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According to the guards, they do not get wages for 4 months. To call a strike and not go to work decided from all employees of the private security company "Guardian". 28 people supported the rule of law in the parks "Family" to them. Gabdulla Tukai, and on the waterfront in the village the Red key. Employees don't have the money to buy food, pay utility bills, many

The building of the Russian state library for foreign literature named after M. I. Rudomino. Photo: Sergey Savostyanov / TASS the staff of the Library for foreign literature demanded to dismiss the Director Vadim's tune. They accused the new head of incompetence, the closure of key departments, threats and travel

[youtube] the Workers of various companies EN masse called for the Prosecutor General in Moscow. Everywhere the arrears of salary for about four months. Employees of the construction company Horizon, employees of the substation Ambulance, and many other companies have applied to the Prosecutor about violations of their labour rights. The revolutionary workers ' party supports the just struggles of the workers.

On 17 February, the opposition planned a "March of the angry Belarusians" — a protest against the "tax on unemployment" introduced by presidential decree. Before the event, half of the opposition parties and leaders refused to participate in the protest under various pretexts, apparently fearing that the masses of those "angry Belarusians" they have no influence.

Today is the moment of truth for one of the members of the Penza branch of OKP of Arkinda Michael. However, judge for yourself: As you can see Misha Ahking calls unverified rumors and report the information about all the famous person of the Central Committee of OKP Darya Mitina, which has repeatedly written on our website. But, Mike, if thee rumors and denunciations called official information, voiced about this [...]

Against civil society activists in Chuvashia continue to Institute administrative proceedings for reposts of the Deputy Vitaly Milonov, said on February 17, "Mediazone" lawyer Alexei Glukhov. As the lawyer, opposition leader Dmitry Pankov made a Protocol for repost the entry on the public "Lentech", which tells of the trial for the repost pictures Milonov with the slogan "Orthodoxy or death". "Yesterday, we [...]

In relation to the leader of the protest, farmers of Krasnodar Krai and member of the "tractor March" Alexey Volchenko a criminal case. reported by OVD-info, citing the "Caucasian knot". 15 February 2017 Volchenko was detained by the staff of the Investigative Committee. A criminal case was opened.

Karpinskaya Central city hospital head of the departments reported about the crisis situation which has developed in a health care setting, reports the February 17 regional edition "". As told to the hospital staff, "medicines, oxygen (it is given to critically ill patients), consumables, fuel, etc. remained about 2-3 weeks". At the same time, funds to purchase new ones. "The debt of the hospital today — [...]

Passengers of the London underground expect another delay next week. Drivers of subway trains, including the RMT, will leave their jobs at 9 PM 21 Feb. Will continue the strike until the same time on February 22. The reason for a new strike was the transfer of eight machinists in the new depot, which they will have to spend more time to get to work. The leaders of [...]

Polish teachers were threatened with layoffs, began collecting signatures for holding a national referendum against the reform of the education system, according to In the action involved the Union of Polish teachers, Sapolski the agreement of the trade unions and representatives of several opposition parties. The only referendum question to the citizens of the country, is: "You are against education reform, which the authorities plan to start in September [...]

Mass protests in Athens. More than two thousand farmers blocked the center of the Greek capital and arranged free distribution of vegetables. Farmers demand the government to abolish the new taxes and fees for the supply of agricultural products in effect since 1 January. 22 days "tractor March" and blockades of highways in the North and centre of the country effect was not given. And now the farmers got to Athens. Their requirements — n

Emergency crews Central municipal services, according to employees, serve approximately half of the houses of Kirov. Currently residents in case of emergency will stay with the problem alone. The fact that accident-prone persons, since yesterday declared a strike. The reason for this dramatic reduction of the salaries of all the polls on four thousand roubles. However, as stated the problem with [...]

They require the liquidation of the debt of enterprises, higher wages and the resignation of mayor Sergey Serebrennikov. In Bratsk 56 employees of the municipal transport enterprises intend to start a hunger strike since March 15. Conductors, ticket collectors and drivers seeking the elimination of a multimillion-dollar debt of the enterprise, higher salaries and the resignation of mayor Sergei Serebranny

If to block the path of running water, it will begin to look for a new direction. About the people saying: "water will find a hole". Blocked the flow of the river can find a new direction, or split into many branches, or rise to the level of the dam (which is used in the construction of hydroelectric power plants). It is important to understand that water, in principle, can go up, if it is to make. [...]

Excerpts from personal correspondence of the famous Soviet science fiction writer Ivan Efremov. 1969, Ivan Yefremov: All the destruction of empires, States, and other political organizations occur through the loss of morality. This is the only valid reason for disasters in all of history, and therefore, examining the causes of almost all disasters, we can say that the destruction is in the nature of self-destruction. Incompetence, laziness and playfulness "boys" and [...]