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Mobile devices and high technology.

Mobile devices and high technology.

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Huawei very lucky with the review Samsung Galaxy Note 7, because of their large flagship Mate 9, especially 9 PRO Mate with a curved display, left without a serious competitor. Of course, there is the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and its Pro version with rounded corners, but Samsung gave this part of the pie, there's enough for everyone. Therefore, let us together with you to understand what constitutes Huawei Mate 9 PRO and its more simple version – the Huawei Mate 9. Compare Huawei Mate Mate 9 and 9 PRO

26 Feb in the evening, the Finnish company Nokia has announced their new mobile device. One of them is the cheapest smartphone of the company Nokia 3. We already know almost all of his specifications, and now are a bit to perform it. The most important question is how this smartphone worthy of attention!? the Nokia 3 - Preliminary review

Navigation greatly facilitate life to motorists. But buying navigators, it is important to consider the entire range of characteristics to facilitate, not complicate your life. What options are important to consider, if you decide to purchase a Navigator for my vehicle? GPS navigators, as necessary.

Have you ever wondered why smartphone manufacturers don't make their equipment with front facing stereo speakers? Maybe just no reason, since the stereo effect is barely noticeable, or maybe the space savings in the pursuit of reducing the body thickness. Anyway smartphones with stereo speakers is really rare. However, when such patterns appear, they invariably attract attention. So, meet the smartphone for audiophiles ZTE Axon mini 7. ZTE Axon mini 7 - review of the smartphone for music lovers

Smartphones from Google have long been attracted to real geeks all over the world and are popular. I'm on the line of Nexus, which the Corporation good created together with various other companies. However, now on the market there is the smartphone, which is rightly called the only competitor to the iPhone, because finally a device on Android, developed by the same company that developed the operating system. Today we are talking about the Google Pixel, the first smartphone of "Corporation of Good". Google Pixel full review smartphone

All smartphone makers strive to make every new smartphone even thinner, nimble and versatile. But few can boast a truly tenacious device, which is packaged in a stylish case and can please the user with good performance. One of these smartphones became P2 from Lenovo. Good smartphone with powerful battery. Lenovo Vibe P2 – overview of smartphone with powerful battery

Apple does not require advertising, however, the scope of its activities today has ultra-high competitive environment. Little-known company, and recognizable at first glance brands in terms of technology, it is practically not inferior to the products with the logo of a bitten Apple, so often the success of a product depends on marketers their creativity and professionalism. The main Apple retail store is waiting for a major update

Authoritative publication ComputerBase reported that AMD is going to provide all the users who are using Windows 7 operating system, drivers for their latest processors Ryzen and for all the chips on socket AM4. This information was confirmed by AMD during the last days of the conference.

Despite the great diversity represented on the market of smartphones of different manufacturers, the top brands continue to hold Samsung, Apple and Huawei. This is indicated by studies of different analytical companies. Moreover, if the first three quarter of 2016 first place firmly holds the Samsung, then in the fourth she had to move behind the palm on the number of shipped smartphones Apple company. Apple ahead of Samsung sold smartphones becoming the leader

Apple is undoubtedly the leader in producing high-tech computer equipment, who are trying to look up many other electronics manufacturers. And the icon of the bitten Apple, is not only a sign of quality but an indicator of sufficiently high status of the owner of the computer device. the Original or a copy of the iPhone

Samsung has decided not to stretch the beginning of the mobile-is 2 Jan unveiled the third generation of the series smartphones Galaxy A. the Koreans tried as hard as possible to bring the "hard middle" A3, A5 and A7 to the flagships of the brand – S7 and S7 edge. Review Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

One of the interesting newcomers among mobile devices at the last exhibition CES 2017 was the ZenFone smartphone Zoom 3 with dual primary camera with a telephoto lens and a fixed focal length 59 mm. This solution is very reminiscent of the iPhone 7 Plus, including two optical modules with different focal lengths.

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Lenovo introduced a hybrid tablet computer Miix 720 is a very good performance and is quite affordable. The top version is equipped with 16 GB of RAM, has a 1TB flash drive and a Core i7 processor Kaby Lake with a graphics accelerator HD Graphics 620.

Xiaomi Company presented on passing in Las Vegas CES 2017 a new version of its wireless router, Mi Router HD. Unlike the previous model, the new device has a new design, more memory and consequently higher cost.

Presented at the ongoing CES 2017 two prototypes of the new device Razer was stolen in the night of last Sunday. This was reported by representatives of the company to the press, saying that he has already submitted a statement to the police. At CES 2017 stole two prototypes of the new device Razer