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Few days ago we published parameters for several new Intel processors, including one model of a family Cannonlake. In addition, there was a desktop CPU Core i3-8300, Core i5-8600T, Core i5-8500 and Core i7-8670. Today, these data were added, first, information on prices, and secondly, the parameters of the Pentium and Celeron family of Coffee Lake. For convenience, we put all the data in the table. Model number of cores/threads Frequency, GHz the Amount of cache L3, MB TDP, W Price, USD. Core i5-8600 6/6 3,1-? 9 65 260 Core i5-8500 6/6 a 3.0? 9 65 235 Core i3-8300 4/4 3,7 6 65 170 Pentium Gold G5600 2/4 3,9 4 51 120 Pentium Gold G5500 2/4 3,8 4 51 100 Pentium g5400 is Gold 2/4 3,7 4 51 85 Celeron G4920 2/2 3,2 2...

Google, owner of YouTube, has changed the rules of the monetization of the channels on this site. Starting from January 16 began to operate the new rules. According to them, to enable monetization on the channel which has 1,000 subscribers and has a total of more than 4000 hours of hits over the past 12 months. To the tightening of YouTube has pushed the situation last year, when the channels with poor quality and "stolen" content started making money almost from the beginning. Google claims that the filter 10 000 views, which were relevant earlier, was not effective. Channels, which is connected to monetization, but who don't have 1000 subscribers and 4000 views hours, disconnected from the monetization of February 20. Tags: Google , YouTube comment