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Mobile devices and high technology.

Mobile devices and high technology.

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Laptop is the most frequently bought appliances from the category of expensive, as shown by statistical studies. However, he is one of the most expensive devices to repair due to its complexity. An incredible number of parts, each of which could be the cause of failure, at times, baffling even the most experienced craftsmen. Also, according to statistics, in the four years after buying a new laptop, break every fourth instance. Therefore, laptop repair is a pretty popular service that continues to gain popularity worldwide. You should be informed about all the nuances in the case, if this trouble happens with You, which, of course, undesirable. laptop Repair under warranty

Supplied by Huawei to sell this year, 140 million smartphones will be made, according to sources referenced Sales of smart phones Chinese brand increased by 30 million compared to the previous year, when Huawei sold on the market at a record 108 million devices.

Ulefone has introduced its new Gemini Pro smartphone, based on powerful chipset MediaTek Helio X27. A fast processor, the similarity in design and low price allows the manufacturer to call their device the next "killer" iPhone 7 Plus. Gemini Ulefone be Pro smartphone with dual camera, 10-core CPU, and low cost.

The Demand for first desktop of Microsoft was above expectations, despite its high cost. On Wednesday, December 28, reported DigiTimes, citing sources in the supply chain of electronics. the Demand for the first candy bar from Microsoft was above expectations.

The company's Products 2E may particularly appeal to users who prefer devices with a balanced ratio of price and quality. And models of wireless manipulators 2E 2E MC202 MC203 WL and WL have the potential to become an indispensable accessory in daily use.

Authoritative edition citing its own sources reported that the social network "Vkontakte" will appear self-destructing messages. The function should run until the end of 2016. the social network "Vkontakte" appears self-destructing messages.

Many people may not like the smartphones and tablets from Apple, but few willing to argue with the fact that Apple makes excellent laptops. They have always been able to create MacBook excellent working tool, which has always been recommended by Consumer Reports. Unfortunately, they can't recommend to the buyers of the new MacBook Pro released this year. This is the first MacBook that has not received a positive evaluation. the New MacBook Pro left without a recommendation to purchase

Fujitsu working on a new business-class Lifebook T937, combining the functionality of a tablet computer. It will be a transformer, but not quite normal: if you have a non-removable keyboard its touch screen will rotate on the vertical axis by 180 degrees.

Recently Nokia in the face of Global HMD announced the imminent return to the smartphone market and the first devices should see the light already at CES 2017. Prior to the exhibition less time in the Network and finally appear the most reliable information about the novelties. It is reported that there will be two: the middle class and the flagship. Previously it was assumed that the smartphone will be called D1C, but according to recent leaks the device will be called E1. And that's how it will look.

Modern smartphones are each other very similar. It's hard to think in this area is new, when it seems that everything is already invented. For this reason, engineers working on new devices focus more on internal characteristics. The company Meizu decided all the same to modify the smartphone from the outside.

Company LeEco more recently, the unknown continues to amaze. A year and a half it took the company to get the path that many other electronics manufacturers took years. Despite the financial crisis and assaults on LeEco from well-known brands, the company continues to present their new products.

Terminal is an integral part of electrical equipment, which is widely used in all sectors of human activity. Firm Phoenix Contact for many decades and is a recognized leader in the production of a wide range of terminals that includes products of varying complexity from simple to "smart" models equipped with electronics.

Nokia has filed several lawsuits in Europe and the United States against Apple, where it accuses the iPhone maker of violating 32 patents. The web portal StreetInsider reported that a formal judicial statement of the plaintiff. Nokia has filed lawsuits against Apple for violating 32 patents

Asus introduced a new family of laptops Zenbook Intel Kaby Lake. Users are given the opportunity to choose a model with Core i3-7100U, Core i5-7200U and Core i7-7500U. Asus introduced ZenBook UX310 laptop, which according to the company “faster than a MacBook Pro”

Expert on artificial intelligence, Toby Walsh believes that the UN must, as soon as possible, to introduce a ban on the production of combat robots. If this is not done, will start a military race in which the killer robots will inevitably fall into the hands of terrorists and be used against the people. If the UN does not ban bots, they will start a war against the people