President of trump at the forty-fourth annual March for life. He became the first ever Vice-President of the United States, which acts at the event. "More than 240 years ago our founders wrote, and now this truth remains clear: our Creator has given us inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 44 years ago, the Supreme Court departed [>>>>]

Speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan addressed the participants of the March for life which took place on 27 January this year in the American capital. In his congratulatory message P. Ryan noted that the House of representatives and the Senate and the White House are United in the protection of life. He also noted that Congress is already on the legislative level to prohibit the funding of abortions with taxpayers ' money. In his opinion it [>>>>]

As noted by the head of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Vladimir Gusakov in 2017 is planned to hold an unprecedented national exhibition of scientific achievements in the United States. The exhibition will be held in June 2017 in Miami, there will be presented the achievements in the field of IT-technologies. That summer will host the Days of Belarusian science in the capital of Russia, where among other things will feature a new development of passenger electric vehicle. "The goal is to attract Belarusian [>>>>]

During an interview for the channel ABC, the President of the United States J. trump chided the media that they distribute information about the March in defense of abortion, but ignore the March for life. A journalist asked the President if he heard the voice of the women who went on the March in Washington. Donald trump said, "I couldn't hear him, but the crowd was great. Friday will also go a big crowd of people, [>>>>]

The Minister of health of the Kingdom of the Netherlands MS edit shippers said that Dutch society should accept the fact that freedom of choice will result — 100% of children with down syndrome can be aborted, according to The situation is that last year in Iceland has been aborted 100%, and in Denmark, 98% of children with down syndrome. In fact, it is a direct violation of an International Convention on bioethics [>>>>]