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Mobile devices and high technology.

Mobile devices and high technology.

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Google has improved the possibilities of the tool Safe Browsing API, to check the contents of the website for malicious content. [Newline] the latest version detection is enabled: false advertising, links leading to phishing sites and buttons to download the Trojans. Google will increase the safety of surfing

It's been a few weeks since, when the smartphone Moly X1 appeared in the Amazon store and now, on the basis of information from direct users, we can make. Impressions Moly Coship X1 are collected in this article. a review of the smartphone Moly Coship X1

Steve Ballmer for two years already, was not the head of Microsoft, but the businessman remains the largest auctioneer company, so the fate software giant he clearly cares about. In his recent interview with popular the publication Business Insider, Steve voiced the opinion about what is happening in the mobile the division of Microsoft. We will remind that today the Corporation is headed by American scientist Satya Nadella, who previously worked at Sun Microsystems.

Once did good Alcatel mobile phones, but some point, the company simply disappeared from the mobile market. Today the Alcatel brand owned by Chinese company TCL Communication Holdings Limited, , which periodically offers mediocre smartphones for not the demanding users, designed for the budget and middle classes. But can be this year, Alcatel will find something to surprise us.

Those users who really wanted to buy a Lumia 650 and was eagerly awaiting the release of the device is already the first of February, forced again to postpone the implementation of their desires. The announcement of the smartphone has been postponed again. And now it is reported that Lumia 650 will be presented on February 15.

At the end of last year Mozilla announced its refusal from further development of the mobile operating system Firefox OS for smartphones, explaining its decision on the lack of interest in the platform. Now the company announced a specific date for the cessation of work on the project.

According to published today the financial report of Lenovo, the last financial calendar quarter Lenovo Group has completed a reduction of its income by eight percent, money income was 12.9 billion dollars. While it is noted, if to take into account the change of national currency exchange rate for the dollar, a decline of only two percent.

Avecto, well-known company in the field of computer security, submitted its report about the security of the Windows operating system. The report highlights that 9 out of 10 threats the security can be avoided by simply limiting the rights of the administrator user the user.

Mobile version of Windows 10 may not is the most popular platform, but it does not prevent the last time for us to see new models coming from Japan. After the end of last year we saw a NuAns NEO, it was the turn the company VAIO, which has announced its new smartphone with Windows Mobile 10, called Phone Biz. the Smartphone Phone Biz

Now there are many laptops and tablets unusual forms, but Sprout Pro - PC with a 3D scanner, a projector and a "touch the Mat" - a thing, of course, unique and extraordinary. Although it is the device was initially positioned as a home computer, now HP attempts to draw attention to it and the business too.

As writes today the edition of The Financial Times, Microsoft officially confirmed its acquisition of Swiftkey – one of the most popular third-party keyboards for iOS and Android. Given the fact that Microsoft is developing its own WordFlow keyboard for iOS and Android, this purchase more than justified. Perhaps now Swiftkey will also be integrated in WordFlow on Windows. Microsoft has officially confirmed the acquisition of Swiftkey

With decreasing thickness of the notebook manufacturer is increasingly cancel certain interface ports, as a result, users begin to experience some difficulties with connecting peripheral devices, especially when you have them simultaneously work. Decision the problem may be the use of the day dock Diamond Multimedia DS3900V2 extend the capabilities of your laptop or tablet.

An Interesting PR action decided to hold in South Korea local travel company, Samsung and the operator SK Telekom. Now entering the country the tourist can get a free smart phone Galaxy Note 5 with paid traffic to one Gigabyte. samsung-galaxy-note-5

Computers in educational institutions all more are used not only to teach computer literacy, but also in many other things not related to computing in any way. Significantly increase the effectiveness of this training will be presented on the model of the portable computer Acer TravelMate B117, the feature which is maximum contact and interaction between students and the teacher through the TeachSmart system Acer.

, Qualcomm is releasing its own processor for mobile devices Snapdragon 810 or held a little test with him, or relied on traditional "perhaps and so will descend". Recall that the problem faced by owners of devices on Snapdragon 810 was excessive heating. So basically framed Qualcomm smartphone manufacturers, which in short order, I had to change the architecture of their devices under other processors. Maybe that's the rush played a cruel joke with the LG, which is Snapdragon 810 installed in my G4 smartphone chipset Snapdragon 808. the smartphone LG G4