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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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The Company Razer, which is known for its unique products for gamers, by tracking the relevance of the demand, has developed ultra-slim keyboard for iPad Pro. Its capabilities allow you to work in tablet, up to 100 hours without turning on the backlight and 10 hours with light. The connection of the tablet and the periphery is installed with a Bluetooth module. For user convenience the keyboard cover has a metal stand with which you can create [>>>>]

As promised earlier, the Russian government, caught up in military coup citizens without attention will not leave. Stuck in Turkish airports compatriots decided to evacuate specially sent aircraft "Aeroflot". In both the Turkish capital (we are talking about Istanbul and Ankara) the aircraft will leave empty – on assistance to Turkey temporarily banned. As previously reported in Turkey, an attempted coup. As it turned out in the morning [>>>>]

Waiting for the September presentation Apple Corporation has had a significant impact on the Russian retail market of iPhones. The price drop is quite significant, in some cases, it reaches 30%. The lowest value recorded on the resource for the model "SE". She is 16 000 RUB Not left behind and other products. Fell in value iPhone 5s and iPhone 6S. reminds his audience about [>>>>]

The Company Uz-Daewoo ceased to exist in Kazakhstan. In its place presented a new car brand Ravon with his first product Ravon Nexia R3. New car type sedan developed on the basis of a modified version of Chevrolet Aveo. Its performance does not stand out with anything special and constitute a set of traditional universal machine: gasoline engine 1.5 l; transmission "mechanics" or "automatic". Package basic [>>>>]

Legendary pick-up Navara will have a new incarnation. So I decided the designers of the Nissan company. Using the platform of a pickup truck they will create the off road car. It is planned that it will displace patrol on some of the world's consumer markets in a few years. Technical characteristics of the car worthy of the attention of the experienced motorist. The buyer will be offered versions: gasoline engine of 2.5 liters which includes 163 L. force; twin-turbo motor [>>>>]

Russia takes the system of education to a qualitatively new level. The program of creation of thousands of multimedia educational courses from the best scientists and teachers of higher educational institutions. Its implementation is planned in four years and the opinion of the relevant Minister Dmitry Livanov will end the period of pseudo-education, which today is represented as distance learning programs. The acting Minister encouraged the management and the teaching staff of the universities in the country to be actively involved [>>>>]