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Yeko - youth Internet-magazine

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On the popular television show "America's got talent" dance Kenichi Ebina from Japan made a real furor among judges and the public alike. Their dance style martial arts and work Kenichi called "dance-ish". Posted in YouTube video with this fragment of a TV show for three days browsing over 1.4 million users.

Elite real estate is the best place to live classes in society. This is first of all the apartments in a historic house with unique architecture, which pozaviduyu many residents who live near.

Hollywood beauty, Jessica Alba not too often pleases his fans candid photos. Walking in new York last Tuesday, Jessica decided to remove his jacket and accidentally showed absolutely transparent black bra, at which, of course showed off her Breasts!

The fancy car, the value of which exceeds two million UAE dirhams (about 550 thousand us dollars), will be patrolling by the fashionable districts of Dubai, the area of the highest in the world skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa", and also located on the coast of the areas of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah.

The Specialists of the American tuning Studio Smyth Performance now offer all wishing to make Volkswagen Jetta srednemotornoe coupe, at a cost of slightly less than 10 thousand dollars. However, for this money is only offered spare parts kit, set to the machine is not so easy.

Among many different directions all the big popularity is gaining club music. Appearing most recently, she was interested in the audience practically full absence of the text, and also a way to create - with the help of computer programs, synthesizers and other club tools.

Gaming console Xbox new generation officially presented at the specialized conference in may. Now known or possible future consoles, or design, or price. The prefix is expected to appear on sale already in the end of this year. Most likely, buy a console will be possible as on the conditions of subscription, and at once, for full price. There are rumors that the price of the device will not exceed $ 500, but this information still requires confirmation.

Managed to survive the relentless Hunger games, Katniss Everdeen and Pete mellark vainly trying to forget about what happened to them in the Capitol. But the President of snow, the dictator of the state panem, and his clique are not ready to leave the girl and the guy alone, believing them to be dangerous.

Recently CD Projekt RED published the first trailer for his new game - Cyberpunk 2077. The game is based on the same (only with the change of date) a classic role-based setting, Cyberpunk 2020, created by Mike Pondsmitom, which also participates in the development of the game. Video exclusively a teaser, and difficult to draw any conclusion about the upcoming gameplay, moreover, that the game will presumably only in 2015. Let's hope that CDPR will regularly talk about how the process of migration traditionally pen & paper games in the virtual world.

Recently in Hong Kong opened a new shop called HITGallery with very interesting design, which resembles a futuristic style. Was engaged in development of a famous architect and designer Fabio Novembre (Fabio Novembre).

Nvidia showed at CES-2013 new portable device called a «Project of the Shield», which has Quad-core mobile processor Tegra 4 and equipped with graphics GeForce GTX. In addition, it also has an HDMI input, standard output under the headphones touch HD display resolution (1280x720), slot for mini-USB and slot for memory card microSD. The most interesting thing is that the device will operate in the active advantage from 10 up to 24 hours. The market will be not earlier than the 2nd quarter of this year, and while on undisclosed price.

Try to «catch» a passing car in places convenient for motorists. In Russia suitable option may be out of the city on the road, which is behind a traffic police post or on the bypass road

For fans of extreme sports in Switzerland has recently built a real podvestnoy bridge. Construction is at an altitude of 3000 metres above sea level at mount Titlis. And the length of the bridge is about 100 meters. As you already understood bridge, with incredible view of the Swiss Alps and it's worth it to walk on.

Representatives of the Guinness book of records presented us a video consisting of segments of the best records for the year 2012. Among the heroes of the video you can see Felix Baumgartner, a racing driver Tanner Faust and Hollywood stunt Greg Tracy, as well as the smallest man in the world Chandra Bahadur Dangi.

Peacock spider belongs to the family of spiders-horses. And if the female of this species due to the small size and easy not to notice, then the spider-male, shimmering with vibrant shades of red, green, and blue colors, immediately attracts attention.