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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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Presented at the exhibition MWC 2016 tablet Matebook their appearance and the technical data called consumer interest. And now, when its sales started worldwide, buyers can appreciate a tablet which meets all the notions of modern design, metallic aluminum housing and consists of: intel core processor; 12-inch IPS-display; powerful rechargeable battery which gives the opportunity to work with [>>>>]

Apple plays a leading role in a new intrigue. Became available version that the group is preparing the acquisition of a racing series "the Formula-1". This is attributed to the latest project of the company, which is called "Titan" and is dedicated to the development of the car under the brand of the Corporation. Given the desire of Apple to create the best products, you can make the assumption that the cars will be test beds for automobile [>>>>]

Users of payment services upset. Qiwi and Skrill appeared in the register of banned sites. The reason lies in the fact that these online resources contain information messages, publication and distribution of which is prohibited in Russia. These include notification of opportunities to participate in gambling and different ways to replenishment rates. recalls that for two years Russia has a law that requires [>>>>]

Analysis of smartphone sales in the retail consumer sector of the USA showed that Samsung is confident to conquer America. 37% of sales truthful evidence of this. 16% of Americans prefer devices Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, while former market leader Apple's got about 14% of users. Corporation Samsung has confidently occupied the leading positions in one of the world's largest markets. The managers of Apple Corporation do not see the situation catastrophic: 14% of users refused [>>>>]

In the Wake of his success by the world hobby developed by Nintendo app "Pokemon Go" the Corporation announced the return of the gaming consumer market console, the Nintendo Entertainment System. She will look like an improved miniature toy that connects to the TV via the HDMI slot. The complete set of consoles will include: game console with 30 classic games from the NES; HDMI cable; USB cable for supplying power to the system; the Nintendo joystick [>>>>]

Developers group Samsung presented on a narrow consumer market of India budget smartphones Samsyng Galaxy On5 On7 Pro and Galaxy Pro. Despite their budget price (according about 140-170 USD), the devices have excellent performance: Quad-core Exynos 3475; traditional 8 cameras(13 and 5 MP; memory 4 GB 16 GB user and the ability to install a flash drive; powerful battery [>>>>]

In late August, is expected presentation of the HTC Nexus Sailfish benderskii image which can already be seen in the network. According the device will arrive on the consumer market in four popular colors: white, red, dark gray and silver. Its design the novelty reminds users of ergonomic and modern appearance Nokia Lumia. Preliminary specifications indicate that it has a sufficiently high performance characteristics: the display with a diagonal of five inches; [>>>>]

Despite all the difficulties of Russia's relations with Europe and America trade between the countries continues. In the imposition of sanctions and the embargo in Russia, a new strategic partners, which took the place of the suppliers of products from Europe. For example, now actively engaged in the delivery of pharmaceutical products from Portugal to Russia. Consulting company in the country delivering other goods which are not produced in Russia or [>>>>]

Tablet Asus ZenPad 3S 10 presents tavanski concern Asus likely will be the favorite of the consumer market. To do this, the developers made it possible: wonderful modern appearance and excellent performance, which is confirmed by the presence of: touch screen 9.7 inch; six-core processor; and an operational memory for user storage (4 and 32 GB respectively); powerful battery; dual cameras 8 and 5 megapixels [>>>>]

The Flash memory continues to displace hard drives. Samsung group has informed that is ready to produce the most capacious SSD, whose capacity is twice the previous product and is 4 TB. Samsung 850 EVO has another key feature it supports SATA, making it versatile in use and demonstrates the sequential read speed on the limit possibilities of 540 MB/c and 520 MB/s. SSD developed [>>>>]

In recent years there has been growth in the use of smartphones with dual cameras. If today the total volume of such products is 3.6%, and next year he will be 21% of the market. Now the Huawei in the consumer market were withdrawn smartphones P9, P9+ which immediately aroused interest and became in demand. It will urge smartphone manufacturers to improve and equip the dual cameras.[>>>>]

In today's world is becoming increasingly difficult to do without Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, the signal quality is not always satisfactory. TP-LINK has announced two amplifier IEEE 802.11 ac standard, providing a stable surface area over 1 000 m2. The quality of the signal when used as the first (RE450) and the second (RE350) is such that no wires can not only "sit" in social networks, but even to connect to Smart TV [>>>>]

Sympathy that makes the BlackBerry to the Android OS, are not the main strategy of the company. It will not abandon its platform, even given the fact that the last announced new items come out on Android. The developers aim to keep the operating system, but the volume of production devices on its base will be substantially adjusted to market demand. The termination of production of the gadget, the BlackBerry Classic with QWERTY keyboard it is not [>>>>]

YouTube can be a trap for his admirers. The doctrine of the United States found the opportunity to crack the smartphone lovers videos with popular applications. While the unsuspecting user viewed videos malware using imperceptible to the human ear voice command retrieves from the device smacked of access to credit cards. Moreover, the same method you can hack any device which is adjacent to the device [>>>>]

Claim one of the owners of smartphones Apple made the managerial staff of the group to consider in detail the question of the realization in Russia of a full cycle service smartphones. The main problem faced by the Russians - the owners of phones, it is the replacement of worn screen device. Service work for this kind of damage not produced in the country, as it is connected with the peculiarities of the technological process. The cost of the organization of repair [>>>>]