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In January 2016 microfinance company MoneyMan has launched an interest-free offer "Loan without interest". 4 to January 31 are invited to take advantage of loans without interest. The promotion is open to everyone until January 31, 2016. Participants can become all citizens who can timely repay the loan. Read more about the offer on the website of the Rules of "Loan without interest" to Issue and

Every person there are situations when you need cash but can't borrow from friends, relatives also can not help with finances. And then there is the idea arrange a loan on the Internet and without interest. Deputies without interest online for example, there were suggestions among microfinance companies in which there is a possibility to obtain a loan for free. Well of course without interest

Online lending in Russia is becoming more popular every day and this was due to the instability of the economic situation in the country. If earlier the majority of citizens have appealed for urgent financial assistance from banks or from their relatives, then today online loans in Russia occupy a leading position. It is very convenient and easy way out of difficult situation with finances, thanks to which you can in a few

The fastest and simple way of borrowing money from relatives or friends, in a micro-Finance company to send and receive money online. LLC "E-loan" — the financial service provider quick loan in territory of the Russian Federation. E loan is a fast loan without collateral or guarantee, which offers every resident of the Russian Federation aged 20 to

To get online loan on the passport you only need to contact one of the microfinance companies, which will kindly provide you the required amount for the period you select. Registration will not take you much time and usually takes from several minutes to several hours. If you have any questions regarding loans, then you can ask them to the managers of the hotline on the website of the chosen MFIs.

According to statistics, more than 3 thousand of credit organizations, which send their data in National Bureau of credit histories, at the beginning of October 2015, the percentage of Russians unsecured lending was 1%. This value at the beginning of the year was only 0.5%. It is also worth noting that unsecured loans in sector share of MFIs began to grow amid declining Bank lending unsecured citizens (since the beginning of 2015, the reduction amounted to

Every citizen of Russia who has turned more than 18 years, have the opportunity to take the loan on the passport in many microfinance companies. Microcredit in Russia gained special momentum during times of economic instability, many planned purchases have to pay for the money borrowed. Also, an increasing number of people, which is becoming harder to survive until payday. In such a case, online lending will save the situation with temporary financial

Microfinance today has reached a whole new level when get money loans from MFIs is easier than ever. If the borrowers were put forward specific requirements and needed to provide proof of income, but now almost anyone can borrow a small amount for up to 1 month. Microfinance companies also produce a large amount from 50 000 rubles for the term from 1

According to the reports for 2015, 23% of Russians took loans from MFIs to repay their loan. Borrowers repay their Bank loans using the online loans. If you compare the statistics from 2014 year, then this percentage was only 15%. These studies held micro-Finance company of E loan. Unforeseen costs were 47% of Russian citizens who received MFI loans, but 11% took the money

Company Home money provides online loan at home for a wide range of clients. It is almost the Russian leader in the microfinance market, which gives everyone the opportunity to take a loan for a specified period. Recently this MFI received the prestigious award for best IT solution. The award is called the Retail Finance Awards. ERP-system Digital Cas, which was created by the specialists of the company successfully integrated in modern smartphones. Work Agency network

Many MFIs companies are trying to develop the best conditions for its customers, so the company ONEzaim has developed the capability of design and fast microloans on a Bank card, electronic purses. The company is not a financial institution, but nevertheless has the ability in the fastest possible time to process the request of each client, and offer the best deals. Microloans in ONEzaim available to every user of our site, fill out an application

In situations when you need an urgent loan on the card round the clock, it is better to seek online assistance to MFIs. Microfinance company will provide you services to loans and credits, giving each an opportunity to receive immediate assistance in the financial sector. Since Bank card almost every citizen of Russia, it is possible to get money is not difficult. And absolutely no matter what

Known in Russia microfinance company Migkredit has launched an updated version of the website online of the borrowing, which was developed and further refined by the most modern requirements to functionality. Now urgently get online loan from MFIs was not only just, but also more convenient. In addition, changed the company's slogan, and now it looks like this: "Had a dream today". This slogan reflects the availability of loans online for all

Famous and popular robot Timer since December 2015 began to issue qiwi wallet the loan, which may get virtually anyone. This was preceded by an anonymous survey of its customers conducted by Timer. This microfinance company cares about their customers, identifying their needs, and improve the method of issuing loans online. According to the survey, the company found that every fifth of what the client needs in the loans

At home or sitting in a cafe with free access to the Internet, you can get online the microloan on the Internet in a matter of minutes. This service may be necessary in cases of acute financial need. For example, you forgot that someone from the family a birthday tomorrow and you urgently need to buy a gift. Or you have received your account for the payment of services that are urgently needed to pay. Life