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Have promised to continue providing information about Zarik and NIGRET, but only today "got around". For understanding the reader is advised to see the previous entries in this section. Let's start with the fact that with me in the computer center of NIKIRET, under system administration, worked only three (my blobolonia and bezdelnitsa bosses do not count): Andrew [...]

Today, as promised by me earlier, continues the story about how I was lured in Zarechny to work spun in the office called NIKIRET. After I beat kameshkirskijj scum and after they are coated kameshkirskijj policemen, doctors and kameshkirskijj kameshkirskijj the Prosecutor's office and after I lived and continued to live in [...]

First, some of the documents: From the above medical documents it is clear that my parents, Nikitochkina Vladimir Semenovich and Larissa, two years before my first hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital (2012 — top image) mixed I (i.e. bullied me in fact) in my food without my knowledge haloperidol, which is evident from the materials of the second image, ie with the [...]

Some current events I have yet to be described will not. About the other today I want to talk a little bit. 2 days earlier to me once again sent all well-known in the Russian Kameshkir O. (name, surname), who once again asked very interesting questions in my professional technical field and which, once again, was formulated and set so that I [...]

All day Yesterday was very bad, the whole day was. Much to the evening snatched, but there was no relief, went to work. Then punched a large pot, about 15 minutes later much relieved. Then the whole night sweating like a trooper. It became easier just to around 03 in the morning. Fell asleep. Slept until 13.00. Almost passed. Now, in the evening, as normal.Filed under: [...]

Today went to Penza, were engaged in pressing issues... now it turned out, all known in Penza, "human rights activist" Yuri Voblikov "lost" some of my documents, I was saved by the fact that I had photocopies on the drive. For this he THANKS a lot. Although days earlier I mentioned to him that the documents he needs to prepare for today. And he [...]

Begin to emerge, not without the help of good people, interesting details of the Affairs connected with my participation, or rather, directed against me by third parties. It is official documentary evidence of these facts, it remains only to develop further clarifying further. My lawyer never ceases to surprise, well, and I'm with him too. Besides, he says, the circumstances of my [...]

Yesterday, towards midnight, came from the street after a smoke break, I noticed that the water in my glass is cloudy, but on the surface something that is similar to the undissolved until the end of the pill. Also on the rim was a bit the consistency of sand brown color. This is another provocation of my mother and not only a provocation, it seems. I took it, poured "water" from a glass [...]

Yesterday, 10 August 2017, me and my mates have been "uncovered" yet another advertiser-PR Manager of the Penza pseudo-owned by the party "Yabloko" and Verulam Bulk and Penza. People in social networks are still listening to his "interview" about which he doesn't know yet. These bastards of the human race is the only way to do that, so they are not deceived [...]

Yesterday, August 4, 2017 I sent the third in a row, the statement in UFSB across the Penza region. On my first statement they responded in writing a formal letter. On my second statement of 3 July 2017, they haven't replied at all as I them and I said in my last statement. These statements are to be objective and to draw attention [...]

Tonight, for the first time in the last few days, slept fine, was no pain. I finally got some sleep. One more information: When calling on the underlined red line phone number says to me is not the Moscow Helsinki group, and how they are represented, independent psychiatric Association of Russia. I think that now is the time to begin and I joke on the jokers. So, starting today, I [...]

Tonight until about 2.00, I had a stomach ache, not wildly, but enough for the fact that it was impossible to sleep. Then slept until 9.00 am. I want to tell you about Penza voblikova human rights activist Yuri Vladimirovich, whom I counted as many as 11 phone numbers in the last almost 10 months: +79003175050, +79042661099, +79048522699, +79530220855, +79003178899, +79003178989, +79004687900, +79042644399, +79042660968, +79521925152, +79534474974. The day he won one of these [...]

Tonight legs were aching in the pelvic region, but not for long. Went to sleep peacefully and normally slept until morning. The image above — information about the drug Klopicksol, about which it is written that he is banned for use in the United States. And I his prick forced my parents and psychiatrists for the second year, a few years earlier were injected with haloperidol depot. Ie these [...]

Yesterday could not write, it was periodically just crazy bad. From approximately 13.30 wildly sick the head. Drank ketorola 2 tablets (baralgin, no money), did not help. Went to lie down. Approximately at 16.30 suddenly almost all gone. And with approximately 20.30 started again, but the pain in the neck increased nausea and dizziness. Tried to clean the stomach, but not [...]

While in Spain the investigation of the criminal case on money laundering of the Russian mafia, open all new and new details linking the criminal authorities with the most senior Russian officials. To continue reading click this link