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The Company Meizu continues to whet the interest of the public to the announcement of a new potential hit of sales in the face of budget smartphone Meizu 16X. We already know that it must be almost a full copy of the flagship smartphone with the same characteristics. The differences relate only less efficient single-chip system and more simple materials. However, the manufacturer in its new teaser stated that anyone can buy a white version of the Meizu 16X with premium material of the body. We are talking about material that are not normally found in this price category. I would suggest that it is a metal alloy or ceramic. the Announcement is expected on 19 September, price should start at $ 290. comment

At the time of the announcement of a new generation of graphics cards, Nvidia announced that the model RTX and RTX 2080 2080 Ti will go on sale September 20, but more accessible RTX 2070 will have to wait until Oct. As it turned out, time will only model RTX 2080, but the flagship will be delayed for a week. The company announced in the forum on your website. the reasons for this change in the timing says nothing, but notes that applications for RTX 2080 Ti furnished upon request, be executed over a period from 20 to 27 September. The manufacturer's suggested retail prices have not changed, but the overstatement of their retailers at the start of sales is a common practice. comment

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition in recent weeks, the Network appeared more leaks than was the original model Xiaomi Mi 8. We already know that Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition, focuses on the younger generation, will be presented in China on 19 September this year. Now on the website Suning Tesco page taking pre-orders, which indicates that the smartphone will go on sale September 25. the features of the smartphone include a gradient color of the rear panel, the user can access color Twilight Gold, Dream Blue, Deep Space Gray and so on. the Price of new items will not exceed $ 290. comment

, the Network continues to receive the test results processor Intle Core of the ninth generation. This time in the Geekbench database spotted potentially one of the most popular members of the series – Core i5-9600K. Alas, this CPU demonstrated results show the benefit of the previous generation. Geekbench the CPU is tested only twice. Maximum results – 6027 points in a single-threaded test and 23 472 points in multi-threaded. For comparison, the results of Core i5-8600K are: 6191 609 and 24 points, respectively. And this despite the fact that the frequency of the Core i5-9600K above: 3.7 V - 4.6 GHz vs 3,6-,4. 3 GHz Core i5-8600K. of Course, while a couple of tests to draw final conclusions too early, but obviously not much point in replacing Core i5-8600K...

As it became known, Apple has selected LG Display as a supplier of flexible panels for smartphones iPhone. Until that moment the sole supplier of OLED panels Samsung Display. Apple first used OLED displays in the iPhone X in 2017. This year OLED panel will be used in the iPhone XS and XS Max. Samsung is the leader in the industry and in the development of flexible OLED panels to be used in the new flagship smartphone of the company. Samsung also plans to sell flexible panel to other manufacturers. Samsung has already sent flexible screens for smartphones companies Xiaomi and Oppo. This is also the position of LG. Recently, the sixth generation of flexible OLED panels successfully passed the tests of quality of Apple. The company plans to start mass...

Through the month Huawei will present its flagship phones Huawei Mate 20, 20 Pro Mate and Mate 20 Porsche Design. Sources have published images of protective cases for Huawei Mate 20, in which you can see the cutouts for camera, fingerprint sensor, and various connectors. the Camera will really be accommodated in a square block, which consists of three lens and led flash. Below will be the fingerprint sensor, which the two older models was placed under the screen. Now it is known that the Huawei Mate 20 will retain the 3.5 mm Jack, despite the General trend, and the failure of this connector many manufacturers. the Announcement of new products is expected on October 16. comment

We already know a lot about the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth and really looking forward to the official announcement scheduled for Wednesday. But before this event there is still a couple of days, once again we can look at the machine and its real characteristics. Photo menu item settings "About phone" gives an idea about the real characteristics of the Mi 8 Youth. See here Android 8.1 Global MIUI 10, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal flash memory, OCTA core CPU 2.2 GHz (Snapdragon SoC 710). But there is still a code name of the smartphone – Platina and catalogue number – M1808D2TG. The latter, incidentally, up to the penultimate letter corresponds to the number of Mi 8 Youth (M1808D2TE), which was tested TENAA. Among the placers of the labels on the rear...

We already wrote that on October 2, the planned announcement of new hardware solutions Microsoft Surface. Special specifics about this no, but judging from the published source images, Microsoft will present at least the laptop Surface new generation. Outside new hardly distinguishable from the current model, even the color scheme itself is quite consistent. Therefore, we can assume that most changes will affect the hardware platform, first and foremost, the processors used in the actual is still the Surface of the CPU Intel Core of the seventh generation will be replaced by more modern processors. comment

In addition to the many different innovations Nvidia generation Turing will also get support for a new Scanner tool. Is a software tool for automatic overclocking, 3D cards. Apparently, the very Nvidia your option offer will not be. Instead, partners will be able to integrate the Scanner into their own branded applications for overclocking. And in the video below you can see how it will work this tool. As you can see, the software can control not only the frequency, but also voltage and power limit. In this case, the application EVGA Precision X1 with integrated Scanner API could automatically overclock the GPU accelerator GeForce RTX 2080 up to a frequency of 2130 MHz at a voltage of 1068 mW. The memory was not overclocked. Given that the recommended...

In the photo below, you can see that depicted an unknown Nokia smartphone with a very unusual camera. On the body you can see six holes, one of which is occupied by flash. As for the other five, you can't exactly say that all of this — the camera lens, at least one module can be laser assistant autofocus. On this background, it is worth remembering the recent rumors that the new flagship Nokia may be the first to receive multi-modular camera Light. By the way, at the same time on the conceptual image of the placement of the sensors was very similar to what we see in the photo. comment

Few days ago we learned that Oreo Android installed now 14.6% of compatible devices. Apple today also published similar statistics on iOS. At the moment, iOS 11 installed on 85% of compatible devices. Another 10% are running iOS 10, and 5% are using earlier versions. As in the case of the Android Pie, iOS 12 in the statistics is not yet available. But she obviously will be there next time. We will remind, already on 12 September Apple will introduce new smart phones, and with them, the final version of iOS 12. comment

Voice assistant Amazon's Alexa has gained immense popularity partly due to the fact that the company has made it available to third-party developers, which for several years has created thousands of new skills for hundreds of different devices. the Google now Assistant is also available to third-party developers. The same way soon, go and Samsung. Reportedly, the assistant Bixby will become available for integration into third-party software until the end of the year. This should allow Bixby to become popular, although, of course, the problem Bixby not only that. comment

Device Users complain of Fitbit forum that their trackers, and the watch does not sync with smartphones running Android Pie. Fitbit announced that it already knows about the problem and working on a fix, but it is unclear when will you release an update. And while the company works, some users have found a solution to the problem, but it works not always. You need to run in the sync process, then go into the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, click "Add a device" and select an already connected device Fitbit. Then you need to return to the application. If you are lucky, the synchronization process will be successful. comment

While Audi has already launched mass production of its first electric crossover, Mercedes-Benz announced today, only such a car. Novelty called EQC 400 4Matic. Not only is it the first all-electric crossover of the brand, but also demonstrates a new design which will probably take not all fans of Mercedes-Benz. the Car is equipped with two electric motors with total capacity of 402 HP and a torque of 564 N·m. This allows the machine to accelerate to the first hundred in 4.9 s. At the moment, for the machine the stated battery capacity of 80 kWh, but with the range of the manufacturer has not yet decided. Mercedes-Benz suggests that at the time of launch in 2020, the figure will be 320 km (other data indicate 450 km). Crossover can be charged at stations...

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) said that Apple does not intend in the near future to equip their smartphones podanym fingerprint scanner. At least next year the new iPhone will not receive such dactyloscopus. What will happen in 2020 is unclear. Apple does not seek to use such technology at least because technology Face ID showed himself quite well and was warmly received by users, despite its shortcomings. At the same time podkladnye fingerprint scanners in most of them is inferior to a normal speed and recognition accuracy, and cost more. comment