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In Volgograd in two months arrested the head of the local branch of the "human rights Movement" Igor Nagatkin, reports "Rosbalt". Nahamkina accused of stealing jewelry, the details of the case are still unknown. "We believe that this detention is revenge Igor Nagatkino for his long and effective struggle for the rights of prisoners, PR

Stanislav Ruzanov: "1993 – the apogee of the Soviet resistance of the capitalization of Russia". Experiments of history of the Moscow people's uprising of September-October 1993. the Events that followed the announcement by Russian President Boris Yeltsin's Decree No. 1400 on the dissolution of the Supreme Soviet and Congress of people's deputies do not have a settled definition in the scientific.

Raising the retirement age and other unpopular initiatives pension reform still will not allow the government to patch up the budget hole. 22 of September in Kiev held a press conference with a frightening title: "Ukraine is doomed to raise the retirement age. No options". The participants – leading researcher of the Institute of demography and social studies of NAS of Ukraine Lydia Tkachenko, expert Fund public safety Yuri Havrylchenko [...]

Today, as expected, "the candidate Dimitrovgrad workers" Chicken-got a podium in "Soviet Russia." However, the fact that it happened today, or rather last night, when today's "independent people's newspaper" was signed into print — has a special meaning: readers will be the weekend to do the memorization and assimilation of the image of the new "opposition", "stars". Make it publicly available, however, [...]

Russia ranked last in the international health rankings, compiled by Bloomberg, Interfax reports. Only the top 55 countries with a population of over five million people. Russia occupied the 55th place. Before her on the list are Brazil, Azerbaijan, Colombia. The leaders of the ranking are Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, South Korea and Japan. In the analysis of efficiency of health systems experts Bloomberg [...]

In the town of Zhanaozen in Mangystau region about two thousand workers, oil service enterprise "Burgylau" did not go to work today, demanding the fulfilment of promises of higher wages. In the morning they gathered at the bus station in Zhanaozen, where usually they are taken at the oil field, and refused to go on shift. the Machinist-driller Myrzagali of Abylkasov Azattyk says that after the strike in August was promised to implement a uniform remuneration system, but this promise is not fulfilled.

September 30, Novoorlovsk. Novoorlovsky mining plant threatened by a strike. This was reported by the TV channel Subtv. In the broadcast it was said that plant workers are ready to stop working. All due to the fact that in April 2016 the leadership of MCC was significantly raised production quotas. The raising of standards has resulted in the ability of workers to cope with the required output. The average salary of workers [...]

About the events of September-October 1993 written very much, including those made and many insights are very useful for present and future stages of our struggle. However, a number of essential aspects of the analysis still have not been exhausted, but sometimes almost not even affected. In these notes we will address some common problems, defects, the “pain points” of the Communist [...]

The President of the Russian Academy of education Ludmila Verbitskaya believes that it is necessary to remove from the curriculum a number of works by Fyodor Dostoevsky, and "War and peace" by Leo Tolstoy. She said the Agency urban news "Moscow" on Friday, September 30. "Is a deep philosophical works, discourse on various topics. Not understand and all

In Novy Urengoy on September 29 detained several people protesting the disconnection of residential home heating. About atomowa-info reported by eyewitnesses of the detention. Among the detainees — the inhabitant of the house, Musa Mammadov, who is on hunger strike Ibrahim Mammadov, as well as two journalists, who filmed a report about an event, — Alexey Kryzhanovsky and Zhanna Belik. Police have charged the detainees in the inconsistent conduct of the meeting. Musa Mammadov went on a hunger strike and hung on the house a poster on the hunger strike and depriving children of a country [...]

Novgorod city court hears cases of administrative offences three shareholders of "Public credit", released on the pickets on the day of arrival of President Vladimir Putin to the factory "Akron". On 29 September, reports Novgorode.. In particular, the pensioner, the invalid of the second group of Vera Isaeva is accused of disobeying a police officer — under article 19.3 of the administrative code. 27 Jul several defrauded investors stood at a distance from each other with the pickets on Tarkovskom highway, hoping that they will notice [...]

The Body of 38-year-old man, who worked as a mechanic at the plant of tractor parts and units found in the basement of the enterprise on the evening of 27 September. his intention to commit suicide he told his wife on the phone a few minutes before the suicide. Natalia Alexeeva lived with Dmitry married 3.5 years. Says he was a man of calm and balanced. However, financial problems.

Sergey Mokhnatkin was beaten again in the jail, says on his Facebook page his girlfriend Tatiana Pashkevich. "the Verge" writes that , according to her, by September 30, 2016 Mokhnatkin told her that in protest against the ban officially permitted by the judge, phone calls and the inability therefore to have a word with defender Vladimir Stepanov and the lawyer Karina Moskalenko, he declared a hunger strike and refuses to

Photo: "l'humanité" with Nine of the largest trade unions in France spend 29 September protest against c Nigeria living standards and the continuing impoverishment of pensioners and the elderly, the newspaper of the French Communist L " Humanit é . "If the price of potatoes this summer has increased by 30%, then one of pensioners can let

In the North Caucasus in September, there have been a number of abductions of local residents. Their relatives have no doubt that they were security forces. There are fears that at least three of them have already been killed and presented as fighters, the resistance, reported the human rights center "memorial" in the newsletter received September 30, Kasparov.Ru. on 12 September were abducted by a native of Chechnya, 40-year-old Anzor said, for 20