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Mobile devices and high technology.

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San Francisco became the first major U.S. city, where the legislative level in the near future, will be mandatory the placement of solar panels on new residential and commercial buildings. It is means that each of the constructed building, must be the roof, covered with solar panels.

NVIDIA introduced to the market another model from its family of professional graphics cards based on the GPU GM206, which is used in the consumer version of the accelerator GeForce GTX 950. New graphics card is called Quadro M2000 and belongs to the initial segment of professional graphics accelerators.

About a month ago there appeared information that Sony is preparing a new, more powerful version of its PS4 gaming console, which immediately assigned the name of PlayStation 4.5, because this console is technologically of the same generation, but held a kind of upgrade. Today this information is already confirmed, moreover called a games console will be NEO.

The Chinese company Meizu, last year, decided to enter the new market of smartphones in the premium segment with the Meizu Pro5. However, the initial success was necessary to anchor, which was released the hero of our today's preliminary examination Meizu Pro 6. What is so unique about this machine and is it worth it to wait? Let us to understand.

It's No secret that Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, but not the most profitable. The first place on income from the use of mobile operating system iOS is a confident, once again confirmed a report by App Annie for the first quarter of 2016.

The Laptop, with which you are now acquainted, it's pretty thin and light, but done so not to the detriment of their characteristics such as performance and usability because devices in this series are equipped with processors Core i5 and Core i7 processors and have full keyboard without truncated and displaced no one knows where the keys. so, meet the Lenovo Yoga 700-14. Lenovo Yoga 700-14 overview efficient transformer

Summer is Coming, which means it's time to prepare gear for fishing. Professional fisherman without a catch will never be main because he knows where the fish and how to catch it. But that for the fans, who are also not averse to sit with a fishing tackle ashore, then all the chance, soon the chance and this group of fishermen, can significantly will increase, thanks to this gadget, as Fishing FanCam representing smart float. FanCam Fishing - smart float with camera

Recent earthquake in Japan has forced Sony to close factory in Kumamoto, which produces some of the components for smartphone iPhone, in particular used in their cameras use CMOS sensors. The factory will remain closed, while Sony will appreciate the consequences of such accidents, for their productive capacity. because of the earthquake in Japan, Sony have closed factories for the production of CMOS sensors for cameras

Smartphones in cheap plastic cases gradually remain in the past. Not so long ago the metal body were a sign flagship and top-end vehicles, however this quality today has become enshrined in the and from smartphones middle segment. At least such policies Samsung is going to soon introduce a smartphone with a Galaxy C5 technical the characteristics of the middle class, but in a fully metal enclosure, like being a representative of the high-budget segment. is a New line of smartphones Galaxy C the middle class will be in metal housings

Section of the Microsoft website devoted to Windows 10 Mobile, there are new system requirements for mobile operating system, of which it is evident that it will support the new chipset Qualcomm codename MSM 8998. It is assumed that this acronym is new and still informal Snapdragon 830. Windows 10 Mobile will support Snapdragon 830

Enermax Company in cooperation with a Japanese distributors presented to users in the Country of the rising sun the first to buy a new Mid-Tower case Enermax Fulmo.Q Plus, which has a number of advantages over its predecessor, the Fulmo.Q.

HTC Desire... How many gadgets were produced in this series... And this is not surprising, because the history of this model range lasts for 6 years. Were among the devices and flagships and state employees, but in the latter the years top smartphones left the lineup, leaving only their budget counterparts. One of these we now consider. Meet the HTC Desire 728G dual sim. 728G HTC Desire dual sim review budget smartphone from Taiwan

The Market for medical wearable devices in the next five years will grow 40-fold, predicts analyst Agency Tractica. To the category of "Health care" includes devices which can track important metrics for human the body. The forecast does not include devices that only have a simple a sensor for monitoring heart pulse. the Market for medical wearable gadgets expects explosive growth

To the information already available about the new processor Snapdragon 823 Qualcomm today added probably the most important. The chip may be direct the successor to the current flagship Snapdragon 820 will be manufactured in 10-nm the process. will create a new Qualcomm flagship Snapdragon processor 823 10-nm process technology

In the recycling program, which consists in processing components from old mobile devices, the American Corporation Apple has learned a from their gadgets nearly a ton of gold. According to the Vice-President Lisa Jackson, who oversees environmental issues in the company, so as not to pollute the environment, the Corporation tries to disassemble the smartphone "to the last screw".