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1st row from left to right: Twice hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-fighter Dmitry Borisovich Glinka (about 300 combat flights and personally shot down 50 enemy aircraft), Three times hero of the Soviet Union fighter pilot Ivan Kozhedub (the best AC allies during the Second World war, 330 combat missions and personally shot down 62 enemy aircraft), Twice Hero of the Soviet Union fighter pilot

Today we went to another semi-spontaneous rallies "of natureade" in the regions. As usual, the opposition to them is almost not present, people viskazali sore. It is worth noting that the slogans about the abolition of the decree is almost not heard. The main motive: the resignation of the President and political reforms: the requirements of the freedom of speech to a parliamentary Republic. Bobruisk: the Central square

27-year-old Darya Polyudova — was the first opposition leader that was convicted for incitement to separatism (part 2 of article 280.1 of the criminal code "public calls to actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, committed with the use of the Internet"). The occasion was her posts on a social network "Vkontakte". Activist detained in August 2014

The Looting and the collapse of the USSR historically began with the signing of the Washington agreements in September 1977 by a group of individuals who betrayed the interests of the Soviet Union (Long, Falin, Pogodin, Bykovsky, Ermolaev), and representatives of the secret world government the Americans (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Baruch). The agreement provided for the preparation of agents of influence, the construction of the underground factories,

One against the lawlessness of Sheriff and city courts. This is not a movie about the Wild West of the USA. It is a reality from the center of Russia. Is Kemerovo. Kemerovo blogger Stanislav Kalinichenko said Kasparov.Ru about the experience of confrontation with the government almost single-handedly. As reported by Kalinichenko, he was beaten in June 2016 by the police. For daring to complain, it also opened

10.03.2017 — the UN has published a report which described a "monstrous" violation of the rights of the Kurdish population in the course of operations government security forces in the South-East of the country. The authors report the mass destruction, killings, torture, enforced disappearances and other atrocities for which the perpetrators remain unpunished. The report States that in the period

The Director of the Library of Ukrainian literature of Moscow Natalia Sharin, accused of extremism, were informed about termination of the employment contract. This was stated by March 9, 2017 "Interfax" the lawyer Sharina Ivan Pavlov, head of the human rights of "Team 29". "The Department of national policy and interregional relations of Moscow has informed my client about the termination of the employment contract. All the time

Petrozavodsk city court on 9 March 2017, extended the period of detention historian Yuri Dmitriev, arrested on trumped up charges. He will stay in custody until April 12. Because the case apparently falls apart Dmitriev presented "tested decades" the charge about the "illegal weapons and ammunition". At the request of the Prosecutor the meeting was attended only part of the process

Boris Stomakhin known in opposition for his very harsh statements, which has been accused of extremism and even of supporting terrorism. Even among the opposition, many do not support him and try to distance themselves. The authorities also do not get tired to increase pressure on Stomakhin. 9 March it became known that the authorities of the colony, which sits Stomakhin, publicist transferred to the punishment cell.

The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation instructed Roszdravnadzor to check the hospital, Verkhnyaya Pyshma in the Sverdlovsk region. The reason for the test was media reports that doctors have at their own expense to buy medicines for the sick, according to March 10, the website As previously said the Agency one of the doctors of the institution, who asked to remain anonymous, the hospital is experiencing

Today at 12.00 a.m. took place the verdict in the case of the Minsk anti-fascists. The hearings began on 3 February, but the meetings were closed. Today, the hall was full. We will remind, the Prosecutor asked the defendants in the following terms: Andrey Chertovich and Artem Kravchenko — 12 years of imprisonment, Ilya Volovik — 10 years of imprisonment, Dmitri tsehanovich — 6 years of imprisonment

The refusal of the leadership of one of the largest German industrial concerns ThyssenKrupp to raise wages to workers led to the strike. According to news Agency Regnum the protest was supported by at least 3 thousand members of trade Union IG Metall, refused to work from March 6. It is reported that the reason for the protest action was ongoing tariff dispute concerning

9 Mar labour collective of industrial metallurgical holding ArcelorMittal Poland holds a protest at the walls of the native enterprise in dąbrowa górnicza, reports Participating in the picket, the workers and representatives of trade unions require the management of the company to increase salaries and pay bonuses for the year 2016. According to the trade Union "Solidarity" Lensko-dąbrowski region

Protesting against the tax increase Greek farmers clashed with the police near the building of the Ministry of agriculture in Athens, reports the associated Press. It is reported that the police used to tear gas farmers not to admit them to the Ministry. In response farmers started to throw at guards stones. About a thousand farmers took part in the protests in

Was Born into a noble family of a Russian public figure, lawyer Dmitri Stasov, who participated in large trials of that time, one of the organizers and Directors of the Russian musical society. Until the age of thirteen, Elena Stasova was educated at home. But in 1887 it was decided to give it to in a standard educational institution. The girl was