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Sergey Mokhnatkin was beaten again in the jail, says on his Facebook page his girlfriend Tatiana Pashkevich. "the Verge" writes that , according to her, by September 30, 2016 Mokhnatkin told her that in protest against the ban officially permitted by the judge, phone calls and the inability therefore to have a word with defender Vladimir Stepanov and the lawyer Karina Moskalenko, he declared a hunger strike and refuses to

Photo: "l'humanité" with Nine of the largest trade unions in France spend 29 September protest against c Nigeria living standards and the continuing impoverishment of pensioners and the elderly, the newspaper of the French Communist L " Humanit é . "If the price of potatoes this summer has increased by 30%, then one of pensioners can let

In the North Caucasus in September, there have been a number of abductions of local residents. Their relatives have no doubt that they were security forces. There are fears that at least three of them have already been killed and presented as fighters, the resistance, reported the human rights center "memorial" in the newsletter received September 30, Kasparov.Ru. on 12 September were abducted by a native of Chechnya, 40-year-old Anzor said, for 20

In Kazan, arrested the leader of the "Communists of Russia" from Nizhnekamsk Comrades from Nizhnekamsk wrote me a "PM" about the arrest and placement in the Kazan remand prison of the Communist leader of the capital of the Tatarstan petrochemical production of Nikolai Maximov. More of a shock I have not experienced for many years. He was not and is not my personal friend, although I am well acquainted with him and consider him the most powerful left-wing organizer of modern Russia. He constantly and successfully opposed the ruling regime in its anti-people p

On October 10, the teachers in Poland will hold protests in 16 major cities of the country, the press service of the Polish teachers ' Union. Pickets will be directed against the reform of the education system aimed at the complete elimination of grammar schools. According to experts of the employees ' Union, the reform will have a negative impact on the national education system, which evolved over the years, and will inevitably lead to organizational chaos. Financial implications the new law will fall [...]

U.S. publishers interested in the novel by Nikolai Ostrovsky's "How the steel was tempered" only after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is seen when there is not solved the question of who will break first, they were afraid of this book no less than of the flag, emblem and anthem of the USSR. And when we have the sowing reasonable, good, eternal walked the locust between the "silver age" and "age of silicone" [...]

The editors asked representatives roskhimprofsoyuza with a story about the violation of workers ' rights and trade Union organizations of the Stavropol enterprise “Allergen”. The trade Union was deprived of the means of communication, its Chairman — opportunities to go on site and people were forced to leave trade unions. In a situation understood our correspondent. NO SYSTEM, NO PAYMENT “Allergen” — an enterprise with more than a hundred years of history, producing a vital [...]

The Stalinists love to expose another lie about Stalin", and are a huge help domestic liberals that lie in the ground and come up. And those and others on this topic good prey, throwing the shelves of bookstores for his works. The critique of Stalinism presented in these works, often very superficial, loud-mouthed, demagogic and has a very weak evidence base. [...]

A Lot of information, as always, gives blozhik Communist party-nick Paul Barabanschikova of theirs (CPRF-tion) projects PNV and GST. With the latter they merged in mutual ecstasy recently. Unsurprisingly, all of them (most of them active composition, including rukovodstvo) together nurtured the Communist party. And, as if they did not deny his relationship with the Communist party, do not hide. Especially if you remember how [...]

CRUSH VERMIN! "the news" has received the text of the appeal to the citizens of a large group of famous writers. It says: Crush vermin! There is neither desire nor need to comment in detail what happened in Moscow on 3 October. Something happened that could not happen because of our carelessness and folly, — the Nazis took up arms, trying to seize power. Thank God, the army and law enforcement agencies were with the people, not split, don't let

IMMORTALITY to his name he provided "attack of the century" when in January 1945 sunk by three torpedo salvos coming from königsberg heavily guarded German liner "Wilhelm Gustloff". In the depths of the Baltic sea found death from his torpedoes and a crew of seven dozen submarines of the Nazis. It is believed that thereby from the cruel blockade was rescued by the UK. Hitler declared the captain Marinesko his personal enemy. Merits of Alexander Marinesko in the fight against the Nazis was marked by high government awards, including the order of Len

So, in August 1917, the sixth Congress of the RSDLP(b), in its resolution on the financial and economic situation of the country, the Bolsheviks put forward a number of measures to combat the economic collapse: 1. Immediate abolition of paper money, 2. Refusal to pay public debt, both external and internal, 3. The conversion of the entire tax system by introducing income-property tax, 4. Gains tax on property, 5. High indirect tax on luxury goods, 6. Nationalization of industry, 7. The nationalization of the banks. We see that, Yes

That day had passed seventy years. On the morning of 12 January 1943, residents of besieged Leningrad heard a powerful artillery cannonade. But it was not a sinister whistling methodically bombarded the city from the German batteries. It was a firestorm of retribution that befell the head of the Nazi murderers "for everything, for everyone, strangled by the ring," wrote a poet of the besieged city Olga Bergholz. Rang the angry voice of a giant, rip

BRUSSELS, 27 sen — news, Alexander Shishlo. Many thousands demonstration of workers against the economic and social policy of the authorities will be held on Thursday in Brussels, said Tuesday RIA Novosti the representative of the trade Union organizer of the SLFP. "We protest in particular against cutting public services, raising invoices for services, lengthening of the working day," he said. In connection with the forthcoming action of protest, the police has urged citizens to refrain Thursday from driving a motor

The working class of the Ulyanovsk region vote for communism! Last Sunday was held gubernatorial elections in the Ulyanovsk region. The main contenders for the post of Governor was the current Governor Morozov and the candidate from the Communist party, supported by the Revolutionary workers ' party, comrade. Chicken. During the election campaign we have conducted countless propaganda meetings with workers of Ulyanovsk and Dimitrovgrad (the second largest city [...]