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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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In our day work of an accountant easier various computer programs and tools that significantly reduce time and labor costs on the monotonous and tedious work with numbers. Meanwhile, automation of accounting must represent a reliable, high-quality and multifunction programs that will not allow any serious mistakes in their work. Company info-the Company offers to its customers the services for automation of accounting, [>>>>]

Before moving into an active phase of website promotion, you need to ensure that this website is entirely ready. In the system of SEO optimization, there is such a thing as a website audit. On the specifics of their it is a complex analytical processes, the result of which it is possible to make a conclusion about the condition of the site. What the process includes a comprehensive audit? Comprehensive site audit – an analysis in which [>>>>]

Looking at the modern development of science and technology can not fall into euphoria! Not so long ago you could see on the Internet news about 3-D printing limbs and even internal organs, with their successful replacement and already a few days ago on the popular website KickStarter for extremely small time company 101Hero gathered 5 times more funds for its project of the invention [>>>>]

In families with active lifestyles who prefer to travel by Bicycle, with the birth of a child, nothing changes. Baby take a walk with him since the moment he learns to sit. This is the baby seat on the bike. This unit is designed to provide safety and convenience baby. What are offered by the manufacturer? Bike seats for children are made with the help of modern technology, excluding [>>>>]

Among winter sports snowboarding is the most favorite pastime, and for fans of this passion is very important to choose quality and comfortable shoes. A properly fitted snowboard boots, such as Head Galore Black Fire or B&W 2QL, will provide stability on the Board, and prevent chafing and discomfort. The choice of shoes depends on various parameters that you want to see a novice snowboarder. Comfort is paramount [>>>>]

Real Estate remains an attractive target for successful investments in Bulgaria. According to statistics, this year there has been a significant increase in the number of transactions carried out at the initial stage of construction, that is significant evidence of the confidence in this segment of the investment market. So buying a home can save up to 30% of its final value, which reduces the cost of the purchase for their own use and gives you the opportunity to earn good money in the case of the sale [>>>>]

Heart failure caused the death of a famous musician Pete fountain. Old favorite of the public, fluent in such a complex instrument like the clarinet, passed away in New Orleans, where he enjoyed a well-deserved reputation and an unprecedented popularity. World fame came to him in the mid-twentieth century, when Pete was a teenager. Constant persistent work and talent he achieved considerable success on the music scene. Then [>>>>]

The Death of 14-year-old boy was the reason for the examination of the circumstances of the accident, which happened yesterday in the village Konkovo in the suburbs. Press-centre GU of the Ministry of interior was informed the cause of death of a teenager was a terrible accident collision "a forehead in a forehead" two motorcyclists, which took place on the track during the night of 6 August. In the tragedy, one driver died, the second 17-year-old boy taken to a medical [>>>>]

The Cynicism of these criminals knows no bounds. In Krasnoyarsk at five o'clock on a pedestrian "Zebra" a black car was hit by a five year old child who was crossing the road according to all the rules of the road. The culprit-the driver did not stop did not provide the necessary help and asked about the status of the child victim. He quickly left the scene. Police issued the incident and are actively looking for the perpetrator calling the citizens who could>>>>]

14 coniferous trees illegally cut down Spirovska area. This fact was established by the staff of criminal investigation Department of local police. "Black loggers" has caused irreparable damage to forestry in the amount of 150 000 rubles. At the scene seized the equipment the criminals and the car. Its perpetrators were taken to the police station to testify. In the course of two said that production was carried out by [>>>>]

Continue to strengthen business ties between Iran and Azerbaijan. Minister of Iran, will depart on a visit to Baku to participate in the opening of a joint car manufacturing plant. Its volume will be approximately 10,000 units per year. Construction and commissioning of this plant was a response to numerous statements by the Armenian leadership about their intention to become bridge to Eurasian Union, although many experts say the international market, [>>>>]

The opening of the Olympic games has become one of the main posts of the users of social networks. Athletes actively exchange experiences and good luck in the competition. One of the first who informed the fans about the opening ceremony and his impressions of her were boxers from Kazakhstan. Vasily Levit has put his picture on the background of the crowded stands of the Olympic stadium. Do not stay aside and [>>>>]

Is One of the professional Ukrainian political strategists suggested the intentions of Ukraine to sign the agreement on the supply of arms from one of the countries of South-East Asia. During a visit to Malaysia and Indonesia, the Ukrainian leader will sign a number of agreements, some of which may not be included in the press release. These agreements likely will cover the supply of weapons. This version became available to readers with Facebook pages [>>>>]

A Blast which seriously wounded the head samoprovozglashennost LC trying to associate with actions of subversive groups of the Ukrainian military. This event on his page on the social network Facebook has commented on the well-known member of the volunteer movement Roman Sinitsyn. A tragic accident became an instant death of two guards Carpenter. He himself was seriously wounded and is in critical condition. The militants consider it an attempt on the life of their [>>>>]

One of the most significant muralov originated in the capital of the Olympics. The song "Ethnic groups" of the modern artist Eduardo Kobra will clearly represent the population of all the continents on the surface of over 3000 sqm the Most popular Brazilian artist who was recognized as a "Giant mural" devoted to the Olympic games in 2016. His art projects have deservedly received the highest marks as it is executed in an unusual technique using different drawing techniques. Its unique [>>>>]