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Busta is the best rap performer rated HipRapRu. Vasily Vakulenko in her periscope reported that the album "Basta 5" will be released in two parts. The first part of the album will be released April 20, 2016, and the second part 9 may of the same year. Besides Busta has recorded a joint track with Polina Gagarina. We will remind, Polina Gagarina and Basta were together panel of judges vote. Most likely a new track appearing on the album "Basta 5". let's wait for new works from Vasya, for example, will soon release a new track project N1NT3ND0, we'll see if he will be good.

Dmitry Larin and Yuri Khovanskii announced his battle VERSUS for a long time, but today it became known when it will be released, as it has already passed. Release date versus Larina with Khovansky - 20 March 2016. It said the Restaurateur, the organizer of the battle Versus. The battle already took place, last Sunday. All the spectators praised the battle very well. PS: popularim. Who won the battle Khovanskii or Laryn? Rumored defeated in battle Khovanskii, but will know for sure on March 20.

Platform VERSUS today will hold the first battle of the bloggers, and not rap artists (as usual). Dmitry Larin caused judge Versus Khovansky in December 2015, and here today it became known that the battle of these two popular videoblogger. Khovanskii Larina has become more popular thanks to the versus. But these are both standup comedians are very popular on the vastness of YouTube. will soon find out, the bloggers will beat the rap on the ground with the aid of punches and rhymes, or just the usual standup jokes.

American rap artist Bankroll Fresh reads in the styles of gangsta rap and trap. Or rather read. Tonight Bankroll Fresh was killed on the Studio. Here is a photo from the scene of the crime: While the murder of a performer known very little, only one death has been confirmed by many rap artists from America who worked with Fresh. Including Dj DRAMA and Dj Scream. All new details will appear on the rap portal.

Album Nigativ (Triad) - NIX ET NOX immediately after the release took first place in the "Hip-Hop" on iTunes. became known, and his tracks on the downloads section of tracks in the top position. And the contractor takes the 2nd place in the General care performers.

ST gave a small video interview for the radio "Hit FM". Popular musician, a rap artist from Moscow, spoke about who influenced him as a hip-hop artist: 2pac, Decl, Limp Bizkit. Rap artist spoke about his love of collecting vinyl. And also explained how to make hits, you need to create quality rap. ST not only the representative of the political hip-hop, he and battle the by. Soon he will have a Versus c Occimiano.

All remember the rapper Seryoga, who in the early 2000s not the little huipil, including on TV. for Example, the most popular performer after the track "Serge - Near your house". This song is very quickly shattered by "Siemens" and cassette tapes. Let's remember the song. lyrics Serge - Near your house is on our website here. Also on this track clip was shot. today in Seryoga quite a few hits, here are the five most popular rap songs by: Serega - Cocoa white Serge is Near your house Serega - Black Bumer Serega - Serega diskomaljarija - White Meren recently Seryoga album was released, but coming soon is another. Seryoga will release a new album in 2016. I hope that there we will find the same hits as the track Serega - Near your house. Now the performer of...

Last night an incident occurred in the city of Harlem. As it became known, successful DJ, musician and hip-hop artist araabMUZIK was walking with his friend in Harlem after a great party. Then they got into the car, they were approached by two unknown. Unknown asked to the musician opened the window , when he did, shots were fired. Bullets hit the head (of the jaw) and the right hand. At the moment, araabMUZIK is in hospital. on the Internet there were photos of beatmaker from the hospital: Previously, the musician have already been shot in 2013, when his house was robbed.

Yesterday online on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube was blocked by the new track "Black Star Mafia - In chips". As it became known, the song, which has attended Honest, ILO, Timothy Schrutes is the copyrighted work of the group Black Star Mafia. the Copyright to this song do not belong to the label, and the beatmaker Oiki, who said that has no relation to the new track "Black Star Mafia - In chips", but minus is used in it belongs to the OECS. Oiki Previously contested the copyright of minus with Yanix and a Wastrel. Despite the fact that performing artists use someone else's music, they don't even prescribe to whom belongs the authorship to minus. But we all know that the authorship on the minus belongs to its Creator.

The answer to the question "When Max Korzh to appear in Kiev?" NEVER. Why? Let's look at. One of the most popular rap artists of the CIS - Max Korzh announced on his Facebook page that he was banned entry into Ukraine, though he hadn't played the political rap. Here is what writes the author of the hit "high on life" Max Korzh: "I Have not very good news: at the moment I temporarily denied entry to Ukraine. The reasons are not reported. In official lists of banned me no, but still the entry is closed. There you have it. But the key to life without Kyiv and other cities just is not possible and that we will rock it's a matter of time! So don't worry, the tour is postponed, the situation will be resolved". Earlier the ban did not touch rap artists from...

The Most dirty and aggressive underground rap group in the Urals has announced that next week will release a new album. He will be named in honor of cheat code of GTA San Andres - Hesoyam. the Album "Sidodži Oakenshield & Ramirez - HESOYAM" will be like all the releases of the Duo is a twat, but filled with steep punchy. just to inform you that soon will open an online store on our website where you can buy the mask by. Previously, the Duo performed one of the toughest of the idises in the group "Country of OZ". the Group has been not only in battle rap, but in this genre as the Russian group with steep punchy.

One of the most popular Ukrainian rap artists - Yarmak, spoke negatively about the Maidan in Kiev on the official page: "I remember everyone was shouting "we Want fair Police"! What now? As before, the police are rude and poke a bribe! All want, that the police were honest, and we will be in the same cattle! I wanted to live honestly, answer for your words! The more that guys are quite loyal and basically always make a warning for the violation is not significant! I think the last story with the BMW racer, it's all nonsense! Question about shooting a COP is quite controversial and its validity must investigate and, of course, be judged by the law. BUT! Police looking at life!! A drunken weirdo who made mayhem in GTA go home! Another drunken blonde in Range,...

One of the most controversial rappers of Russia - Pasha Tech was called for a rap battle Nicholas Dovzhansky, participant of the project "Dom-2". the Battle Pasha and Nikolay will take place very soon - this spring. "It was planned last summer, but circumstances have changed" - Says the group KUNTEYNIR. Nicholas Dovzhansky scandalous rapper from Home-2, and Pasha Tech brawler party battle VERSUS. This battle promises to be hot.

I participated in the filming of "KE-DY", playing a major role - the role of the Commissar. If you're interested, here's the trailer of the film "CI-DY" with Busta: the film is Directed by Sergey Solovyov the release date is still unknown. Reported just everywhere - soon in theaters. in addition the film can be heard on a large number of tracks, Busta, one of which they even filmed a clip. Watch the music video "Basta - I look to the sky" sneakers is a film about an ordinary boy who was drafted into the army, to serve the Fatherland. And he loves sneakers...

Portal ZE FLOW has published a list of the most anticipated albums of February and March 2016. This is the list of releases that are worth hearing each: the Most anticipated album in the world “T. L. O. P” from American Kanye West. Release which will soon fall into our players expect hundreds of thousands of listeners, if not millions. 11 February appeared online, and soon on our website do Not forget about electronics. Soon the album "Mujuice -Amore e Morte". On the participation of Zemfira. The album is released today - February 14. After 3.5 years, the guys from the homeland Kurt Cobain decided to release the album, "Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - This Unruly Mess I've Made", which will be released on February 26. REM the Dig have released their new album...