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TRANS-Baikal regional court cancelled the decision on involuntary admission Chita civil activist Mikalai Likhanova. About it reports "Rosbalt" with reference to "Zabmedia". Likhanov intends to write a statement about the defamation of officials who initiated his forced hospitalization. "I wanted my case became a precedent and revealed "holes" in the law. I plan

Today Pavel Arzamastsev, persek penzenskoy GST, has announced a new theatrical performance planned in Penza NVD on March 26. Namely: As you can see, Penza PNV already being built in the Russian petty-bourgeois action and now have even started to support another liberal clown, Bulk. The latter is known for its media activity, which is resulting in all sorts

Deputy Director on educational work, STATE budget educational institution "the Penza regional medical College" found guilty of fraud and attempted fraud. "The consequence and court it is established that the Deputy Director of the College of mercenary motives demanded of the employees of the educational institution to give her part of the bonus remuneration paid by results of work. In this case

Citizens demanded to extinguish debts under the salary in "Chuvashavtodor". In the Park Chapayev in Cheboksary clashed voters with the police, said "PFO". According to the newspaper, the citizens came to the meeting with the local MP Igor Polyakovym, during which was discussed the question of repayment of debt on a salary to workers "Chuvashavtodor". Some voters brought

Vice-mayor of Ufa Alexander Filippov takes his place as the fifth year overseeing the construction. During this time he had become a member of a number of scandals in the construction market of Ufa and, apparently, will soon become a defendant in a criminal case. The lights of the big city, the Capital of Bashkortostan in the coming months can become the main newsmaker of Russia in the issue of corruption. At the center of all these events turned out to be

House Valery Tereshchenko sewage flooded five years ago. Since then, 71-year-old retiree, as he says, "lives in a swamp". He's not exaggerating: not only flooded the yard, but wooden barracks. Everywhere — in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the hall — black stinking water, the owner of the house goes to her knee. As recognized by Valery, he sleeps without taking off shoes and sweaters, in "the wood"

Public man of the Novel Yushkova is waiting for trial due to the proposal not to buy anything "foreign" stores. Himself a human rights activist said "URA.RU" that process is an attack on freedom of speech. The investigative Committee has completed investigation against a public figure of the Novel Yushkova. The reason for prosecution was the publication in social networks under the name "Tell the stranger his

Police staged a fight with shooting in Dagestan cafe. Three police officers received gunshot wounds after broke the jaw of a colleague. Three police officers were wounded in a shooting in a cafe in the Dagestani town of Kizilyurt. "Employee dorozhno-patrol service of traffic police Department of the MIA of Russia in Novolakskoe district of the Republic during the conflict that escalated into a fight in a cafe

The Former commander of the special group "Vympel", the former General Director FGUP "Departmental protection of objects of the industry of the Russian Federation" in the Ministry of industry and trade Vladimir Podolsky, and former adviser to the Minister, head of Department of the "P" of the economic security service FSB Colonel Sergei Gorbunov and his sister, an accountant, JSC "Aviazapchast" Tatiana Lityagina appeared before the Moscow garrison

10 March in Derbent when receiving a bribe was detained the employee of the Centre to combat extremism. According to RIA "Derbent", the police arrest occurred at about 16:30, the detention was made by employees of Department of own safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dagestan and the FSB of Russia for Dagestan. According to a source in law enforcement bodies, the detainee demanded three million rubles for

Over the weekend several have cleared up the circumstances of the death of Putin's high-ranking diplomat Churkin. The clarification was that it is almost officially was considered very dark. It all started with the fact that American officials, having received the results of post-mortem examination of the body Churkin, has issued the following: "Respecting international law and the requirements of diplomatic

March 17, 2017 at 16: 00 residents of Moscow hostels will come to city hall (Tverskaya street, 13, m. Pushkinskaya, Okhotny Ryad). Why? It's very simple. Once, when the country was still normal, that is, the Soviet hostel was seen as temporary housing for workers, pending the normal apartments. Then the country has bred an abomination, namely, the market economy. The offensive began on all

1st row from left to right: Twice hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-fighter Dmitry Borisovich Glinka (about 300 combat flights and personally shot down 50 enemy aircraft), Three times hero of the Soviet Union fighter pilot Ivan Kozhedub (the best AC allies during the Second World war, 330 combat missions and personally shot down 62 enemy aircraft), Twice Hero of the Soviet Union fighter pilot

Today we went to another semi-spontaneous rallies "of natureade" in the regions. As usual, the opposition to them is almost not present, people viskazali sore. It is worth noting that the slogans about the abolition of the decree is almost not heard. The main motive: the resignation of the President and political reforms: the requirements of the freedom of speech to a parliamentary Republic. Bobruisk: the Central square

27-year-old Darya Polyudova — was the first opposition leader that was convicted for incitement to separatism (part 2 of article 280.1 of the criminal code "public calls to actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, committed with the use of the Internet"). The occasion was her posts on a social network "Vkontakte". Activist detained in August 2014