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The Most vulnerable operating systems to viruses malware are Windows and Android are considerably less likely to suffer Linux and OS X. Tasks, which decide the viruses are quite diverse, however, recently there has been a simple shaft encoders, resist is becoming increasingly difficult. And if the usual viruses can be cured, then against the cipher, which has already infiltrated the system, tools to decrypt there is.

A Tablet the size of a decent desktop monitor trains Lenovo. [Newline] the declared characteristics specified display with a screen diagonal of 18.4 inch, similar the size has Samsung Galaxy View presented in the autumn of last year, and new from Lenovo, apparently, his plans to become a competitor. Lenovo is preparing to release a tablet based on Android OS with a screen diagonal of 18.4 inch

It Often happens that after receiving a text unknown to us the language in your smartphone or tablet, you need to translate it, as soon as possible. But so far made in this direction were few. So, for example, received in WhatsApp a message from his American colleagues, but with very poor English language, I had to first copy, then move to another the application for its translation, then again to go to WhatsApp to reply.

Company Sharp has officially unveiled its new smartphone Aquos Zeta SH-04H. This flagship of the Japanese manufacturer are based on the chipset Snapdragon 820, which includes four 64-bit Qualcomm Kryo processor cores with a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz and the integrated graphics the accelerator Qualcomm Adreno 530.

Today, Google announced that in politics advertising in AdWords will be changes. Under the new rules, the ad short term loan will be banned. Innovations come into force from 13 July 2016. Google has banned the advertisement of short term loans in AdWords

Nokia is very disappointed investors by submitting your financial report for the first quarter of 2016, where they were shown the damages, then as analysts last year predicted more than optimistic figures. the Reason for the loss was the acquisition of the Finnish company of its competitor Alcatel-Lucent and as a consequence the decline in demand for equipment for mobile operators produced by this company.

The Indian company Intex has introduced to the market your ultrabudgetary smartphone Cloud Fame, is running a new version of mobile operating system Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The smartphone is particularly suited for the Indian market, where users mostly focus on cheap a smartphone with good technical characteristics.

Microsoft officially recalled in his corporate blog, what free update Windows-based computers 7 and 8 on Windows 10, ends July 29, 2016 years. After the day X license for Home Windows 10 will cost $119, and for Windows 10 Pro - $199. Day X for Windows 10 will come on the 29th of July 2016

The Idea is to turn a regular bike into an electric came in the head of two former engineers who worked at SpaceX and Ford, supported the project, which was called GeoOrbital Wheel and played a key role specialists from Cambridge, mit and Harvard University.

World tour aircraft "Solar Impulse 2" will continue 2 may over the American continent, this information organizers confirmed in the letter. The pilot of the plane that flies only by solar energy, at this stage will be Andre Borschberg. Departure the second is scheduled for may at 12.00 GMT. the Aircraft Solar Impulse 2 in flight over America

There have Been many attempts of creating a mobile operating system, which could compete with has gained popularity of Android and iOS, which the most good can only be called Firefox OS, but all in the end the end, failed. Meanwhile, Tizen OS, which is responsible for Samsung continues to exist. After several years of calm, preparing to exit version of Tizen 3.0. It was reported at the conference Samsung for developers Developers Conference in San Francisco. Samsung to unveil Tizen 3.0 OS in September

Lenovo existed since the beginning of 80-ies and the first smartphone introduced only in 2010, in other countries by 2016, it occupies the leading market position. Asus Corporation was organized later, at the end of the 80s, the first cell phone released in 2003, during his tenure he received more than one award on a global scale. the Two brands Asus and Lenovo, what to prefer, at a comparable price, we offer compare TOP new smartphones Lenovo K900 and Asus Zenfone 5.

A few days ago, we published a review of Xiaomi MI Router mini, which was casually mentioned such a thing as a WiFi Reapeter, the same Chinese company, so that's what we will talk today. Xiaomi MI Amplifier – Review Reapeter WiFi/WiFi repeater

ASUS reasonable thought and decided that the man who pays for the laptop is $ 5,000 (and that is the price of ASUS ROG GX700 in the civilized world) need to get fully loaded and therefore the kit presents other useful things. Talking of course about the bag. Just say, the bag is good, in the field of tourism, inside – and is reminiscent of the case of the hired killer extra class. ASUS ROG GX700 review a powerful gaming laptop with water cooling

Many people know that in addition to smartphones, tablets and external battery, Xiaomi rivet a lot of things, including routers. Our today's hero, it is a wonderful decoration for any home, plus, you need a functional distributor of Internet. But first design. a review of the Xiaomi router MINI Mi Router