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Mobile devices and high technology.

Mobile devices and high technology.

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Behind the company Oukitel, another Chinese manufacturer launches a smartphone with dual main camera. Smartphone Bluboo based on 4 Dual-core processor MT6737T and despite the low cost has good technical characteristics and functionality.

Until today it was known that the desktop processors Intel Core of the seventh generation (Kaby Lake-S) will be presented to 5th January 2017 during the annual CES 2017, and will begin mass sales of the Core i7-7700K Core i5-7600K and some other models of processors after the announcement. But today, two Dutch online store Centralpoint and ACESDirect started taking pre-orders for Quad-core processors Kaby Lake LGA1151 form-factor box. This model Core i7-7700K Core i7-7700, Core i5-7600K Quad Core i5-7600, Core i5-7500 and Core i5-7400.

Exactly the same as in Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft requires an account, when you install apps from the e-shop the Windows Store. It is now a requirement for Windows users 10 Pro in the past. Account for Windows store is no longer required

Chinese mobile manufacturer Oppo electronics presented at the end of last week its new smartphone Oppo A57, which is especially lovers of self and other self. The advantage of the device is its front camera which has high resolution and a large aperture. the Official announcement of the smartphone Oppo A57

Do I Need to update the BIOS? Let's face it. As you know software is recommended to do the updates. They say this increase the security of their SOFTWARE. Besides the regular updates of for example the operating system brings new features and settings. Avid players update the video card drivers. Sometimes it increases FPS in games, and improves rendering. And also reduces the risk of bugs in the game. And what about the BIOS?

The Rhythmic activities of developing enterprise helps advanced computer hardware, and therefore, operation of equipment, functioning properly, compromises the dynamic development of the enterprise. computer Recycling in compliance with all rules and regulations

We Remind our readers that on Thursday 28 October 2016, Apple finally introduced a new generation of laptops MacBook Pro that have not been updated for about 4 years. The update brought quite a large number of changes that were made as the thickness of the notebook, weight, and internal features, and functionality of the device. the Overview and features of the new MacBook Pro 2016

Telecommunication devices require careful handling. Compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations, use of cover and protective film allows you to extend the guaranteed period of operation. Unfortunately, in life it often happens that even respect does not protect from small and big breakdowns. Cracks, scratches, malfunctions in the software require the intervention of a specialist in the field of repair. Professional repair of smartphone

Today we compare two MFPs, which are positioned by their manufacturers as "economical" and try to figure this out. In comparison participate Konica Minolta bizhub C280 and the Develop ineo+ 224. Compare two MFP Konica Minolta bizhub C280 and the Develop ineo+ 224

Life in the context of technological progress is constantly changing. New level of life demands new knowledge and skills, and thus gives rise to a new profession. Often these jobs appear in the labour market much earlier than recorded in the corresponding directories. Profession recent decades arise mainly due to the Internet. on the Internet profession: trends

Transformername class device 2-in-1 is the main products of the company ASUS, which it continues to develop, periodically releasing new models. Recently ASUS introduced a new product - the Mini Transformer T102HA. This model has a clever design balanced configuration and high-quality 10.1-inch display.

Buying a laptop, everyone tries to find their perfect combination of performance, power, stylish design and the right size. All these qualities can be found in Apple technology. There is no man who has not heard of this brand or would not like to buy "Apple" products. Not all of it is available, but who was the lucky winner of an Apple Macbook, do not want to change your laptop is not on one another. Repair Macbook Apple

Since the appearance of the labels, the range of applications is increased significantly. If in the 19th century they were mainly used by the winemakers and traders of vegetable and fruit products, today markings can be seen on all things and objects that surround man. the Use of labels

Every enterprise, regardless of sort of activity, Statute of limitations, to market and production volumes sooner or later there is a clear need for advertising. Here there is quite natural question: what is better to choose? Of course, there is a definite need to assess their financial capabilities and starting from the figures to reflect on the types, ways of informing potential clients about its activities. Is – cheap and cheerful

Corporation Samsung again copies Apple development company, this time tempted popular desktop computer Apple Mac Pro. Professional workstation in the form of a metal cylinder has a great success among demanding users worldwide.