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Mobile devices and high technology.

Mobile devices and high technology.

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The battery life is one of the main problems of users of all mobile devices. Before the device Apple on this indicator ahead of the competition, but now Android smartphones are superior to the iPhone. With the release of iOS 10 the situation has deteriorated. How to increase battery life iPhone/iPad

In the segment of entry-level smartphones also come their own battles and have their own strong competition. Therefore, the manufacturers never cease to create interesting cheap novelties, which would be like not only affordable, but also interesting characteristics. But it seems that Huawei has decided to go even further, presenting the new Huawei Y3 II, which can really surprise.

Recently introduced the LG smartphone series X demonstrate a good combination of balanced configurations and the individual characteristics of each device. Smartphone LG X Power has a powerful battery which increases its battery life to three days. Review for smartphone LG X Power: real survivor

Gamers are always pretty skeptical about wireless technology, but given how far this technology has moved forward over the last few years, it was time to give her another chance. Here we take, for example, a headset Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum. It is a peripheral device that provides phenomenal sound and music in games, wide range of additional functions and several ways to connect your favorite devices. Of course, the words are all good, but if all are true? Now a look. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum – review stylish gaming headphones

The Choice of smartphone in the middle price range gives us a much broader palette than a few years ago. Primarily this is due to the incredible progress of the capacity of all mobile gadgets. So now the vast majority of smartphones with average performance can easily be compared to yesterday's flagships. Review Huawei GT3: a balanced choice

Updated lineup of devices All-in-one of Dell production presented many interesting models with different configurations and positioning. We were ranked in the survey model 3000-series that the manufacturer has equipped an Intel sixth-generation Skylake, extremely bright and high quality screen, all Packed in a clever case with a nice design. Dell Inspiron 24-3459 review of candy bar - not Apple, but also beautiful

Is it Possible to combine sport and the human attraction to easy money? Once in a country such as the Soviet Union decided that by having a quickly became a very popular lottery "sports lottery", where you had to guess 5 numbers out of 36, or 6 numbers out of 49. To visually associate the lottery "Sportloto" with sport each numerical number in it, which was 49, consistent with your sport and that the income generated from ticket sales went to the development of sport in the USSR, including the financing of the Moscow Olympics in 1980. Participate in lotteries via mobile app

Developed by Sony portable speaker system SRS-XB2, great for electronic dance music and other genres of music with pronounced bass. Exclusive EXTRA BASS, given the acoustics of the manufacturer, enhances the bass. Sony SRS-XB2 - portable speaker system with mega bass

When the market goes the new technical product, it takes time to become perfect and comfortable to use. So it was with laptops-transformers, which recently saw the light. Although the first versions of these devices had certain nuances, now the transformers can give a head start to full-fledged laptops. One of these is the Dell XPS 12 9250, which is both a full laptop and a real tablet. Review ultrabook Dell XPS 12 9250

Wireless speaker system SONY SRS-XB3 has a deep sound and not afraid of rain Portable PA system is a new trend that is gaining every day more and more supporters. Perhaps because every music fan is now easy to share great tracks for the whole of his company during a party or an ordinary meeting, creating the right atmosphere. And it is better to feel the depth of the tracks from the playlist should help wireless speaker system SONY SRS-XB3.

Most brands are not indifferent to the successful smartphones of its own production. So every year we can see an updated version of last year's devices that get improved performance and cosmetic enhancements. Actually Huawei Y6II was a perfect example of update of the popular budget smartphone Huawei Y6. But what to expect from the news and will she be able to repeat the success of its predecessor, let's find out in this review.

Live and learn – the well-known saying the other day once again forced myself to remember. It would seem that we know all these windose length and breadth, so to amaze with their antics, as for versions 7 and earlier, hard enough. But a recent moment, slightly puzzled. The reason was hundreds of times of operations on the IOS smartphone through the computer, which was equipped with the Windows 7 operating system.

Logitech still far in 2013 found the key to the hearts of millions and billions of fans worldwide, presenting the wireless speaker UE Boom. Her strengths were good sound quality, a good cylindrical design, battery life and moisture resistance. But time does not stand still, technology is rushing forward, so in September 2015, Logitech introduced the sequel to portable speakers – the UE Boom 2. With which we are now acquainted. a Review of portable wireless speakers Logitech UE Boom 2

Today we will tell and show you what can do the dust in the computer if it is not periodically cleaned. All long-known fact that dust conducts electricity. And if it does not blow not clean can be something very bad... Enjoy. the Dust, as the cause of a computer crash

In the course held in Berlin IFA 2016, Sony has announced a new smartphone from the family of X. still it was not having side frames Xperia XA and XA Ultra, as well as models of X and X Performance. Now joined by the Xperia XZ. Sony introduces the Xperia XZ 23 MP camera and new design