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Head FGUP "Ateks" of the Federal security service Andrey Kaminov and CEO "Stroyfasad" Stanislav kuner detained in Moscow on suspicion of involvement in the theft of more than 5.5 billion rubles in the construction of the residence of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Novo-Ogaryovo, falls Interfax, citing law enforcement sources. "Today, Fireplaces and Kuhner was taken

Owner of a grocery store "Eric" in the city of Strunino of Mamud Aversan each month gives the pensioners, the poor and large families of ten coupons for free bread. For this, the buyers filed complaints with the Prosecutor's office, the presidential administration and the station level, writes "Kommersant". According to Aversana at the free bread came soon retired, and then joined them

22 June 1941 the Great Patriotic war, which changed the fate of millions of people in our country. Some went to the front to defend the Homeland, the other was off somewhere to the rear. And Valery's father had to go on foot to the Crimea, the boy known only from books. Volkov Valery was born in 1929. His family were ordinary workers. Before the war Anna lived in Chernivtsi. Mom died the day before

In the night of Tuesday, March 21, in the house №35 along the street Shock, 35 there was a new collapse. Judging by the photos that the editors of the portal "Penza-Glance" provided a resident of an emergency at home Maria Frolkova, at the first entrance fell out the window and plummeted an impressive piece of masonry. Recall that the first collapse on Impact, 35 occurred on 18 December and since then the house regularly

21 Mar 2017. Renewed strike at SMU Ingeokom, the address of the site - Kutuzov Prospekt d. 36 K. 5 (nearest metro station Kutuzovskaya). Remember, the first time the workers stopped work on February 20 in protest against unpaid wages. Leadership SMU "Ingeokom" promises were made to immediately repay the debt. Witnessing these promises were representatives of the Investigative

Frank article Orthodox priest with quotations from the Ledger of Christians. Why the slave mentality is the norm attitude for an Orthodox Christian? Why would a slave be proud of the heritage of the Lord, including the famous disappearing clock Patriarch? We will talk about amazing in its frankness article Alex Chaplin. To avoid confusion, note that this is not the Chaplin

The Moscow city court held a meeting in the Tver district court in the case of the Initiative group "For responsible power". During the meeting, was questioned by a secret witness, the ongoing investigation as "Ilya Ponomarev". On 21 March the correspondent Kasparov.Ru out of the courtroom. The "stone" in the hall was not present. Before you start questioning judge Alex

An Activist of the "Yabloko" Sophia Rusova detained during a series of pickets near the hotel "Radisson Royal", where the "environmental Forum Ecology of 2017". Currently she is in OVD "Dorogomilovo". About OVD-info reported journalist Andrew Jvirblis. According to him, Rusova written statement of the journalist Maxim Rumyantsev, Director of the Ekaterinburg Center for independent journalism, active

You prove to me that there are people who voluntarily visit grimacing...)) They are, supposedly, on its own initiative, draw posters and overcoming the healthy lazy Saturday morning, go to the main square of the city to hear the speech of the officials... are You serious?.. This roller is difficult to add something. People finally came, when they will celebrate. And quickly go... you Have

It So happened that the Creator of one of the most famous branded characters in the history of the twentieth century artist Eugene Kamzolkin was not public. He lived his life in the suburban town of Pushkino in a secluded and creative atmosphere, which quite harmoniously combine with his truly selfless activities – development of city system of children's education and creativity. On the last

Today, March 18, several social media users posted photos of the ceiling pensioners of the Moscow highway. While on square of Kuibyshev there were celebrations on the third anniversary of the occupation of the Crimea in structure of Russia group of pensioners blocked one of the main transport arteries of the city. As reported by "Park Gagarina" witnesses, it happened around crossing of the Moscow highway

The Average salary in Russia is 15 158 rubles, which is two times less than the official, which publishes the state statistics service, the news service reported "Public television of Russia" with reference to own research. According to Rosstata, the salary of the Russians this year increased by a thousand and 746 is 36 rubles. At the same time, residents of the richest Russian regions will receive over 40 thousand

For a long time, the Theatre was trying to defend their right is a building located in the city centre, in the lane University. Unfortunately all efforts were in vain. The ROC won the battle for the building and soon the children to watch a puppet show will have to go to the North. This was told by the activist of the movement "Urban patrol" Elena

Koptevsky district court of Moscow on March 16 was held the first hearing on the merits of Dmitry Boinova. He is an activist in the protection of Park "oaklets". Dramatic conflict is not new. The developer, having a full set of permits, began construction on the territory of the former kindergarten, located almost in the Park. Angry residents demanded an end to

Some of the protesters because of the cuts in welfare benefits by 25% of mothers of Montenegro went to drastic measures. They started lying on a hunger strike in front of the Assembly (Parliament) in the capital Podgorica. About thirty of the hundreds of women lay on the street under the Windows of the Parliament of Montenegro and declared a hunger strike to meet their requirements. The reaction of the parliamentarians was very typical – they dropped in the Windows