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8 Jun 1978, there was the legendary Intel 8086.It is not only the first 16 bit CPU from Intel, but also the first x86 chip. In other words, he "spoke" the same language as the processors in modern desktop computers and laptops. Crystal 8086 contained 29500 transistors — laughable by today's standards the number, but according to this characteristic, the processor is noticeably superior to its predecessors. He worked at a frequency of 5, 8 or 10 MHz. For comparison, modern phones are processors with a frequency of 2000 MHz, or even higher. Soon after the Soviet engineers have created a processor K1810VM86 — essentially a clone of the Intel 8086, who worked at frequencies up to 5 MHz.

3 Jun 2008 Intel launched a range of Atom processors. Premiered at Computex 2008 in Taipei, where immediately were presented and the first netbooks based on Intel Atom. However, for a long time the popularity of these computers is not enough — the Intel Atom is moving too slowly, the model is Intel Core 2 Duo and even Intel Pentium (truncated versions of Core i3, rather than those who are doing today from the tablet processors) were too expensive. In the end, with the release of the Apple iPad in 2010, in 2011 the tablets on iOS and Android surpassed netbook sales. And in 2012, the pioneers in the market of netbooks, ASUS and Acer, has stated that it will no longer produce vehicles of this type.

Gathering gradually went out of fashion, and the technique ceases to be a value of "forever". Not to mention, disposable film or music, fashionable only for one season. In gaming consoles the big game, not "piece of iron", the flagship smartphone is something that he, and not the "thing in itself". And appliances can cost a lot of money, so more and more people are choosing subscriptions instead of buying – so you get what otherwise would have bought at full price, but cheaper and immediately. We have made a selection of companies and services that offer great and interesting subscription:

26 may 2011 Google has launched a mobile electronic payment system.Google Wallet is designed to work on smartphones with Android OS and with a module of wireless data transmission NFC. The system allows to pay for purchases in stores using a phone running a special app, he was introduced a little later, in September of the same year. At launch, the feature was only available on the Nexus S 4G, with only a contractual connection in the United States. Today, Google Wallet works on almost all smartphones with Android and NFC. Apple launched in late 2014 the same system Apple Pay, which the iPhone 6/6+ can also pay for purchases with a smartphone, but the service was initially available only in the United States.

24 may 1862 godevil conducted a trial run of the train and London underground, the first subway in the world. The trip was 33 minutes. During this time, the composition has overcome 4 miles, after 7 stops between the stations of Farringdon and Paddington. The construction of the subway began in 1855, and at first was open way: they dug a huge trench, laid the path, built the vaults and ceilings, and covered with soil. Because of this we had to demolish buildings and dig up streets, stood in the way of the future tunnel. A new form of transport very quickly began to gain popularity as it became the fastest 2 million the British capital is experiencing serious transport difficulties. The first trains were not electric — trains pulled by a locomotive, so in...

7 years ago on may 7, 2012, Micron announced the creation of its first DDR4 memory module. Working samples have been sent to all partners, and full production was scheduled to begin in 2013. However, the first desktop platform that works with DDR4, became LGA2011-v3, which includes the system Board on the basis of logic X99 Express and the Central processor family Haswell-E. They were presented only on 29 August 2014. It is noteworthy that the Association began the development of JEDEC standard DDR4 in the distant 2005.

To Criticize Xiaomi smartphones not fashionable today — even fans of mobile phones in their showdown agree that "there are shortcomings, but they are at all, but other manufacturers and more brazen with prices completely". And still Redmi 7 criticized from all sides for withdrawal from medium size screen in "the spade," behind the times, compared to 6 Redmi, price, and more cool Redmi Note 7 costs the same. Really old Redmi new cooler, and generally it worth while to buy the new Xiaomi budget, and not something else?

Don't know about you, but we, ., are regularly asked to recommend a good smartphone for 5 thousand rubles. To the criteria "that there was support for 4G, normal GPS and a slot for the SD card". Want to automatically respond with a grin and the words: "Buddy, are you kidding me? At this price, in principle, as any working smartphone, is happiness!". But every time I find myself thinking that with this answer I'm in the same theorist "is not used, but have an opinion", as the person who asks for advice. Only his prejudice that the smartphone will be good, and I have - that the smartphone will be bad. What will it be for 5 thousand rubles, really?

On the street fantastic, unpredictable and aggressive football finally holiday Rambler got exclusive rights to broadcast the English Premier League. All matches, full of life famous League, an analyst with England and Russia now settled in the cinema online Okko and Okko new section.Sport in the next three years. Live broadcast of matches with the ability to rewind and record all events in the Premier League in the next three years. The life of the legendary teams from Manchester city to Newcastle United. To watch the championship of the country that invented football (Yes, this was England) from Russia was so comfortable, as if you are the noble Lord and doing it from one of his estates in Birmingham. And no advertising.

March 10, 2014 Sony and Panasonic has introduced a standard optical media Archival Disc. It is specifically designed for industrial applications. The choice of method of storing information in the form of optical discs, the Japanese explained such virtues as dust and water resistance, and a resistance to changes in temperature and humidity. Another plus Archival Disc announced — the continuity between speakers of different generations, i.e. there will be full compatibility with previously recorded discs new drives.

16 Feb 2009, Samsung introduced the Blue Earth phone with a solar battery and a touch screen.This is a true smartphone based on Android, but its case was made of recycled plastic bottles. To save energy, Samsung made a special software that adjusts the brightness of the screen and also disables Bluetooth, 3G, and Wi-Fi modules if the battery charge is critically low. Additionally, the Blue Earth was counting function emitted into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide on the basis of data on the number of steps taken. Alas, solar panels in smartphones has not caught on and this model, like other companies, was just a demonstration of what Samsung cares about the environment.

“Lopatina” or, as they are affectionately called, “phablets”, are still popular, although really a luxury smartphone with maximum features among them a little. Samsung Galaxy Note has long ceased to be record-large smartphone — ”only” 6.4 inch diagonally. Once it was about-go-go, but thanks to the fashion for a reduction of framework even in the dimensions of the old “shovels” can be entered the display bigger. Today we have the most new and interesting to buy smartphones with extremely large screens new fashion proportions.

11 Feb 2003 came out the graphics benchmark 3DMark 2003. In 2002, the company was renamed Mad Onion in known to this day Futuremark. The Corporation still produces popular software to evaluate the performance of iron. For Example, PCMark. Finnish products are not only tests components of desktop computers and laptops, but also mobile devices. 3DMark 2003 introduced simultaneously with the release of DirectX 9. In total this benchmark was fourth after 3DMark 99, 3DMark 2000 and 3DMark 2001. For the first three days after the release of the program has been downloaded almost two million times when the weight distribution is 180 MB.

5 February 1958 American bomber B-47 and F-86 collided in the sky, and then the emergency crew of the bomber dropped a hydrogen bomb into the ocean.The fighter lost a wing and crashed, the pilot managed to eject, but the bomber failed engine and damage the fuel tanks. When the plane began to lose altitude, the captain made the decision to reveal a compartment with a hydrogen bomb the Mark 15 approximate weight of 3,500 kg and dump it in the ocean. The bomb fell to the bottom of the Gulf of USSO (GA) with a height of 2200 meters, the explosion followed.

Do you Remember what stuff looked like Samsung Galaxy S4 mini on the background of the full-fledged S4, or LG G3s against the standard G3? Mini versions of flagships have always been the budget way to sell junk at exorbitant prices to the buyer who will bite on a big name and is similar to the original appearance. But now Koreans have come to mind: the G7 Fit LG just replaced the excessively powerful CPU on moderate performance and lowered the price to the level of "Chinese" middle class. Test flagship smartphone of 2018, with the processor 2016 and wonder what happened.