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It is not known exactly when and who invented the wheel, but no one will refuse that this distant ancestor is worthy of a large and expensive monument. It's been quite a long time and today we all can see on the streets of their town a huge number of cars. There are many manufacturers who give to the world market of cars of different trim levels and comfort level. However, all cars have one thing in common – sooner or later, the machine becomes unusable and need repair. No need to explain what money could lead this event. Sometimes it's easier to sell the car with the maximum benefit and purchase another. If you type in a search engine query: AutoBroker service buying cars, then you will find the address of the company that can buy your used car or after an...

All fans of the legendary film "Back to the future" will appreciate the news that in the UK at the auctions car DeLorean DMC 12 1981 model year. Just such a classic sports car allowed to travel back in time Marty McFly, the protagonist of the film. the unique Seller of the car told that he is an ardent fan of the trilogy Back to the future, so three years ago in new York, he did not hesitate to buy unique DeLorean DMC 12. The current owner carefully restored the car, so the model will look spectacular even on a par with modern sports cars. it is Also notable for the "package" of car – buyer DeLorean DMC 12 will receive a free copy of the flying skateboard, sports almanac, a copy of the futuristic sneakers, and a vest and baseball cap Marty McFly. The...