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Today was an interesting day. Now the pain is over once went to the toilet, probably it is connected with digestion. And today I remembered how a few years earlier, my protest about the fact that my mother (her words) was going to take my computer for my sister with a CRT monitor in Kuznetsk, me mom [...]

Today I have published a small selection of the information collected in recent years and with the latest current events. This information please use for informational purposes only, what is really going on with people like me who do not agree to "play" a game that is now imposed on individuals in Russia who are trying to deal with the Pro-government tyranny [...]

Today, the last day of 2017, I would like to share with readers the information that last week our new project "Red Penza" was subjected to a large number of hacker attacks, compared to previous periods. The sources of these attacks were mostly mentioned IP addresses assigned to various firms on the territory of the Russian Federation. And the day before was recorded 2 IP [...]

Today it is possible to bring intermediate results of previously published information. Until the statement completed in the fall of 2012. Due to the fact that only published the interesting part in my opinion information link to access full content will be only those closest to me. the Rest will have to be content with what is at the moment on this site. But even this, published here, information [...]

Me again to my home. Yesterday, 02 Dec 2017, the entire morning was in a fever, and with approximately 17.00 began to hurt the stomach. Of not your only ate 2 sausage, which gave me the mother and boiled potatoes, which she cooked. After 2 hours, became wildly bad abdominal pain intensified and has vomited several times, [...]

A Little fashin. At the moment the statement completed in the fall of 2006. The day will continue with a presentation of biographical material, and now I need to work "a little" for the benefit of the public, from the one associated with the IT industry. Andrey Nikitushkin. 17 November 2017. 20:45. Advertising Filed under: My blog

Today I continues the presentation of these events, which occurred in 2004. And their "picture" would not be complete if not to say that in may 2004, computer processing network of organizations located on the territory of JSC "penzhimmash", were infected with a known virus Sasser. Infection by this virus led to the fact that the computer network (about 600 computers) [...]

Today I will allow myself to digress from the logic of presenting the events from my personal life and tell you about one very telling incident that happened to me in may 2011 in Penza. About this retreat in the presentation I asked only that my companions wished to see this information sooner free than I planned. I [...]

Hello, all who read these lines, motherfuckers, too! As I finished the presentation earlier, I resigned from "PROTEK-33" in the late summer of 2003, before finding work on the well-known Penza factory "ZIF", which was then controlled by the Tolyatti businessmen. Started to set them to work as a programmer 1C, passed a medical examination, began to draw the rest of the paper. And in the process of registering [...]

October 25, went to Penza, to document the condition in which was days earlier: burning pain in left side near pelvis, recurrent pain in the right side in the same region, and also tingling of the skin. All this happened with me an hour and a half after I ate the soup. After my soup is one [...]

Me HOME again poison. Today, yesterday, day before yesterday was very bad (horrible pain on my left side and entire body). Lie, the second day not eating. As soon as I rest up you will need to write about smart clowns Yuri voblikov and Sanya frolenkova from Penza, and Arthur Khachikian from the Heater. Help me to wait not where, and to document my feelings I will continue [...]

Today, as promised by me earlier, starts to publish information about events prior to the events 2007-2009-2017 years. The publication is deliberately in reverse chronological order. Starting today there will be described the events of 2002-2007 .g. And the events are interesting not only in its content, how much of my memory. Describe the events of 2002, I will start from the moment that I [...]

From the current date for security reasons, stop Crossposting information from the website of the "Red Penza". This is done due to the fact that the information is used to authenticate in an authentic form (username + password), which can lead to compromise and/or falsification of information on this website in the event of theft of this information from the website of the "Red Penza". This does not affect the further publication [...]

Recently was diagnosed attempt to intercept ssh network traffic Rostelecom (sha256 key did not match!!!), and today just happens almost permanent blocking ssh traffic. In addition, on your home computer found no I've found a virtual conntrack in the /proc filesystem, which indicates the lack of proper monitoring of connections, which, in turn, suggests that perhaps [...]

Want to make an official statement saying that the Romanian hoster or Lithuanian made a copy of my website "Red Penza!" and sent a copy of the website of the Russian hackers. Just called me Arthur Khachikyan from the city of Kamenka Kamenka district of the Penza region and talked about the fact that my website open, although my last VPS is offline, and the website should [...]