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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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Ukraine was in first place for the level of corruption among 41 countries in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa with developed markets or the markets. this is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by the auditing company Ernst & Young, is dedicated to risks of fraud in these regions. thus, the number of respondents who believe that bribery and corruption are widespread in the country is 88%. According to this indicator, Ukraine is on the lowest position among all the countries participating in the EY survey. Also States that "the lack of economic growth and improve the business climate in our country, combined with the absence of an effective system of punishment may encourage businessmen to violation of ethical norms." "to help businesses...

On 7 April, on the eve of the weekend, the Government published a List of "technically complicated household groups", the sale of which will be processed through the cash register (PPO). At first glance, an ordinary event. But it's not. This decision is a big blow to the simplified system of taxation, the largest since 2010, since the Tax Maidan. This solution creates big business a comfortable environment without competition, and consumers increases the retail price. Despite the promises of the President and the Prime Minister, the Government introduced a PPO for single tax payers without changing their administration, without cheapening of the devices of the account, without compensation of cost of the devices. The government was in a hurry to please the...

First you need to understand a few points, without which language learning will be ineffective. 1. The purpose of studying the English language. In the beginning you have to understand what you language that is an argument for you: a trip abroad, teaching in an educational institution, work. 2.Need to prepare for hard concentrated work. No need to have illusions and to believe that you can master the language in one[>>>>]

Resnosti screw compressors is 95%. This is one of the most effective ways of getting compressed air. Compactness and versatility provided by the design. Screw compressor units have become popular in portable blowers, since they are small in size and practical in use. This type of compressor uses energy to the grid or a diesel generator. What is a compressor For generating compressed air, a simple and reliable system[>>>>]

Modern children love to get all sorts of gifts. If you want to do something nice for his son, there is no better option than to buy him a toy. Now we have a very large selection, you will pick something that will love the child. So, you can buy the toy "transformers" that are created based on the very popular series of films. 've heard of every boy, and, you can be sure that he>>>>]

Islamic state (banned in Russia organization) has damaged more than 12,000 Christian homes in the region of Nineveh plains and destroyed about 700 houses, according to the organization "aid to the Church in need". In the poll of Iraqis who were forced to leave Nineveh region in the summer of 2014 in an attack of ISIS (banned in Russia organization), it became known that 40% plan to return to their homes liberated from attacking the region,[>>>>]

In recent years, the market leading positions occupied by "Remez", which produces a wide range of compressor devices that can be used in a variety of conditions. All compressors manufactured by remeza, meet the highest quality standards, have been certified and are highly valued by customers. The attention of consumers offered the following compressor unit: 1. Compressor device equipped with screw GHH RADD blocks a German production. Such devices are designed for use on[>>>>]

What is cashback how to use it and how you can save money when you connect this service – this question worries many users of Bank cards and regular customers of various chain stores, gas stations, and cafes. The literal English translation of this word means "money back", and in fact, this special bonus program, through which it is planned to encourage the purchases of their customers. Cashback services are now[>>>>]

Until the Christians in Jerusalem to rejoice the opening of the restored Edicule, an ancient chapel located inside the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, experts are concerned that the building requires immediate repair to avoid a "catastrophic" dam. Edicule was recently opened after restoration works, carried out by the joint efforts of the various Christian churches, who are responsible for the temple. However, it subsequently emerged that you need to implement larger restoration project. Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built[>>>>]

Continued. Start here. Avtusko-Sikorski : I would Like to improve the Yuri is our, BISS, research on the effects of the blend. We did surveys of top managers of it companies and working in the OEM, and don't work in the HTP. Almost all respondents said that outsourcing programming now rests on the ceiling. Undoubtedly, the software industry will grow in the next 10 years and it is a fact that to argue very hard. But>>>>]

The Problem with the false "star" hotels that are actually unauthorized to announce the availability of a number of stars, especially important on the eve of the world Cup. Foreigners are reserving a room and staying in hotels, often focus on the claimed number of stars on the website, and can get into the situation where the level and quality of service do not correspond to European star hotels. This situation may [>>>>]

Microloans differ from Bank loans the following parameters: * the maximum amount granted amount (usually it is much less Bank loans); * fast issuance of cash; * repayment terms, which include a high rate of interest and fast repayment of the loan. Do the results of such MFI – microcredit organizations, however, banks began to offer recent services of this kind. As a rule, [>>>>]

History knows many examples when the construction of the facility has not been investigated soils has led to disastrous results. In order to avoid unwanted changes in the strength of the structure, and more – emergency situations it is obligatory for engineering-geological surveys for the construction of special norms and legislative acts of the Russian Federation. The calculation of Foundation Strength, and accordingly, durability of structures is directly linked to the reliability of the base and properly designed Foundation. To make the right [>>>>]

Great consumer interest in IP cameras HikVision is attributable to the substantial advantages of the apparatus. Select IP camera Hikvision Advantages are seen when comparing them with other models from the same price range that are identical in hardware and software design: first, buy one IP camera HikVision, the consumer becomes the owner of the Autonomous surveillance system. Moreover, without additional equipment. So, don't need a DVR to connect to the cloud (remote server) to your network [>>>>]

Continued. Start here Or will arrive "black Swan" to the Belarusian it industry? Drakakhrust: by the Way about growth. Somehow this growth is almost a law of nature. But the crisis in the country, is growing unemployment, it covers almost all sectors of the national economy, and it has some kind of island of prosperity. You, Yuri, said that most Belarusian it work for export, but also a significant part of the Belarusian economy, 60%, work [>>>>]