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Mobile devices and high technology.

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No logo on the charger for smartphones Appledaleko not the only difference between them and counterfeit charges. A study conducted by the Commission for the protection of consumers in the UK Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) showed that 99 percent of tested pirated chargers are dangerous to the security of mobile devices and their owners. 99 percent of aftermarket chargers for Apple devices are dangerous

Obsolete equipment, end-of-life, Apple company are models released 7 years ago. Since the appearance on the market, Apple supports its products for 5 years, then another 2 — gradually stops any support. There is a little difference between the service policy in the U.S. and other countries, but the overall situation is not different.

PTScientists German company has announced that it will send to the moon two of their Rover, which will have to prioitize almost in the same place where in 1972 he landed American astronauts of mission "Apollo-17". Funding for the event is car company Audi. the Place of lunar landing mission "Apollo 17" check private company at the end of 2017

More recently, we even could not imagine that a huge stationary personal computers will remain the prerogative of the gamers, laptops, PCs in a small package and nettops will take its place in the office and will be actively used at home. A good example of the development of technologies and new user preferences in a compact nettop MSI Cubi 2. It will be discussed in this review. a Review of the latest nettop MSI Cubi 2 based on the 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake

At the end of August of the current year jointly by the companies, LeEco and Coolpad has released a smartphone Cool1, the main feature of which was its dual camera. However, the quality of the photos, though, and was fairly high, but the level of flagship smartphones top manufacturers were still far away. Perhaps that is why today, we received another version of this smartphone Cool1C, where it has been used for a conventional camera with one image sensor. the Announcement LeEco Cool1C no dual camera

This week, the expected emergence of a new build of Windows 10 for smartphones, but in the meantime there is information about at least one additional function, which was not so far. The function performs a reset of the application, its appearance shows a screenshot published by the Italian web portal Aggiornamenti Lumia. Windows 10 Mobile will have the reset apps.

The Microcomputer Raspberry Pi appeared on the market just a few years ago and during its relatively short life has made a real revolution in the field of digital computing. It's cheap, powerful, functional, thanks to what quickly gained popularity among users. Today there are many projects for the Raspberry Pi, which have long gone beyond its original purpose – the training of computer science students.

Behind the company Oukitel, another Chinese manufacturer launches a smartphone with dual main camera. Smartphone Bluboo based on 4 Dual-core processor MT6737T and despite the low cost has good technical characteristics and functionality.

Until today it was known that the desktop processors Intel Core of the seventh generation (Kaby Lake-S) will be presented to 5th January 2017 during the annual CES 2017, and will begin mass sales of the Core i7-7700K Core i5-7600K and some other models of processors after the announcement. But today, two Dutch online store Centralpoint and ACESDirect started taking pre-orders for Quad-core processors Kaby Lake LGA1151 form-factor box. This model Core i7-7700K Core i7-7700, Core i5-7600K Quad Core i5-7600, Core i5-7500 and Core i5-7400.

Exactly the same as in Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft requires an account, when you install apps from the e-shop the Windows Store. It is now a requirement for Windows users 10 Pro in the past. Account for Windows store is no longer required

Chinese mobile manufacturer Oppo electronics presented at the end of last week its new smartphone Oppo A57, which is especially lovers of self and other self. The advantage of the device is its front camera which has high resolution and a large aperture. the Official announcement of the smartphone Oppo A57

Do I Need to update the BIOS? Let's face it. As you know software is recommended to do the updates. They say this increase the security of their SOFTWARE. Besides the regular updates of for example the operating system brings new features and settings. Avid players update the video card drivers. Sometimes it increases FPS in games, and improves rendering. And also reduces the risk of bugs in the game. And what about the BIOS?