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Mobile devices and high technology.

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Which started yesterday in China spring session IDF 2016 , Intel introduced their new Atom processors Apollo Lake. The chips are made with using 14 nanometer manufacturing process and will be on the market in the second half of this year in the low-cost laptops and tablets.

July 28 of this year, computer manufacturers, mobile phones and tablets with Windows 10 will probably have to comply with standard TPM 2.0. This requirement is Microsoft, which is to provide a computer device, special crypto chip or the base firmware that supports the scanning of the integrity of the software, as well as the passage of identification the user logged into the system.

According to rumors that are becoming more Intrusive, Apple is not the first year working on his electric car. For this purpose, the tech giant has assembled a large staff of professionals with very high qualifications, signed a partnership agreement with Tesla, Ford and other leaders in the automotive market. No wonder the network users increasingly discuss, will look like the first car of Apple.

Anti-Virus lab noted the emergence of a new virus extortion under the name of Jigsaw who do not know the name of the big villain of the same name comic. Unlike most other threatening programs, Jigsaw only encrypts user files and starts to delete them, if the user in time not to pay the ransom.

Mozilla, developer of Firefox, is planning to offer brand new user interface for browsers. Project code Tofino, is devoted to experimental graphical interface for the web browser was already published on popular developer portal GitHub.

Microsoft has unveiled its new web project is a Windows emulator 10. Actually it's not quite an emulator, but a set prerecorded video demos of the new operating system. If you still think it is worth switching to Windows 10, you can still just to see what it is. Microsoft unveils Windows 10 emulator

Today the company Meizu has officially unveiled its new flagship the smartphone Meizu Pro 6 in a fully metal enclosure. Novelty is equipped with a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and technology-enabled Meizu 3D Press, which is similar to the 3D Touch Apple. Thanks to 3D-Touch touch screen recognizes not only the location of the touch on the screen, but also the pressure force. Meizu announced that the new technology the ability to implement "revolutionary interactivity". Presents also the corresponding SDK to developers.

Google tests a new mobile app that is called Voice Access that allows you to establish total control over all the features of smartphones with Android operating system. Currently the application supports only the English language, but the developer promises, over time, it will be added to other languages. Google testing voice app for manage mobile devices on Android

Last week, in almost total darkness, experimental the Ford Fusion Hybrid is equipped with a computerized control, showed that almost could not do even the most experienced driver. Unmanned experimental vehicle Ford Fusion Hybrid has been tested in complete darkness

Totally not advertising, obviously not giving special the value of the event, Samsung has updated two of its tablet Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and 9.7. Both mobile gadget-equipped, according to the new specification, architecture chipset Snapdragon 652 and running the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Survey on computer security conducted by Google with American scientists showed that half of the users found on the street chuzhuyuUSB stick almost immediately decided to check its contents on your computer. half of the people who found other people's USB flash drives connected to their computers

We wrote last week that Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazom, promised in his Twitter early announcement of the eighth generation of the popular Kindle reader. And today in the network has pictures of the new Oasis of the Kindle, which means the announcement in the the near future.

Exactly one year later, another version of the operating system Windows will remain without support from Microsoft. [Newline] this is true for Windows Vista, which from the beginning was considered a failed product, and it looks like the decision to cease its support is final. After a year Microsoft will end support for Windows Vista

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016, held in German Hamburg, Panasonic has brought its new development seats for business class in aircraft that are equipped with the most modern technologies. Passenger seat done so far only in concept form with the name Waterfront.

For these students, physics lessons were boring apparently, so in their free time they decided to construct a fusion reactor. [Newline] one of his garages students from the city of Federal way, Washington state, gathered fusion reactor, known in the scientific environment, as Fusor the Farnsworth-Hirsch. the American students in the basement of the assembled fusion reactor