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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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The Theme of stealing $81 million from US accounts in the Central Bank of Bangladesh is still relevant. Recently, new information on the high-profile case. The company Bloomberg, citing close to the investigation sources, reported that the main suspects in the case are the hackers from Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russia. This assumption follows from the fact that when a cyber attack in early February, which resulted in the [>>>>]

The owner of the largest Internet companies Jack MA sure that it was a mistake to found your Corporation. At the time, as Forbes magazine estimates his fortune at $23.2 billion, he entirely sure, business takes too much time and effort, such a statement was announced at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), held yesterday, 17 June. "I am confident that the creation of such corporations as Alibaba was incorrect.[>>>>]

18 Jun 2016 a company called TKK-M is planning to present before investors the first tablet of the domestic production protected from the possibility of viruses. It is worth noting that his presentation will take place at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum. So, the General Director of the company TKK-M Roman Prokop'ev claims that the company has been developing tablet, which is impossible to get a virus. At the moment there is evidence that this [>>>>]

The government of the United States of America finally realized a long-planned program called "Hack the Pentagon". Despite the fact that at first glance such a solution seems to be very dangerous and even reckless, yet he has a real practical side. So it became clear that the security system the U.S. military can be hacked by normal hackers, because the results of the program discovered more than a hundred weaknesses in cyber defence [>>>>]

Upgrade your PC or build your own configuration from scratch require a certain level of computer knowledge. They are necessary to avoid the waste of money, for example, on incompatible hardware. This article contains the most important tips for choosing computer components. Before proceeding directly to the search details, you must decide what amount you are willing to spend. In order to get an idea of the costs of modern “iron”, [>>>>]

14 June 2016 the official press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Alexander Smoking, a statement was made on the reorganization of the site office. The decision was taken by the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, the press Secretary. It is already known that navigation of the new portal is better synchronized with the mobile apps (one of the reasons for the relaunch of the site was user-centric mobile devices). Now the main site is running in normal mode, hacking attempts [>>>>]

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 (worldwide developers conference), which takes place in San Francisco, Apple introduced its IOS 10. At official website you have access to view the broadcast today. One of the major changes, of which only ten are lock screen and notification. To view the latest now there is no need to unlock the smartphone, it is enough now just to take [>>>>]

At the exhibition, recently held in San Francisco, on the stand, Lenovo had showcased some of the concepts created accessories. Among them was a docking station OneCompute. With its help it is possible to turn an ordinary smartphone into a personal computer. Those who use top devices on Windows 10 Mobile may launch the application on screen size, using the Continuum. Before you connect your mobile device to OneCompute, [>>>>]

A Year ago, fans of the phones of the "clamshell" was a pleasant surprise. It was reported that all the fancy phones back on the market. A little later, the company Samsung has released a smartphone-clamshell W2012. This model gained wide popularity, what prompted the company to release a similar model SM-2017. Despite the familiar appearance, in technical terms, the device has gone far ahead, manufacturers Sumsung SM-2017 promise to equip the phone speed [>>>>]

The Management of "Vkontakte" began to force the users to use the updated design of the website. About 10% of the users of this network have a new version of the design. However, users who still use the old interface can continue to use it by default until it is finally decided on replacing. The vast majority spoke negatively about the creation of the developers, but the latter do not expect to change the policy, promoting the new interface.[>>>>]

Ultra High Power in translation from English. language means "ultra high power". Such lamps are often used in modern projectors, otherwise called "lamp type UHP". A distinctive feature of these lamps is low power consumption and high luminous efficiency. Light bulb bluish spectrum, reminiscent of the fluorescent lamp. Lamp for projector of different type emit a reddish color, called metal halide. They are bigger and [>>>>]

The Features of the iPhone 6 screen s I use the iPhone 6 for 2 years. The problem came, as always unexpectedly – cracked screen. This is a common cause of repair, with which there are many. It occurs because of water ingress, shock or, in my case, a small crack is plastered all over the glass. Display the iPhone 6 has a 3D screen. Its diagonal repeats last 6 model. 3D sensor [>>>>]

Planning a hard drive replacement on a computer or laptop, you should pay attention to the novelty from company Kingston solid state drive SSDNow series — SV300S37A. Like other SSDS, this model has several advantages over a gradually aging drives of type HDD, including: — the lack of moving mechanisms inside the "hard drive"; — increased speed of read / write information; — overall dimensions and weight; — working temperature and power consumption; —[>>>>]

The Technology of digital data transmission EVDO Rev. B in Ukraine is today the only operator Intertelecom. This innovative development, developing the sequel to izvestnoj Protocol EVDO Rev. And, gives you the opportunity to obtain the connection speed at the entrance to 14.7 Mbps and output to 5.5 Mbps. It is clear that this is maximum possible performance and to achieve them it is possible only in ideal conditions. Testing, showed in the real world, 3 to [>>>>]

The Owners of smartphones or tablets from a reputable company Prestigio can every day to enjoy the impeccable work of their gadgets. Engineers and designers have tried to equip their devices with the best achievements of modernity. Here established a powerful camera to create flawless photos and videos. Displays with good resolution is just made for reading favorite books and watching movies. A powerful operating system capable of supporting different programs and applications will allow [>>>>]