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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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The American medical Association has called the assisted suicide doctor a serious challenge to society and "absolutely appropriate role of physician as healer". However, millions of Americans do not agree with this. 2/3 of respondents believe that it is quite normal for terminally ill patients to ask a doctor to end their life. The same number of respondents said that doctors should be able to help terminally ill patients die, According to who [>>>>]

Croatian edition of Vatican Radio continues to comment on what is happening in the US after the elections, in which billionaire Donald trump became the forty-fifth President of the United States. "I never understand how is it possible that such a large number of people in the West still worshipped, was called explicitly fascist policy, which is known fact that after the seizure of power along with a small group of like-minded, set [>>>>]

Catholic Archbishop George Ponthieu,head of the Episcopal conference of France, were criticized by President Francois Hollande that he supports the bill, the purpose of which is to prosecute websites that "will provide psychological or moral pressure to deny persons from abortion". In a letter to the President, the Prelate wrote that in the case of the adoption of this law, women who once had an abortion and regret [>>>>]

In the U.S. Supreme court approved amendments to Federal laws that give the FBI the authority to carry out hacking of mobile technology around the world. For hacking mobile devices us intelligence agencies now you should get in any American court of special permit. Earlier to this, the agents sought a warrant in a local court, in which lived the suspected person. The past six months, Senator from the Democratic party Ron Wyden [>>>>]

Nov 29, in Western Ukraine, in Uzhgorod, an unknown was doused with red paint monument to the victims of the Holocaust. Head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration, Moskal gave the order to law enforcement as soon as possible to find the perpetrators. Vandals, according to officials, prevent Ukraine to move to Europe. According to local news outlets, the act of vandalism was committed on November 28. Thus criminals themselves sent to local media. Flash [>>>>]

Pawnshop quickly gained popularity. They are easier and not with such degree of risk provide cash loan. The Deposit is much more than a Bank loan, and the amount of paperwork is reduced to a minimum. For several hours you can get a decent amount. Of course, not every car will appreciate so highly. As in the pawnshop appreciate a car with the right driving the Majority of companies prefer cars [>>>>]

Very originally reacted to the city hall of Stockholm, which is controlled by a coalition of social Democrats and "green" in the recent snowfall that caused chaos in the city. Municipal officials said that in future cases will be to apply the principle of "fair gender snow removal". Its essence is that it will clean the sidewalks and roads for transportation, not to mention the autobahns. This approach at city hall [>>>>]

Croatian edition of Vatican Radio has posted a short comment about what is happening in the US after the elections, in which billionaire Donald trump became the forty-fifth President of the United States . The media often faced with the word ideology. But very often this concept is used incorrectly. Ideology is a complex Outlook on life. Therefore, the ideology and worldview is not equivalent concepts. In General, [>>>>]

To date, the economic activity is carried out in such a way that the enterprises purchase of necessary goods is carried out through the use of cash. To this end, staff members are issued a cash advance, which they will continue to report. A similar situation occurs with employees who are serving on a business trip. If any employee is in arrears on previously issued prepaid, new it to can not. The accountable person called employee [>>>>]

Translator from Arabic, who lives in Germany for more than 20 years, claims that Muslim immigrants in Germany secretly hate Christians and believe that Germany should be converted to Islam, writes Breitbart, whose editor Stephen Bannon will lead the strategic analysis at the administration of newly elected American President D. trump. A female interpreter, whose name was not disclosed, shows that Muslim migrants tend to displace Christians from Germany for the birth of the great [>>>>]

According to the statements of the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov, Russia's President Vladimir Putin and his colleague, D. trump was able to reach a political understanding. These words came from the mouth of Lavrov after meeting the foreign Affairs Ministers of APEC in Peru. So, Putin discussed with the trump prospects of bilateral relations. It was a question of cooperation in various fields and resolving issues on a global level. Plus is [>>>>]

Presented the report for 2016 from the Fund "Church in need": a substantial infringement of religious liberty in seven countries in the world. As part of his mission for 69 years, the "Church in need" in Rome (Italy) presented the "Report 2016: on the freedom of religion in the world." The proposed study was based on journalistic sources of information and data from various organizations, including non-profit. Among the results of the study are those that show that in 15 out of 196 countries [>>>>]

Today almost everyone of us uses phones with touch screens that are practical, beauty and convenience. However, no matter how numerous were the benefits of these phones, they also have disadvantage that is very difficult to rid ourselves of the fragility of the touchscreen. Quite often at various random glass touch gadget can crack, but his work on its replacement will be quite expensive. Therefore, this article [>>>>]

The Religious factor in the recent US presidential election played a significant role. This recognizes the headquarters of the Democratic party, wrote in the pages of "The New York Times" Larry Udstuen. So white Protestants make up 26 percent of the country's voters, and 81% of them voted for Donald trump. Catholics make up 23% of voters, 52% voted for trump. Moreover, white Catholics gave Trump 67% of the votes. Donald [>>>>]

Municipal enterprise "Directorate of capital construction and reconstruction "Kastrichnitskaya" according to the results of the tender concluded the agreement with open company "the Cascade-SV" for repairs of school gyms with a total value of UAH 6320000. These data reports "messenger of government procurements". "Cascade-SV" to the end of the year to overhaul gyms three Metropolitan schools in Darnytskyi district of Kiev. We are talking about schools No. 160, 62 and 111. It is planned to replace the parquet floors of gyms, to repair the ceiling and walls, replace Windows and doors. Will [>>>>]