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Mobile devices and high technology.

Mobile devices and high technology.

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Trend 2017 in the world of smartphones can be considered their frameless design. Indeed, when it is already difficult to surprise a number of gigabytes and the number of processor cores, the company offers unusual features as it was the case with fingerprint scanner, dual camera. Smartphone Gionee M7 Power appeared recently in the sale can boast not only of its powerful battery, but also closely following the trend got a display not having the side frames. Gionee M7 Power

Enough already who do not know or at least heard of this Chinese company, Xiaomi, which is known for manufacturing not only various electronics and other goods, such as backpacks, umbrellas, and accessories. And recently Xiaomi in its products has added yet another smart device that will be useful to many Housewives, the vacuum robot Sweep Roborock One with a stylish design and great functionality.

Photo and video cameras today, no one was surprised. However, to make a simple camera really exciting footage to make not just. And not only because at the same time to shoot and jump with a parachute or racing a bike through rough terrain is hard enough, a regular camera is just not able to function normally in extreme conditions. Meanwhile, Internet shop, action cameras has a range of the GoPro camera has made a revolution among the similar devices and is the invariable attribute of adventurers and athletes. the Camera for extreme sports GoPro

Not all of us have excellent physical fitness and self-defense techniques to the case of a threat in attack to be able to defend themselves. However, the right to self-defence we all have and use them can help a Taser. Knowing what the prices on stun guns on the website of "White bear" it is clear that it is the most inexpensive and effective way to protect yourself.

No One is safe from accidental drop iPhone into water, where it risks getting wet and burn, sadly not even the fact that the gadget has failed, and that it remained important info. In such cases, the only way to carry the device for repair. In the "Mobilex" apple repair technicians Dnipro will perform in the shortest possible time and guarantee on all work. If the damage is not serious, then the master service center will need to repair, spetsializiruyutsya because it is on Apple technology and have extensive experience. Apple

The day Apple fans have been waiting with great impatience. The presentation of new iPhone models took place on 12 September, and was announced just three new smartphones, two became a logical continuation of the digital series iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and one iPhone X, which was the figure X to mark the 10 year anniversary of the release of the first iPhone. iPhone X

Slim TVs, which almost merge with the wall on which hang today no one was surprised. However, quite possibly soon the walls will disappear and the TV, and the image will be projected with the rising popularity of laser projectors. Although the quality of this picture leaves much to be desired, manufacturers of projectors is not standing still, in a series which suddenly appeared Epson is presenting his model of the projector LS100. Epson LS100 projector with picture quality

All Apple fans with great interest the appearance of the voice assistant Siri in iOS 10. As noted by the Corporation, Siri is not just voice assistant, over time, its functions will only improve and expand, making the computer management easier. In fact, Siri should be a kind of artificial intelligence that will help owners of Apple products quickly and comfortably to solve any problem. It has been several years since the appearance of the voice assistant, what changes happened during this time? Siri will speak

Certainly today nobody will be surprised own web resource. Yes, once it was a rarity, but today the situation has changed dramatically. Almost each firm makes a personal page. However, if the company has no own website, then consumers wonder why? As a result, it causes a lot of suspicion. But really, between truth and its own page, there are differences. When you should think about choosing a hosting

Phones: features and important points In our service center perform a professional cell phone repair with warranty. Our specialists perform repairs of various levels of difficulty, which includes how change software cell and normal mechanical repairs as well as sophisticated electronic repair to the main Board and the recovery after contact with water.

Now began to actively develop the service that provides the ability to send different kind of information. He is now a main element of mobile marketing. Many in the business community have already appreciated the advantages and benefits of advertising through SMS. This method becomes very efficient and productive marketing tool. Sending data over the Internet allows quick delivery of information to a certain category of people. Thanks to this method, a large portion of it gets into the target: SMS-mailing, SMS-action for potential clients and business partners allows business to climb to a new level. mailing

Budget smartphones now a large number. And each manufacturer calls it your budget best. In reality, to find a really good smartphone that will save you money and nerves pretty hard. And especially after I watch a bunch of reviews from people extolling the virtues of the smartphone only took them in hand, and the corner of my eye looking at characteristics. Today in our hands Moto E4, another super budget smartphone on the market competing for the title of best.

When we buy smartphones in stores, in most cases, do not even think about what hardware is in the smartphone focusing on the General characteristics number of cores a processor has, the capacity and amount of memory. However that expectations are not separated from the reality of some components of the smartphone should pay more attention. In particular, today we will talk about the processors. the Best mobile processors in 2017.

Time to be the owner of the smartphone from Apple was cool is irretrievably gone. Increasingly, users instead prefer iPhone smartphones from other manufacturers, while giving preference to Google's Android operating system. Today we compare the operating system iOS used by Apple in their devices and Android devices, highlight the pros and cons for each. Android or iOS?

A Team of scientists from Cornell University (Cornell Universit), University of California, San Francisco, and Facebook investigated how emotions expressed in posts and statuses that can "spread" of the friends of the user of the social network. The research team randomly chose 689003 of more than a billion users on Facebook and followed the news. Some people was palpable fewer positive news, the other part is negative. the Mood of the user in Facebook