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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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The Company Samsung is actively developing new models of Galaxy smartphone A9 Pro. Approximately how it will look in the gadget and its main features have been discussed previously. But recently in the world of technology has leaked a new rumor that says the new smartphone will be equipped with a rental battery. These data were clarified when reviewing the certification documents of the Federal communications Commission (FCC). The new gadget label with an icon [>>>>]

Application for registration of a patent for a new technological prototype in the field of print publications recently received in the U.S. patent office from Google. This idea of the "Book of the future", and apparently, innovation in this direction will not take long. In the description of the operation is, for example, such an unusual for typographic products the term "structure of narrative". Apparently, in the usual [>>>>]

Fatal1ty is a new line of motherboards from ASRock with its own generator of clock frequency, which gives the opportunity to overclock the processor the item has been added. There were two motherboard Fatal1ty Performance H170/Hyper Gaming and Fatal1ty B150 K4/Hyper. Motherboards only work with Intel processors. Both boards are able to accommodate operating ddr4 memory with a frequency of 2133 MHz. We can say that ASRock has released a serious competitor to all top [>>>>]

Cybercriminals attacked by a virus-the extortioner the computers with the Apple operating system iOS. On infected computer it was recorded on March 5-6, according to Reuters. Malware code is sufficiently protected. The spread of the virus is snowballing. At the moment, the virus is a threat to thousands of users worldwide. The virus enters the computer, masquerading as utility Transmission, then decompressed in the system, encrypts files with a special algorithm. Then, require cash [>>>>]

The Leading smartphone manufacturer from Japan has 2 new items. "Xperia X" will enjoy Full HD-screen 5-inch, "bright-eyed" "650 Qualcomm Snapdragon"processor and the three variants of RAM (3, 32, and 64 "gigs"). The pictures are of excellent quality guarantee 23 MP main camera and a front 13. The second gadget "Xperia XA", filled with "MediaTek P10 MT6755" to 8 "cores", a five-inch HD display, 16 "gigs" of the cumulative memory and battery capacity [>>>>]

In the Chinese online stores you can now order a nettop WіnteІ RGS CX-W8. Despite the low cost of less than $ 100 it is based on the platform Intel Saggu Trail, including an operating system Wіndows 10 Rooms, and for its size this nettop is smaller than the smartphone. Features of this nettop as follows: energy efficient Quad core processor ІnteІ Atom X5-Z8300 with a frequency of 1.84 GHz and an integrated graphics card (the last, [>>>>]

Using blocks of memory V-NAND, Samsung was able to release several series SSD PM1633a with an unusually large memory. The figure is not much is not enough: 15tb. Most importantly, the first models are already starting to enter the market. In the computer, this drive can take the place of the usual 2.5" hard disk. As the interface uses the SAS Protocol is 3.0, with a flow rate of 12 Gbit/s. [>>>>]

To its thirtieth anniversary, MSI has developed a new motherboard for gamers. The fee is called 3X Krait Gaming with a unique code Z170A. It will be placed within the system based on the Intel CPU the item has been added in the configuration LGA 1151. Like previous models, Z170A presented in black and white. This palette looks simple and beautiful. The motherboard incorporates the Intel chip. Form-factor [>>>>]

"they Started selling Full HD monitor LG 32MP58HQ" — was announced by the company LG. The screen diagonal is 31.5 inches, which is suitable even for fans of big monitors. Choose the dimensions of a widescreen monitor are 72,5x20,5h49 see the Advantage is that the model of this monitor will be available in two colors — black and white, there is already a buyer will choose at their discretion, which certainly is a plus of this model. Weight [>>>>]

Famous Japanese company manufacturing displays has announced the release of the EIZO FORIS FS2735. Designed primarily for gamers, it in General is interesting as a monitor for the wide range of PC owners. I stated to the sale of monitor settings "very": diagonal IPS screen 27" 2560×1440 PC with frequency 144 Hz, with AMD FreeSync (smooth and comfortable change of personnel) support G-Ignition two versions ([>>>>]

After the balloons came to drones. They are planned as the translators of the standard 5G by Google and do not need special repose of Richard Branson. Testing during the implementation of the program SkyBender working solar-powered aircraft as the translators of the signal is encouraging. Restrictions on range broadcast in the millimeter range, according to successfully overcome by the use of [>>>>]

Judging by available data, the March presentation from Apple will not only debut iOS iPhone 5SE 9.3 and in the format expected performance and other novelties. The iPad Air 3, pictures which already established a good tradition of informally exhibited in the network. To say that they were very informative. However, some findings do, nevertheless, you can. The new tablet lot for parts [>>>>]

Debutant of the Russian smartphone market — the company Uhans introduced the stylish new. This multi-functional smartphone with a stylish appearance. Metal frame protects the device and provides the processor MediaTek MT6753, a graphics accelerator Mali T720 using 3 GB of RAM, two cameras 13 and 5 Megapixels; the Smooth functioning of the device possible with Android 5. Feature of the smartphone are barely noticeable side frame width in [>>>>]

Created In humanity the culture of the material initially present as a necessary condition of any creative work a powerful impetus to the imagination. Over time, this component of creativity became more and more Autonomous of the component material in the digital age find their highest embodiment in a so-called virtual, or, even more precisely, an additional reality. Its possibilities seem almost limitless today. This is evidenced by [>>>>]

Another surprise gamers did MSI, presenting the consumer market five models supercharged gaming laptops, allowing to use virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift, the application of which was limited by the capabilities of the existing laptop TA. The Taiwanese manufacturer has informed that all five models feature powerful Intel Core i7 processor and graphics chip NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 SLI 8GB DDR5. According to in General, [>>>>]