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News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

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In the early post-Soviet times, we thought: "How good life foreigners: in the morning a Cup of coffee and sit yourself in the robe, check the growth of its shares on the stock exchange, raking money hand over fist, exactly doing nothing..." Now the stock market is widely opened its gates even for citizens of countries of the former CIS. Indeed, gambling is nothing compared to eternal circulation in the average work. [>>>>]

The Main advantages of plastic stretch films, designed for fixing and packing of goods manual is a convenient size, excellent material properties and low cost. Film for manual winding of products has several advantages: the roller fits comfortably in the palm; the length of the tape is not more than three hundred m; low weight of the roll (about half a kg, in contrast to the production of the film weighing about 12 kg); the maximum amount of stretch may [>>>>]

Since current smartphones have long and successfully serve as a viable replacement for your laptop, netbook, tablet and a separate device with GPS-navigation, many users are thinking of installing convenient free application, which allows high accuracy to determine a person's location and calculate the way to the designated point. On the one hand, you can get directions in the browser window. The benefit of the network maps can be found many countries, cities, what [>>>>]

The more people read the news and share them, the greater will be fake, a liar, or, as they say, fake news. It also happens that through the fake news people even take up arms: in December, the American believed in "pedophile conspiracy" and made a fire at the pizzeria. Fortunately, no one was killed then. It is difficult to understand, distinguish fake news. The President of the United States publish [>>>>]

Religious conflict is only a smokescreen, behind which hide the true reality of illegal mining of diamonds. This is evidenced by "three saints Bango", as people call the Archbishop, the Imam and the pastor, the capital of the Central African Republic. For many years they are working together to build interreligious harmony and peace in the country. Their statement is due to the growing tension in the Republic, which, as before, is struggling with [>>>>]

A Good video intercom system provides high level of protection, allowing not only to hear the visitor, but also to see him. You do not need even to answer the call, seeing the visitor. Why you need a video intercom in Moscow Modern devices are equipped with a built-in interface unit, which increases its functionality. Call shield is installed not only on the entrance door to the apartment, but the staircase when you connect to the access coordinate entry [>>>>]

Forklift, or electric trolley, with climbing up the plane indispensable in cases that require urgent transportation of goods or moving from one site to another. This is a simple and reliable unit that can last for many years to its owner. To purchase such equipment it is better to have reliable suppliers, for example on the website large selection of warehouse Forklift lifting equipment used in warehouses are usually equipped with foot switch [>>>>]

TEXAS POLITICIAN is FIGHTING FOR a COMPLETE BAN on ABORTION, AFTER NUMEROUS DEATH THREATS and ASKED them to PROTECT the POLICE member of the Republican party in Texas Tony Tinderholt with his wife Bethany are under police protection after numerous death threats sent to their address due to the introduction of a politician of the draft law that would ban abortion in the state of Texas. As noted by the representative policy Mike Cavanaugh, it is impossible to talk about [>>>>]

Buy led Board wants every owner of a restaurant, marketplace or cafe who wants to give zest to their institution. This acquisition will give a sensation of modernity and creativity. Work the ice Board to record Such a device is a Glass or acrylic screen, reminiscent of a rectangle. The perimeter construction is aluminum frame, on which are the LEDs. Complete with flash Board is a set of special markers that are easy to put in different [>>>>]

There are many criteria for the proper selection of blinds for Windows. The first of them – the width of a lamella, that is, each individual element making up the blinds. The more the window itself, the greater should be the slats to fit harmoniously into the interior of the room. The second important criterion by which to choose and buy blinds in Khabarovsk is the location of the lamellae, it can be vertical or horizontal, and [>>>>]

At the border crossing "Bruzgi", near Grodno, on weekdays, almost did not queues of cars at the exit from Belarus to Poland. Even on weekends the queue also poischezali. The same picture from the Polish side at the border crossing point "Kuznitsa Bialystok." In one of the Grodno transport companies engaged in transportation of passengers, her supervisor, Mr. Alex, complained that to stay afloat became [>>>>]

It has been more than 670 years since the founding of Charles University. He became the first from the Alps to the East of Paris, immediately gaining credibility and recognition. Today, to get a degree at a Czech University was possible for everyone, regardless of nationality of the student and the financial situation. 4 Karl – the founder of Charles University in the Czech Republic According to historical records, the idea to found the Czech lands, the University has shielded the king Wenceslas 2, [>>>>]

Popular Belarusian-Israeli Viber messenger introduced a feature "secret messages" for versions of the program on Android and iOS. You can now send photos and videos so that they were available for viewing by the recipient only a few (to choose from 1 to 10) seconds. Also appeared the cleaning function of the entire history of the chat messages and forward the "instant" video messages (hold down the button to take a video, and release to send).[>>>>]

Henceforth in scouting in the USA new members are admitted on the basis of their personal gender identity. Previously the basis for this decision was the birth certificate, which determines the suitability of a person to participate in programmes aimed at persons of the same sex. As stated in the appeal of local councils world-famous movement from 30 January 2017. "from this day welcome and registration of youth in the program" Cub and Boy Scout " is on the basis of gender self-determination, said in a statement [>>>>]

Slovenian foreign Minister Karl Erjavec, said that Slovenia closes its borders to refugees who are moving the so-called Balkan route, according to . "We can debate at the academic level about human rights, but I'm sure that if Slovenia will arrive 50 thousand refugees, their human rights will be much more under threat than if they remain at home", [>>>>]