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Mobile devices and high technology.

Mobile devices and high technology.

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How to choose a DVR in the car today, an issue that concerns virtually every car owner which is still the device to a vehicle not purchased or believes that his DVR is already obsolete. Eyes do have a place to run, but as usual it is often, watch have not in the direction of fully Packed devices, and use the ratio of price-quality. The BlackVue DR590-2CH just one of a series of inexpensive but functional DVRs, which will not disappoint its owner.DVR in the car, usually there is a good help in the analysis of emergency, and even an inexpensive model can then cool then to help out. You can order the DVR with the shipping in the online store TopMag or by courier in Moscow and Moscow region, or by mail Russia to other cities. Description the BlackVue DR590-2CH...

Connectors 3.5 mm headphone apply in the new Android smartphones are increasingly rare, since manufacturers prefer to use the Bluetooth and USB interfaces-C. the Absence of a connector allows you to make phones thinner, with less different holes, and more convenient, and in terms of water resistance better. At the same time the promotion earphone USB C is very slow, as users prefer a wireless Bluetooth connection. Not many users know that a wired connection has a distinct advantage, which makes it possible to obtain a much higher sound quality than wireless headphones as can be done with the built-in dedicated DAC such as Audeze and iSine Sine that use the Lightning port on the iPhone. Today we have collected best headphones USB-C, which found variants not...

Area 51 is one of the most mysterious and closely guarded military facilities in the world. Many conspiracy theorists are convinced that the database contains aliens and flying saucers.May, 20 September, we will be able to learn the truth about this object. Hundreds of thousands of people communicating in social networks, this day will gather at the base, to collectively go through the fence into the facility, Area 51. "You can't stop us all, and we will see these aliens," write the organizers of the event. A lot of people that support conspiracy theories, have expressed a willingness to participate in the promotion. As you know the base is well protected. The border of Area 51 goes through desert areas where you can't help but notice the police and...

Just a few days ago in Japan demonstrated the first test of the fastest trains in the world, which will regularly ply between the cities, and now the Chinese engineers showed their superfast train. It really makes a great impression.Unlike Japanese, which has a top speed of 400 km/h, the train belonging to the China railway Corporation's rolling stock (CRRC), easily exceeds 600 km/h, and it is made according to the technology of Maglev train, meaning it moves not quite on rails, and over them due to the phenomena known as levitation. Chinese state-owned Railways are working on a project for over 3 years. The prototype train is being tested. According to the plan, after three years he will regularly run between the two most important industrial centers...

Equipment for the installation of servers On the overall performance of the server and its component parts affects both the selection of optimal components – active and passive devices for the server, so proper organization and install servers. Under this concept hides a complex equipment, which servers are located on a server compact, but with observance of requirements of fire safety and conditions for their optimum cooling and barriers mechanical damage.

It is No secret that the price of smartphones is growing from year to year. The locomotive of growth of prices has always been the company Apple, which as the carriages were drawn Samsung, Sony and other brands. Slowly but surely the price of the flagship creeping up, that could not be missed. However, if you look objectively, the expediency of purchase of the flagship smartphone becomes smaller as the mobile market there are many mid-range devices, which externally and its characteristics are a little different from famous brands. Pay attention today to Honor View 20, which is the price will not differ from last year's flagship brands, but the combining the latest technological trends.

This information will definitely interest fans of mobile photography. The Chinese company OPPO, the smartphone manufacturer confirmed that it has developed technology "10-times zoom without loss". It is already known that it will not be a lens with a variable focal distance, and three lenses. 15.9 mm wide angle, main camera Ultra Clear Master with undefined focal length and a third camera with telephoto 159 mm for distant subjects. All details about the new smartphone with such a camera will be presented at the Mobile World Congress in February.

Despite the serious problems with the sale of the new series of iPhones and the discouraging results in the stock market, Apple is still the center of attention. This is still an industry giant and probably not going to give up. Many wonder that the Corporation is prepared to offer to get away from recent problems. Will the company stick to its strategy to set innovative trends or decide it is no longer to experiment, and to use existing technologies. In the network there is already the first information about the three models of the new iPhone, which should appear this year.

Apple has always relied on China as a country in which to buy its products, no matter how much it may cost. But it seemed there is a limit. Chinese users have framed the planning Department Apple, where I went wrong with his forecast for sales in China, the new iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR and as suggested in the market research firm Rosenblatt, now in Cupertino will have to revise production orders for new smartphones to quantitative reduction in the plan for the first quarter of 2019. Apple will reduce the production of smartphones

We've All been in similar situations when I pushed by accident the wrong place, or for technical reasons have lost the files. No problems when this does not occur if the delete operation took place on the computer and the files were sent just in the basket. One click and the deleted file again in its place. Often, however, files in the trash may not be, or files were deleted from memory cards, or external hard drive. How to recover deleted files, if you already managed to clean the recycle bin or even formatted the disk, we will tell. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The Internet originally assumed a free information space where users can share and receive any information wherever there is any connection. In practice, the way it was, while liberty did not abuse it and used the Internet for illegal activities, so the authorities increasingly have to adopt distinctive restrictive measures, which primarily affects ordinary users. And when another site from bookmarks becomes blocked by an ISP or a desire not to advertise their presence on the Internet, it's time to learn, and what is a proxy.

The Share of Russian manufacturers in the market of mobile devices today are extremely small, and most of us at best will only remember the Yotaphone. Meanwhile attempts to take your niche are taking, and other Russian companies. Surprise spoiled Chinese-made consumer goods to Russian consumers is of course very difficult, so the smartphone manufacturers are looking for a more affordable way to the end user, and how to do it, if not through the mobile operator. So the other day became aware of the partnership between the Russian company INOI and mobile operator Tele2. the Russian company INOI will sell their smartphones via Tele2

Since the official announcement of the new Apple smartphone was already quite a lot of time, that it was possible to decide, after reading reviews on the iPhone Xs, is it worth buying the new or the previous model at anything else amiss. Moreover, it is not the most modest price tag motivates to the purchase, except that only the real fans of Apple devices. An interesting fact reported in the company Picodi involved in various sociological studies. The information provided by the Agency, was to study the purchasing power of consumers in different countries, and exactly how many days are required to work for the average consumer to become the proud owner of a new iPhone. How many days need to work to buy a new iPhone

Long gone are the days when people used simple keypad mobile phones, believing them to be the highest achievement of technological progress. Once they were nice and perform only the communication function. But this time left far behind and now every person walking in step with the times and living an active social life, have a smartphone. And no wonder: with this device, you can be in touch with the world: send photos and interesting statuses on social network with just a few touches of the screen, find the Internet right at this moment information – no problem! Especially convenient for these purposes, the Apple iPhone– big screen, slim body, which is so attractive in the hand, a powerful processor – that's it, a brief description of a modern smartphone...

In everyday life we do not necessarily have a smartphone. However, there are situations in which a smartphone will either refuse to work or significantly increases the risk of failure. Let it be a hobby, fishing or hunting, Hobbies, extreme sports, work in hazardous occupations or under unfavorable natural conditions. In such cases, the presence of protected smartphone will allow you to stay connected, and this can be very important. How to choose a smartphone and what criteria to adhere to, that is what we are today our article. How to choose a smartphone