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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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More and more people worldwide have access to the Internet and the consequences of this is huge. Digital natives — those who have received their secondary education in the country with at least 50% of the Internet coverage, create a "seismic shift" that is "too big" for governments and Central banks to ignore, says economist HSBC James Died. It indicates that [>>>>]

Documents released by Wikileaks show deep involvement of Hillary Clinton and members of her team in the fight for the promotion of abortion at the international level and promote the "rights" of the LGBT community, informs LifeSiteNews Clinton, the head of its election staff John Podesta (organizer of the attempts of the liberal revolt against the Catholic bishops in the US) and his Advisor Jay Sullivan in 2015, tried to push through the UN recognition of LGBT "rights" and "right" to abortion is part of human rights. This plan was defeated by the UN General Assembly, which [>>>>]

The Palm of popularity among mobile phones in the domestic market continues to steadily hold the iPhone 5s. 44 percent of sold mobile phones is given at the 5th "Apple" device. As reported by Dmitry Solodovnikov, a representative of MTS, indeed, almost half of the purchased devices this iPhone 5s in the 16GB configuration. The cost of the triennial smartphone has become more accessible and continues to decrease. In the global mobile technology market share-selling 5-x [>>>>]

Manufacturer of mobile technology Xiaomi in October announced its intention to release one of the most beautiful smartphones — Xiaomi MIX. A source in the company Xiaomi has shared information about the presence of the first device issues — frameless screen, characterized by increased fragility. View MIX broken Xiaomi New product will be available in limited edition. Its cost is estimated in the amount of 33 thousand rubles. However, if you decide to get unique in its [>>>>]

Member of the Supreme qualitative judges Ukrainiane Lutsyuk in 2015, has registered a patent on the bottle. This is evidenced by his electronic Declaration in the registry of NACP. In the database "Ukrpatent" there is evidence that Pavel Lutsyuk has applied for a patent in may 2014. But the patent holder was only in September 2015 Judging by the picture, the bottle is engraved with the scales. Also weights embellished cap [>>>>]

Religion in contemporary Macedonia (Notes on the journey to the Republic of Macedonia). Macedonia is one of the former Soviet republics of Yugoslavia, and is still officially called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. This Balkan country, where most of the population (over 76%) are ethnic Macedonians, who belong to the group of South Slavs, other residents are Albanians, Gypsies, Turks. Entering Macedonia from Serbia, I was>>>>]

Product line presented Terrasoft system bpmonline ─ is a platform. At its base automatiseret sale, provide modern services of the marketing Department. Familiarity sbpmonline the Ability to flawlessly manage sales, fully automating the entire workflow, no matter how difficult the order is an implementation of bpmonline. Using this platform, you can manage business processes or communications. This is a good scheduler for the sales of services and products, [>>>>]

Real competition to smartphones from Apple, which occupies a leading position on the market of mobile technology already constitutes a new and promising companies from China. Experts of the company IDC has published the results of researches of dynamics of the global mobile phone market as of third quarter of 2016, the total number of devices delivered to the world markets amounted to 363 million units, which is 1% higher compared to last [>>>>]

Engineers at Bristol University, together with scientists from the University of Cambridge designed a cyborg, used as food organisms. Robot recycles organic matter, getting necessary for the functioning of energy, told the magazine New Scientist. The robot has digestive system – mouth, in the manufacture of which was used in the polymer membrane material, the stomach digesting food, and intestines that push processed foods to the outside. Like some of the inhabitants [>>>>]

It Seems that on the mobile technology market, a new competitor for the iPhone 7. This conclusion was to arise after the company Anipryl presents the new Samsung Galaxy S7. Experts this modification was called the most beautiful of the entire line of Samsung. Earlier began to spread rumors about the imminent release of new products from the Korean manufacturer, the novelty of which consists in an extravagant color "blue coral". The blue color was the feature version [>>>>]

Crimes and atrocities of ISIS militants (banned in Russia organization) begin to reach the Western world. So in Syria, capturing Christian bakery, the Islamists burned alive six bakers-Christians, and about 250 children-Christians who do not renounce Christ, was crushed in the machine for kneading bread, according to Catholic Online. Another story of a Syrian woman who managed to escape from Syrian territories occupied LIH, talks about how her son was beaten [>>>>]

Recent studies of Vienna's medical University have proved that people who watch a lot of TV are more likely to believe in myths and legends, are not oriented properly in reality and trust the various theories of global conspiracy, writes a Croatian pro-life, portal Research has shown that age, gender and education of the person in this case does not play any role. 11.6% of people expressed confidence that [>>>>]

The memorable presentation of the new MacBook Pro is the fact that journalists portal CNET was lucky enough to ask some questions of key managers Apple – Phil Sileru, Jonny Craig Isamu and Federigo. The task was simple – to find out about the nuances and features of new gadgets. It turned out that the development of the touch panel of the Touch Bar, which is available in Apple innovations, the leading designer of the company took two years. As told [>>>>]

Proposed a translation of the article by the Orthodox priest George Massukh, head of the Centre for Christian-Islamic dialogue in Balamand University (Lebanon) — Is ISIS[1] face of Islam? If Muslims do not defend Islam from the encroachment of their own co-religionists, then who will protect him? How can Muslims sit back and watch how other Muslims commit crimes against humanity under the pretext that they also profess that "no [>>>>]

Speakers call devices that display the electrical impulses of the sound character of acoustic frequencies. The purpose of the device – hands-free reproduction of speech, musical accompaniment, etc. Electrical signals which are fed to the device, perform the activation of the mechanical vibrations of the system. Here a selection of speakers that are suitable for performances and tours. The speaker for the speeches. The functionality of the devices If a person needs to take you on a tour, and the number of tourists is very [>>>>]