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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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Night of 3-4 January, the inhabitants of our planet will be able to observe the flux of meteorites to Quadrantid. It is expected up to 100 meteors per hour. In the case of clear sky, from the moon one should not expect interference, because now is the beginning of its growth. For the first time this celestial show was described by a native of Italy, Antonio Bukalasi in 1825, Later astronomers were explained the cyclical nature of the phenomenon. meteors fly over our planet annually. The beginning of the meteor path is the constellation of the Wall Quadrant, [>>>>]

As is known in the midst of new year's eve party in a luxury restaurant in the centre of Istanbul (the historical Ortakoy), unknown person broke into the clubhouse and Reina shot visitors – 39 dead and 69 people hospitalized in the city hospital. All in all there were over seven hundred guests. The terrorist managed to escape from the crime scene. According to various reports, the gunman was later eliminated by the security forces. First details [>>>>]

President Vladimir Putin liking the novelty of the domestic box office the movie "Viking". Putin in particular noted that the films he liked, and he would see her again. According to reports, "Russia 24", the Kremlin premiere of the film was seen by the head of the Ministry of culture Vladimir Medinsky together with the film's producer Bones Ernst. According to Putin, Medinsky as a historian of course, questions may arise that are disputed from the standpoint of historical science. However, [>>>>]

Suburban Mytischi became the site of the first burial of the victims of the terrible plane crash of Tu—154. 28 Dec was interred assistant head of the Department of culture of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation Ksenia Badrutdinova. The funeral took place without cameras. The deceased was 33 years old. Today one of the priority versions of the reasons of the tragedy are erroneous actions of the pilots coupled with technical problems. According to the preliminary results of deciphering the "black box" of the liner a problem has occurred [>>>>]

IN TEXAS "PLANNED PARENTHOOD" REFUSED GOVERNMENT FINANCING Offenses and violations of valid medical standards have led to the failure of the "Planned-Parenthood" in government financing, according to the program "Medicaid funding". As explained by Stuart Bowen, inspector Texas Commission on health, on videos shot with a hidden camera, it was recorded that the "Planned-Parenthood violates Federal laws and the laws of the state," reports LifeSiteNews. According to him, employees of the Corporation "depart from accepted standards", selling tissue samples to researchers, including too high a price. "Your faults are directly related to [>>>>]

How to improve contextual advertising Google? this question is raised by almost all site owners who monetize their sites through contextual advertising Google. Advertising Google is a great profit for a young, growing website. This method is the most transparent and safe to promote your website in search engines, also Adsense takes a sites with little traffic. In ignorance of all the detailed intricacies, is Google quite possibly will not [>>>>]

The Prince of Wales believes that religious freedom can be a matter of life and death, and the scale of anti-Christian persecution, few people pays attention. In his video message, Prince Charles told that he met with a Jesuit priest from Syria, who told him about the fate of those Christians who were forced to stay there. Persecution, especially from LIH (banned terrorist organization), has led many Christians in the Middle East to leave their homes.[>>>>]

Metropolitan Mid - Western Bulgarian Orthodox Church Anthony apologized on behalf of the Bulgarian people for the "brutal" actions of the citizen of Bulgaria Svetoslav Stoykov, who in the end of October 2016 was pushed in the stairs in the subway of Berlin a young woman. "As a Bulgarian I am ashamed of the barbaric act. Plan to go to Berlin for the Christmas holidays and to apologize in front of the injured woman on behalf of all [>>>>]

The environment of the people's Deputy Ponomarev played 2 million on computers for teachers. OOO "boulder" on December 16 the results of the tenders received from the teachers of Zaporizhzhya region, two of the suborder for the supply of computers for a total amount of 1.80 million. This was reported in the "Proterra". The Department of education Azov state administration for 961 thousand UAH. (about 2 million rubles.) ordered 142 computer 6770 UAH. (about 16 thousand [>>>>]

Appraisers have acquired over 900 000 UAH SUV Hyundai with a panoramic sunroof the dealer "poroshenkovtsev" Municipal enterprise "Kharkiv city real estate centre" on 7 December ordered JSC "Frunze Plant" passenger car value of 875 thousand UAH. This was reported in Prosaro. The utility purchased four-wheel drive SUV Hyundai Tucson 2.0 A T TOP Panorama 4 WD. Car has automatic transmission, leather trim seats, [>>>>]

Wooden doors are an unquestionable demand when building a house, mainly due to its environmental friendliness and appearance. It is worth to say that they are inferior metal entrance doors in such an important parameter as the strength and reliability that is, you will agree, is important. Especially when we are talking about the sanctity of your person and your property. A door from metal usually are not cheap, and that is all>>>>]

In the UK there is a policy on the mutilation of children. Otherwise it is impossible to call the initiatives implemented with the support of the government in the context of so-called sex education. Schools in the UK will soon be distributed a Handbook containing the recommendations to abandon the use of the terms "boy" and "girl" not to offend "students-transgender". The book "Can I tell you about gender diversity?" was published by the government founded the LGBT community [>>>>]

As expected in a progressive age, there are a huge number of proposals on the world market. Neosoznanno in these twists and turns of the man in the street it is very difficult to make the right choice. Today's article will help all those in need to understand this delicate matter. A variety of modern locks depending on the design requirements and design solutions, the following types of locks: Mortise lock is the most costly and complex [>>>>]

The Heads of state of France and Germany Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel said about the essential character of the prolongation of the existing anti-Russian sanctions. "There was a necessity for the extension of restrictions in respect of the Russian Federation, despite the fact that we wish to achieve progress in the process of execution of the signed in Minsk agreement". Merkel's position has found support in the person of Hollande. Two weeks earlier, the former head of the French foreign Minister, Jean Marc Ayrault, the abolition of anti-Russian [>>>>]

The Germans see immigrants as the main problem for the state. The poll was conducted by the Forschungsgruppe Wahlen group.Customer by company ZDF. Against refugees eventually serve 58 of the Germans. 60% of people in Germany have expressed dissatisfaction with the waste of significant amounts of budget funds for refugees, instead put these funds to more useful programs. 52% of Germans believe that the influx of migrants is causing the worsening of the crime situation in Germany. Almost a third of German citizens perceive migrants as carriers of the threat to German cultural and social values. Migration policy Merkel received the approval of the half [>>>>]