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In Rostov-on-don continued meeting of the North-Caucasian district military court on charges of preparing a terrorist attack on 19-year-old Arthur Panov and 34-year-old Maxim by Smyshlyaeva. As announced on 24 March the "Caucasian knot", the lords announced that it will resume the hunger strike, suspended on 18 February, stated that the distortions in the documents that formed the basis of the allegations of the second defendant — Maxim smyshlyaeva. At

Today in Penza has continued the history of lawlessness, which is carried out with the connivance of the police of the city of Penza in relation Hordenine Alexander and other residents along the street Voroshilov 2/62. We remind our readers that an apartment at this address was sold to another person together with people living there. As a result of this apartment was another

In Vladivostok at the meeting of the Association of carriers of Russia, where they discussed the campaign against the payment system "Platon", arrested 12 people on March 24, reports "OVD-info", citing activist Olga Reznikova. According to Reznikova, police had about 40 people. They explained their actions by the fact that this place is supposed to be a "gathering of thieves-bosses". Representatives of unions of

Today fasny portal Penza Post for the third time in the last week and a half publishes ads of Penza (PNV, OKP) == the Communist party, however, see for yourself: We have already written earlier about the mutually beneficial symbiosis Penza PNV, ZSL and SD, respectively, of the Penza Communist party, in the person of the last known owner, "the former" face ("face" - the employee of FSB, approx. ed.), portal Penza Post Mr. A. V.

While the public is discussing the initiative of deputies about the replacement of the maternity capital monthly payments, the government officials put the people of another pig. From 1 January in the capital came into force the decision to change the evaluation criteria of low income families. Now poverty is determined not only per capita income but also on the principle of property. At this

In Pervouralsk in the building of the Prosecutor's office, an unknown man committed self-immolation. He died on the spot, reports March 24. According to witnesses, the prosecutors, the man doused himself and the walls of flammable liquid, causing the building fire occurred. What was dedicated to the act of protest of the dead man is not known, but the publication notes that in Ekaterinburg this day

Yucca Suzuki 47 years old, she has no savings, the salary is barely half the national average level, and with retirement, it may be completely deprived of a livelihood. Nevertheless, its position is not so critical, as most single mothers in Japan, where half of single-parent families lives below the poverty line. In the ranking of OECD countries Japan (by the way, the third economy

Sunday, March 19, in the Lebanese capital Beirut took to the streets hundreds of people. They protested against the impending imposition of new taxes that could hit the poor. The demonstrators came to the square named after the first Prime Minister of Lebanon, Riyad al-Solha. During the protest some of the young participants tried to break through the police cordon. For this purpose, some of them began to throw in

Thursday, March 23, in Italy there has passed the next national one-day strike of taxi drivers. It lasted 14 hours – from 8 am to 10 PM. At this time, the taxi services were provided only to beneficiaries – pensioners, the disabled and the sick. Italian taxi drivers protest against the globalist legislative amendments to the transportation sector. The strike was preceded by negotiations of trade unionists

In Saransk on March 23, police arrested the organizer of the anti-corruption rally Cyril Matawin. 18-year-old activist was accused of beating. As told Kasparov EN human rights activist Sergei Marin, Cyril spent the night in police custody. Matalino got a call from the city administration and was invited to the conversation. On the street, on seeing him attacked an unknown woman. Then in came a group of people, and

Natalia DVALI Few minutes ago in the center of Kiev, was shot by a former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov, in October 2016 fled Russia and received Ukrainian citizenship. In a tragic coincidence, his last, dying, he gave an interview to the edition "GORDON", where he told me why not afraid of death that threatened him, if he hadn't voted for the "accession" of the Crimea

Russian cosmonauts have estimated its liquidation as a betrayal of national interests of Russia. Putin, Kasyanov, Klebanov and Koptev in Star city called ku Klux klinovcem, lynched station. The decision to set the orbital centre Putin made again at the insistence of the President of the United States. Departure from the unique space station "Mir", for the construction and operation of which is spent

Today, 22 March 2017. In Chelyabinsk on the ground report that the city is now attacking one of the premises of the Central library. Pushkin. From the room take out the shelves and books, locks changed, employees of the Department and readers of the rude shove. Started a new confrontation between business and those who did not succumb to the threats and cash handouts. The essence of the conflict that the youth hall - big

Living in Kyiv former Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev has linked the murder of his former colleagues from the Communist Denis Boronenkov with its investigations of smuggling and FSB General Oleg Feoktistov named General Fix. He told about it on Thursday, March 23, at a joint briefing with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko in Kiev, reports "Ukrainian truth". "He (Boronenkov) knew a lot about

St. Petersburg civil activist Igor Andreev on March 22, 2017 was fined on ten thousand roubles. Dzerzhinsky district court in the face of the judge Vladimir Vasyukov decided that January 19, the day of memory of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova, Andreev has violated the procedure of holding public events. It is reported by OVD-info, citing human rights activist Dinara