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Mobile devices and high technology.

Mobile devices and high technology.

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The Return of Nokia is not the return of the Finnish company, which we still remember with great nostalgia and warmth. As if we didn't like, but the new Nokia strictly speaking this Global HMD, which Microsoft sold the mobile phone business of the Nokia brand. Let's be realistic, though, HMD Global and promised to keep the tradition, but their devices are fundamentally new. This also applies to mobile Nokia 6, today, we review. Nokia Model 6 – overview of the mobile HMD Global

The Company Nokia has always sought to please their users by offering models specifically designed for games with high requirements. The range of smartphones of this company are running Android continues to expand, so we are waiting for devices with even greater capabilities in the screen and processor speed for a comfortable game. the Best games for mobile phones Nokia 2017

If you follow the history of the development of "Apple" technology, you probably know that the latest generation Mac Pro was released in 2013. A computer professional with heavy duty features, was indeed a breakthrough at the time, moreover, he is still, in essence, has no competitors. Still, the years of operation has identified as the strengths of the computer, so weak that it forced Apple developers to start work on a new generation Mac Pro. According to the Vice-President of marketing for Apple, Phil Schiller, the new device is intended to correct the main drawback of its predecessor —the ability to update it.

We All know that the performance of the smartphone and tablet computer depends not only on the number of gigahertz and cores in the processor, but also on the amount of installed RAM. Won't go into the technical details that define why application less or no freezes and the games for the brakes remains the maneuvers, but two gigabytes is always better than one and four better than two. Guided by this principle, the company Xiaomi has decided two months after the announcement to update Redmi 4X adding a couple very useful gigabytes.

Generally speaking by telephone to the Bank where we have account, for a more productive dialogue with the operator, we are asked to recall certain of our data and a code word. If such communication does not occur often, the code word often simply forgotten that in the end does not solve the problem, and requires a personal trip to the nearest office of the Bank. However, soon the identification can be held by voice this system since last year tested the largest Russian Bank VTB24.

Trust replacement glass iPhone 6s experts! Common type of repair – replacement glass By experience we can say that glass replacement iPhone 6S is the most common cause of treatment to the masters of service centers. Improvements Apple gadget: increase overall dimensions, smoothness of the surface of the body, appeared to their owners the problem is the strength of grip decreased, dropping a smartphone are much more likely. Features replacement glass iPhone 6S

The Chinese are so fond of copying all sorts of branded equipment manufacturers of different countries that began to copy themselves. Such example would be the popular model of frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix, a good design inspired by a less known Chinese manufacturers Doogee, Booboo and Umidigi hurried to present his own version of the device. And the company Leagoo, which is also known for its budget decisions on the shelves of Chinese online stores, has introduced its model T-MIX, design and concept explicitly pointing to Mi Mix.

After a series of failures and troubles that happened with Samsung last year, the Koreans has not lowered hands and has unveiled the next flagship Galaxy S8, much to the delighted his fans. And today I review the Galaxy S8 will try to consider the novelty from all sides. Samsung Galaxy S8-review of the best smartphone of 2017

Smartphones have become an integral attribute of our everyday life, and built-in camera is a standard functionality of mobile devices. Moreover, the engineers made sure that we could capture not only the world, but also themselves. To do this, one camera was placed just on the side of the screen to the man relieving himself immediately saw a scene that will be recorded. However, the distance of an outstretched hand is often not enough to get a shot of everyone, that I want to photograph, then had invented a simple device like a monopod, or in common selfie stick. Choose for smartphone monopod

If you are looking for a powerful smartphone that will not every four hours to remind you about the end of his charge, then we have good news. Such a model introduced recently by the Chinese company Gionee. In fact it is a new variant of the M6 last year Plus, but now the smartphone has received the prefix S and became known as the Gionee M6S Plus. Smartphone Gionee M6S Plus for lovers of large and powerful smartphones

Modern people are not confined to a traditional telephone. Each of us in the bag there is a multifunctional gadget that replaces almost all of us! In addition to the phone it still included a lot of accessories, each of which performs its own individual function. As practice shows, one of the most important and popular accessories for the phone is a case that has two functions – protective and decorative. Reliable online store of cell phone cases

A Laptop today, there are almost in each family, and some even not one. This is not surprising, having qualities and characteristics a full-fledged desktop computer, laptop, mobile,. it is possible to change to sofa, to take to the road or at work. However, most of the users do not suspect that the battery provides a the autonomy of the laptop can last longer if it is properly to operate. How to prolong battery life in laptop

The Camera was released in 2015, but now is relevant in the lineup. The article should be of interest to those who are not kept in the hands of Olympus, or was holding, but the opinion of a man who had tried many other popular systems (except Sony and Pentax, but also to reach them). I note that in 2012 I looked at and REP, but then took a Nikon SLR. Familiarity with Olympus: a brief overview of the OM-D E-M5 MarkII

Most modern smartphones are made with the expectation that they were always close, but even better in the hands. Dozens of applications transform the phone non-stop generator of notifications and messages. Rarely pass half an hour so we did not pay attention to the smartphone, took him in hand, and not stayed with him for 5-10-20 minutes. Or, at least, distracted.

Today, we review the smartphone format, which often mocking a call with a shovel, meanwhile, have the big sizes have their fans. Meet the Lenovo smartphone Phab 2 Plus, for those who need a big screen, more cameras and generally more space for maneuver. Lenovo Phab 2 Plus – review smartphone for fans of large sizes