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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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Presented the report for 2016 from the Fund "Church in need": a substantial infringement of religious liberty in seven countries in the world. As part of his mission for 69 years, the "Church in need" in Rome (Italy) presented the "Report 2016: on the freedom of religion in the world." The proposed study was based on journalistic sources of information and data from various organizations, including non-profit. Among the results of the study are those that show that in 15 out of 196 countries [>>>>]

Today almost everyone of us uses phones with touch screens that are practical, beauty and convenience. However, no matter how numerous were the benefits of these phones, they also have disadvantage that is very difficult to rid ourselves of the fragility of the touchscreen. Quite often at various random glass touch gadget can crack, but his work on its replacement will be quite expensive. Therefore, this article [>>>>]

The Religious factor in the recent US presidential election played a significant role. This recognizes the headquarters of the Democratic party, wrote in the pages of "The New York Times" Larry Udstuen. So white Protestants make up 26 percent of the country's voters, and 81% of them voted for Donald trump. Catholics make up 23% of voters, 52% voted for trump. Moreover, white Catholics gave Trump 67% of the votes. Donald [>>>>]

Municipal enterprise "Directorate of capital construction and reconstruction "Kastrichnitskaya" according to the results of the tender concluded the agreement with open company "the Cascade-SV" for repairs of school gyms with a total value of UAH 6320000. These data reports "messenger of government procurements". "Cascade-SV" to the end of the year to overhaul gyms three Metropolitan schools in Darnytskyi district of Kiev. We are talking about schools No. 160, 62 and 111. It is planned to replace the parquet floors of gyms, to repair the ceiling and walls, replace Windows and doors. Will [>>>>]

Kolomoisky cannot prolong by two years the introduction of investment in the airport of the Dnieper Courts of first two instances refused to amend the contract for the purchase and development of the International airport "Dnepropetrovsk" firm "Accountants". This is evidenced by the decision of the Kiev appeal economic court from September 21. In August 2009 the state property Fund sold to limited liability company "Accountants" state-owned package of shares of "Dniproavia" 94,57% over 59 million UAH. (about 140 million roubles) under the contract the company had to ensure the transfer of artificial [>>>>]

The Combination of innovative technology and cloud-based features creates a unique aesthetic projects, reports Studio of Richard Clarkson has teamed up with Crealev to make a miniature floating cloud, which flies in the room, playing your favorite music and illuminated melodies to the beat, mimicking the storm. The design of the project called "Creating the weather" and is formed from polyester fibers that hide bluetooth speaker, led lights and a magnet. This magnet allows the form to float [>>>>]

The United States is preparing to launch unprecedented cyber attacks against Russia, according to the common NBC News, reports Sources told the newspaper, Washington has asked the CIA to provide several "underground" cyberspace operations tactics to be able to make a choice. The purpose of a cyber attack? To repay Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin's attempt "to interfere in elections in the country." If you remember, the hackers hiding behind the pseudonym Guccifer 2.0 hacked into the computers of the National Democratic Convention and missed 20,000 electronic DNC lists, personal data, and [>>>>]

More and more people worldwide have access to the Internet and the consequences of this is huge. Digital natives — those who have received their secondary education in the country with at least 50% of the Internet coverage, create a "seismic shift" that is "too big" for governments and Central banks to ignore, says economist HSBC James Died. It indicates that [>>>>]

Documents released by Wikileaks show deep involvement of Hillary Clinton and members of her team in the fight for the promotion of abortion at the international level and promote the "rights" of the LGBT community, informs LifeSiteNews Clinton, the head of its election staff John Podesta (organizer of the attempts of the liberal revolt against the Catholic bishops in the US) and his Advisor Jay Sullivan in 2015, tried to push through the UN recognition of LGBT "rights" and "right" to abortion is part of human rights. This plan was defeated by the UN General Assembly, which [>>>>]

The Palm of popularity among mobile phones in the domestic market continues to steadily hold the iPhone 5s. 44 percent of sold mobile phones is given at the 5th "Apple" device. As reported by Dmitry Solodovnikov, a representative of MTS, indeed, almost half of the purchased devices this iPhone 5s in the 16GB configuration. The cost of the triennial smartphone has become more accessible and continues to decrease. In the global mobile technology market share-selling 5-x [>>>>]

Manufacturer of mobile technology Xiaomi in October announced its intention to release one of the most beautiful smartphones — Xiaomi MIX. A source in the company Xiaomi has shared information about the presence of the first device issues — frameless screen, characterized by increased fragility. View MIX broken Xiaomi New product will be available in limited edition. Its cost is estimated in the amount of 33 thousand rubles. However, if you decide to get unique in its [>>>>]

Member of the Supreme qualitative judges Ukrainiane Lutsyuk in 2015, has registered a patent on the bottle. This is evidenced by his electronic Declaration in the registry of NACP. In the database "Ukrpatent" there is evidence that Pavel Lutsyuk has applied for a patent in may 2014. But the patent holder was only in September 2015 Judging by the picture, the bottle is engraved with the scales. Also weights embellished cap [>>>>]

Religion in contemporary Macedonia (Notes on the journey to the Republic of Macedonia). Macedonia is one of the former Soviet republics of Yugoslavia, and is still officially called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. This Balkan country, where most of the population (over 76%) are ethnic Macedonians, who belong to the group of South Slavs, other residents are Albanians, Gypsies, Turks. Entering Macedonia from Serbia, I was>>>>]

Product line presented Terrasoft system bpmonline ─ is a platform. At its base automatiseret sale, provide modern services of the marketing Department. Familiarity sbpmonline the Ability to flawlessly manage sales, fully automating the entire workflow, no matter how difficult the order is an implementation of bpmonline. Using this platform, you can manage business processes or communications. This is a good scheduler for the sales of services and products, [>>>>]

Real competition to smartphones from Apple, which occupies a leading position on the market of mobile technology already constitutes a new and promising companies from China. Experts of the company IDC has published the results of researches of dynamics of the global mobile phone market as of third quarter of 2016, the total number of devices delivered to the world markets amounted to 363 million units, which is 1% higher compared to last [>>>>]