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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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The Ring is one of the differences of the popes in the Catholic Church. Suggest you 7 interesting facts about him that you probably didn't know. 1) Name the Correct name of the piscotario ring or "the ring of the Fisherman" reminds that only one can become the legitimate successor of St. Peter who is "Fisher of men". 2) the Origin of the idea of creating a ring I think Clement IV. The oldest mention of the use of the "ring of the Fisherman" found in the letter which Pope Clement IV wrote to his [>>>>]

The first smartphone company Meizu presented in 2017, has become the smartphone Meizu M5s. Adopting the main features of the exterior design from the models of the same company Note M3s and M5, a new device at the same time different from its predecessors (chamfer around the perimeter of the oval cutouts for the microphone and speakers, etc.). Metal body with plastic trim at the top and the bottom, and glass [>>>>]

The Eighth and Russia's first Confederations Cup will be held in our country in the summer of 2017. In this tournament 8 national teams compete, 6 of which were winners in their own continental Championships, one has won the world Cup and the last command shall be credited to participants automatically as the team of the organizer of the tournament. The Confederations Cup was founded in 1988, but only in 1997, tournament [>>>>]

ABS plastic is widely used for the manufacture of medical devices, electrical, automotive industry, instrument making. For plastic of this kind is characterized by the following unique qualities: resistance at the temperature extremes; high hardness; durability when exposed to aggressive chemical reagents; good surface modification by staining and plating. In 2015 in Russia were imported about 28 thousand tons of high impact ABS plastic from European and Asian countries, and about 16 [>>>>]

Who is right: the high-tech Park in their reports or businessman Dmitry Gursky in his Manifesto on the state of the Belarusian it? What role was played in this area the head of the HTP, Valery Tsepkalo? Which means his resignation? Expects Belarus it an acute crisis? These issues are discussed by the expert of the Belarusian Institute for strategic studies Alexander Avtusko-Sikorski & co-owner Cyril Golub, Aheadworks and founder of the portal TUT.BY Yuri Zisser Middling or leader: [>>>>]

State pension Fund generates future pension of the citizen by certain deductions from his wages. However, very often it happens that the total sum is not satisfied and the person by their size. In this case, the law has provided the possibility for citizens to form investment package in future pension and make contributions to the funds, are not public. In this case, the person waiting at the end of the labor GISIN non-state pension. Principles [>>>>]

If you have already studied the basic concepts of Forex, you probably already know that, in fact, the most important and not changing for decades the secret of trading is the correlation of profit and the length of the transaction. The more you have a short order, the greater the likelihood that you will not be able to earn a lot of money. In order to fill their pockets, will have to be patient. What underwater [>>>>]

In the night from 24 to 25 February this year across the US American witches conducted a ritual directed against the American President Donald trump with the aim to eliminate him from the White House. The following magic attacks against trump, American witches are planning to hold in March this year, reports FoxNews . Witches of organized groups in social networks, where called for occultists to join their magic [>>>>]

More recently, online lending is increasingly gaining its popularity. Using the online services, consumers can make purchases on credit much faster. The money that people take out a loan, used to buy cars, real estate, education, treatment of the Essentials. Every year the amount of cash received online, increases, and online application for the loan ceased to be something amazing. WebMoney [>>>>]

Successful work on financial markets depends on many factors, in particular the trader should focus on the important economic news to help you make the right decisions. Want to predict the behavior of prices? Read news the Market is very volatile, therefore, trading requires concentration and consideration of many factors. On the behavior of currency pairs is influenced by different indicators, highlight a few obvious examples: important financial news about the currency market; macroeconomic data; statements [>>>>]

Sicilian court verdict in the famous case of Muslim migrants, who two years ago was thrown into the sea nine Christians, with whom they traveled, because they prayed to Christ, not Allah. The tragedy occurred on the way from Libya to Sicily. The occasion was the fact that the boat was a hole and the Christians began to pray for salvation. The court in Palermo convicted 6 [>>>>]

The head of the Presidium of the national Academy of Sciences of Belarus Vladimir Gusakov announced in late January the creation of a passenger electric vehicle. According to him, the car will be presented in June during the Days of Belarusian science in Moscow, the Assembly will be carried out on the basis of "Belgee" (known from the most popular Belarusian-Chinese cars Geely, the value 20t. dollars) As confirmed by S. Poddubko, who served as genrator at the joint Institute of mechanical engineering of the NAS, the production of experimental prototype electric vehicle Belarusian [>>>>]

19.02.2016 us President Donald trump and his wife at the airport Melbourne (Florida), near Orlando, met with his fans. Wife Trumps again broke established stereotypes of American politics. At the beginning of the meeting the first lady invited the President's supporters trump together to read a prayer that thousands of supporters gathered in Melbourne embraced with enthusiasm. After a joint prayer the crowd responded with thunderous applause. "It's incredible. When [>>>>]

Well, You finally smiled fortune! You can forget about that, as did every penny from paycheck to paycheck. What to do next, how to behave in terms of leaning out of wealth? First of all, it is not necessary to raise the hype around this event. You need to focus and carefully read all the conditions under which You will be awarded a prize. It is better to carefully study the rules of the game the lottery "Gosloto "5 [>>>>]

Virtual gamers who have a PC, eventually need to purchase a joystick. What to look for when choosing a joystick for your computer? All joysticks come in two varieties: wireless and wired. We will focus on wired. By the way, to buy joysticks for PC in Kharkov on the website of the company Comfy. Thrustmaster T-Mini 2-in-1 Rumble Force Is a functional joystick: 12 buttons, 4 axes, [>>>>]