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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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Has indisputable historical and cultural value of the building of the National library in the capital of Tatarstan will be studied for their further restoration. Before the restoration work, will carry out a comprehensive study of the Geophysics of their buildings, the degree of penetration by fungi, bioparticle. Only after that all the unique historical and cultural complex on the Kremlin embankment will be renovated with the latest technology and at the same time, preserving its historic [>>>>]

Those who want to get a design education at BHSAD, new opportunities. In the graduate school of design announced the start of competitive selection in the direction of fashion Design. Basic course" – one of the most popular designer training at all. Participation is open to designers with experience in the development of men's collections. Design education is encouraged. Condition of participation in the competition is presentation of the concept of the five sets of clothes for [>>>>]

Statistics of the game application confirms a new dizzying success of Nintendo. Pokemon Go downloaded over 100 million times. About 75 million gamers and casual smartphone users fell for the game, which carries its developers income of about $ 10 million a day. And this is not the limit. Developers and managers are looking for ways to involve new users and increase profits. So in the near future [>>>>]

A Terrible tragedy happened the first August day in the Yaroslavl region. Fun picnic ended with dramatic events. In the Danilovsky district on the shore of the pond spent their time, adults and children. Children splashed under the supervision of adults and the pond. After swimming fun, the company began to diverge, and found the disappearance of five-year kid. The adults immediately made all attempts to search for the child. His little body [>>>>]

Magnificent collection of the Feodosia Museum of money is not placed in its premises. Unique exhibits can be presented at the exhibition which has only two rooms and stored in the storerooms of the Museum. Repeated requests the Director of the Museum to the governing bodies remain without effective implementation of its plans. Currently, the Museum is not only a large room, but also questioned [>>>>]

Great body and figure of the popular singer Anna Sedakova and attracts admiring glances of men and envious women. The singer realizes that her figure is beauty and elegance, and tries to maintain it in an appropriate form. She knows about the threat of her appearance. Anna confided that they love to eat. She can't indulge in a large portion of delicious spaghetti. The recently published [>>>>]

The Tragedy ended the night in the village of Gnats located in the Penza region. At midnight there was a fire of a residential building and in a few hours the building was destroyed by fire. The fire was extinguished, but after extinguishing the remnants of the dwellings of the rescuers was expecting terrible find the charred corpses of four people: the elderly men, two women and a small child 1.5 years. Residents of the village devastated by these tragic events and [>>>>]

The city's birthday -a holiday for every inhabitant of Brest. The city is approaching a significant anniversary of the 1000th anniversary! But while he was only 997. The elegant streets of the city have attracted tourists from all over the country. They have something to watch: in honor of the holiday in Brest is unique for Belarus carnival that has become a hallmark of the city. The crossroads of East and West in those days was visited by delegations of many countries to share with [>>>>]

In Germany, the Turkish community in Cologne organized rallies in support of incumbent President of Turkey. Using national characters of Turks chanting "En büyük Turkiye!" "Turkey is above all!", that looks quite challenging. But the General order of the demonstration and respected, It goes without unpleasant incident. However, the police are not vigilant, at the same time as the city hosts the March of "Cologne vs right", which involved representatives of [>>>>]

The Beginning of the summer "quiet hunt" for mushrooms and berries is associated with a number of dangers that can trap people in the woods. To prevent the negative development of the various situations associated with the presence of forests, the Ministry of emergency situations of the Pskov region has released detailed an instruction about the rules of being in the woods and the main preparations for his visit. The memo provides guidance on the selection of clothes, necessary equipment, it gives the minimum knowledge [>>>>]

Repeated requests of the readers forced the well-known writer George.To. Rowling to continue working on his Saga of Hogwarts. But the statement of the author this is not a novel, a play. Its premiere was held in the British capital in the "Palace Theatre". Once the work has received a title "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child". The performance is such a success that the auditorium busy "place for ghosts" which [>>>>]

Thomas Bach, the IOC announced that, in connection with a Grand doping scandal which is associated with Russian athletes, the Committee intends to clarify the circumstances of this case. He declined to comment on the report of the WADA indicating that multifaceted and requires careful analysis. Although the Committee cannot impose sanctions against the leadership of States are introducing and covering [a>>>>]

Hostility of fans to betray their former Napoli's growing every day. After the news that their favorite leaves the team and goes to a club Juventus loyal fans destroyed the pictures and burned soccer jerseys with Gonzalo Higuain. The player tried to justify their actions disagreement with the club President with whom he had not extended his contract, but he was [>>>>]

How PR company is regarded specialists in the automotive market of the conflicting statements of the managers of Opel. Making a statement that the diesel engines of the Opel Zafira can be controlled by programs which can turn off the neutralization of exhaust gases after the inspection, they attracted the attention of the relevant Ministry of Germany. The Commission of the Ministry of transport did not find violations in the work of the diesel dvigatelei brands and concluded that they are completely [>>>>]

Festive concerts and events in Omsk continues! The townspeople good mood -they celebrate the 300th anniversary of the city! Today will be a bright pop concert. To congratulate heroes of the anniversary came entertainers group "DaMaxX Kate Fameli", "Hot" jazz group "Manhattan jazz Band". Scheduled performances by well-known Moscow singer Firs, especially taking off to the city. The concert will start at ten o'clock on the Central city [>>>>]