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11 August 1926, Kodak started work on the creation of color film.The first attempts to make the picture in color movie was made soon after the invention of cinematography. It is known that Thomas Edison, in 1895, applied manual coloring of the film with aniline dyes. Of course, this technology was very time consuming, but such films were popular with viewers, still, after all, there was only black-and-white movie. In 1908, the popular three-color film, when the film was shot in three different films in three different light filter. And only 9 years after the beginning of works on creation of full-color film, Kodak in 1935 introduced the pay Eastmancolor film, which was intended for Amateur 16 mm cameras. A year later there were 8 and 35mm varieties called...

On the background of hysteria around the us sanctions, and new coronaviruses exorbitant prices for smartphone, few people noticed that Honor (popularly known as "Huawei minus decorations") has released one of the coolest of the flagships of the ratio of the steepness cameras prices — cameras, a processor and a number of chips from a pricey Mate 30 Pro, but with a constant price of tens of thousands per day. Now this smartphone is cheaper than any that fast + cool for photography Samsung, Huawei, Realme, iPhone, Oppo and so on. Why such generosity and why it is not swept from the shelves, if it's as good as we get "flooded"?

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are faced with problems of growth. I touched it and the manufacturers of smartphones - the same Samsung announced the flagship line of Galaxy S20 on the eve of General quarantine, faced with falling sales of devices in comparison with indicators of last year. Apparently, in this regard, the Korean technogiant decided to be closer to the people and to abandon its own voice assistant in the new smartphones - that was the request of many Samsung users in the past few years.

If the characteristics of all speakers varies from model to model, the software "chips" arrive in new audio equipment, not as individual cases but as a trend. For example, the new models are not just an external speaker (can play, can not play), and smart devices — now they are sometimes found voice assistant Alice. It remains to see if there's a new sound, the body and autonomy. So we got to test some of the newest presents Bluetooth speaker 2020, Link Music JBL and JBL Portable Link and checked what may surprise a class of devices, which no one expects nothing. Some things are very pleased.

Recent months, fans around the world voiced their displeasure about the new pricing policy Xiaomi - they say the company is too much overprice as a mainstream device and not the flagship. And such a position has the right to life, the first models of the Chinese brand Mi sold for the price of 1 999 yuan or 285 dollars. And in 2020, Xiaomi Mi 10 at the start was estimated at 3,999 yuan, or 570 dollars! Apparently, the Chinese technogiant heard the pleas of fans, according to reports, Xiaomi may launch a full-fledged flagship for the price of a mainstream smartphone.

Samsung has always been the most greedy and arrogant producer of budget smartphones under the recipe "will still buy, we have prestigious label". And it is bought! But then, when even before us sanctions, Huawei started to take away Samsung's market share, and Oppo/Realme/Vivo and Xiaomi have turned in a marginal Galaxy smartphones, the Korean manufacturer "fright" decided to push the pride away and be the first to make a competitive, and not some horrible, budget smartphones. We now test the two models with these new manners. Successful only one. But so successful that even the newest budget smartphones look at the background of her dubious purchase.

In the first half of 2018, almost half a year before the official announcement, in the hands of bloggers got Google Pixel 3 — flagship smartphone the search giant, which at first I took to be poorly assembled fake. But as it turned out during the presentation, it was exactly what the new Pixel, but Google just leaked the new almost half a year before the premiere. Then there was the history of leaks, Google Pixel Google Pixel 3a and 4, which, let's be honest, not so much surprised. And, apparently, technogiant and this year decided to continue the tradition: in the network appeared the first review of cheap cameraphone Google Pixel 4a almost a month before the official announcement.

At a time when Xiaomi too lazy to start sales of the flagship Mi 10 due to coronavirus (probably, marketers are paid a salary, even if smartphones are not for sale), Google heroically comes on eggs by disabling services on all new Huawei and ZTE do not understand what you do, the choice of smartphone middle class in Russia is very transformed. And we are already beginning to talk about the producers that... no, not just got in, and was always there, just remained in the shadows. And we have plenty to talk about, especially because not hyped Chinese vendors, in contrast to the snickering, ready to sell their smartphones even cheaper than the Chinese shops.

We All still pussyfoot smart vacuum cleaners, "scratching your head", afraid to waste money, and indeed we believe such a technique rather a vehicle for the cats inside the house, rather than a serious cleaning gadgets. But from the time when smart vacuum cleaner started to sell, it's been almost twenty years, and now they have already adapted to difficult harvesting conditions, and generally become smarter. And if from the cheapest (and top sales are such) are waiting to "it's at least something there figachit on the floor", what to expect from the robot cleaner for the price of a flagship smartphone? Yes, we also have no idea and so decided to test this technique in action.

Many years of smartphone makers chasing megapixels, thus trying to attract a new audience to their devices. But at some point, first HTC and then Apple showed that it is not the number of pixels that can shoot smartphone camera and how much light they can take each pixel on the matrix. In the end, for almost ten years the industry standard was a value between 8 and 12 MP, but to those who tried to offer more, treated with disdain. But everything changed last year when the market was flooded with first 48 MP systems, then 64 MP. The peak was 108 MP camera, presented in December 2019. But, apparently, this is not the limit — Samsung, for example, is developing a smartphone with a revolutionary 600 Megapixel camera.

During the epidemic of the coronavirus is very important to observe some basic rules: every time you wash your hands after touching any surfaces outside the home, to keep your distance while on the street, and not to leave the confines of their apartment for no apparent reason. But there is another point which is equally important: the fight against widespread misinformation. It is for this struggle, with the support of who, and has developed a new mobile application for assistance coronavirus.

One of the main problems in the modern world of smartphones is that manufacturers add huge power chargers, not thinking through how it will react battery. It is likely that in a year and a half, the owners of modern leaders faced with the fact that the batteries in their devices is very much degraded, losing up to half of its original capacity. To solve this problem, Huawei has introduced its new technology of “smart” charging, which will appear in the future EMUI — with its help, the manufacturer intends to protect the battery of smartphones.

The First smartphone, developed by a subsidiary of Xiaomi called Pocophone, was released in late 2018. The device turned out to be so interesting, not least because of the combination of price/features that users are already two years waiting for the release of the second flagship of the company. Yes, just recently been announced Poco X2, but this release is hardly an accomplishment fans, as iron there is not flagship, and overall, the smartphone doesn't cause “those” feelings. Fortunately, the network has information about what a device can become the basis for a long-awaited affordable flagship Pocophone F2.

Despite the fact that Microsoft announced their new console back in December of last year, we still unknown the price that the company will ask for the device. The same can be said about the console Sony, the truth about her we know practically nothing — information on ultra-fast SSD is, of course, that's something, but obviously not drawn to the full announcement. But, fortunately, in the industry there are experts, who often tells us about new products before the producers themselves. At this time one of them told me what price you can expect for the Xbox and PlayStation Series X 5.

The Reason people are changing some wireless headphones to the other, and partly apparent. And no, it's not that they wear out or do not work well with new smartphones. And they have long wide: from steep and cheap for its price Xiaomi AirDots for two and a half thousand to insanely expensive Beats Powerbeats Pro for 20 thousand with equally insane battery life. But with the sound almost all TWS headphone (models from Apple AirPods) serious problems. Meanwhile, for those to basics and look at the Pioneer SE-CH5T-R wired headphones with the inhuman title, but it is good and deep sound.