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Almost everyone who praises or criticizes smartphone Yandex says almost nothing about the smartphone, but only about his attitude to the Russian search engine? Technical competent journalists somehow turn into jesters on both sides of the fence — some, when you compare this unit with the latest IPhones, the second — when issued "ha ha, MPs and the FSB will listen to you right out of your pocket!" instead of talking about the processor, battery, screen or camera. We will explain what is "Yandex.Phone" as a mobile for 18 thousand in comparison with the competitors and to clearly explain whether it is worth buying.

23 Nov 1889 earned the world's first jukebox, it was installed at the Palais Royal Saloon in San Francisco. Soon the device became known as the "Nickel-in-slot" ("Nickel" — a colloquial name of a five-cent coin). The very first model was reproduced two-minute audio recorded on the surface of the cylinder, and listen to the sound needed through the tube like a stethoscope. Over time, the cylinder gave way to the gramophone disc, and users were able to quickly choose one of several melodies.

All who tasted the advantages of Chinese cell phones, can you like to giggle and point fingers, but in the eyes of ordinary customers, the Koreans Samsung and LG are perceived exclusively as respectable and respected manufacturers. From their flagship smartphones, it is customary to wait for technical breakthroughs almost never expect from a Chinese, the best cameras, the hottest sound and the best quality screens. But now we will see what these companies offer at a reasonable price. We took the LG and Samsung smartphones middle class with a "twist" in the form of water resistance, in order to compare them among themselves and with Chinese competitors.

The Best cameras and powerful processors in Android smartphones in 2018 — in the fight for first place in sales Huawei does not skimp on investments in the stuffing. However, not for our own benefit or to satisfy their ambitions for, and immodest amounts — we have two of the most expensive Chinese smartphone, except melkomyagkie models with diamonds and other decorations. We tried to figure out whether the price Huawei, which is more top-end models from Sony and Samsung, how much worse Mate Junior 20, or maybe in this crazy time to say the Chinese "good bye" and return to the good old manufacturers?

One of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak once said, "Never trust a computer you can't throw out the window". Since then times have changed and computers from the home of the "typewriter" or assistant in the calculations, scientists have become a part of almost any household appliance. And that scares a lot stronger, become a mandatory component of the modern car. Previously, only the auxiliary systems against the skid, and now instead of the usual controls. If you can drive a car without a steering wheel and simulated accelerator pedal electronic button?

You Can endlessly look at three things, as the river flows, how fire burns and how Tim cook says the word "amazing" ("amazing"). In this sense the yesterday's presentation of the iPhone XS is no different from any other Apple presentation. Public opinion after it was divided into two extremes: "wow, I want!" and "Oh no, Apple is not the same". After yesterday's broadcast we had the time to rethink all the presents and look at the news more critically. But before to talk about what happened, let's look at what was not.

Quite a bit left to the main annual event in the field of IT-Telecom – autumn Apple presentation. Yes, we know, "no the iPhone is not interesting", "Apple is not the same", "Steve jobs on them, no," and all that, but in fact live broadcasts around the world once again bring together the millions of those who are really not interested. Then quite successful and seemingly self-sufficient producers will copy the most ridiculous "features" of the new iPhones. In this article, we present their predictions about the presentation, as well as gather all known leak – at least, most likely.

Welcome to the world raspaltsovannyh flagship smartphones! The entrance ticket in the form of iPhone X b/y will cost you cheap — from 60 thousand rubles. The minimum set of brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 costing 70 thousand, because the smartphone was released recently and b/y almost does not appear. And the top luxury consumption among the leaders with good performance... the Conjoint child of the Chinese Huawei and the German Porsche — from 135 to 165 thousand rubles! Why is the smartphone-a"half-breed" asking for this amount and what happens when you get used to the smartphone for two thousand euros, I'll tell you.

The celebrity to cash in on his fame. Some are promoting hydrogen water, while others go for paid Dating wealthy men, and others portray the scandalous divorce to the public, to attract attention to his new film. The crypt is also not paid attention to – for one ICO you can cut a few hundred thousand and a couple million dollars, just Shine a popular face on the camera and leaving the post on Twitter. How can we pass this opportunity?! However, it is not so simple, and sometimes participate in cryptoprocta brings nothing but tarnished reputation.

It is not even in power. Smartphones have already surpassed the performance console of the previous generation. Xbox 360 GPU performance 240 GFLOPS was made (240 million floating point operations per second), the iPhone X this figure equal to 350 GFLOPS, and the latest system on chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 – 727 GFLOPS. Even highly specialized hybrid Nintendo console Switch in portable mode just squeezes 157-198 GFLOPS... AND why on smartphones we don't see "their" Uncharted, Halo, Legend Of Zelda?

There are things that are not surprising: the habit of the government all the time something to ban, obscenely expensive iPhone, powerful processors in the Chinese smartphones. And there are those who do not wait. For example, the fact that ASUS give up on the "prestige of the uniform," and begin to beat Xiaomi directly on their territory, in budget smartphones. But that is exactly what happened — Zenfone Max M1 Pro immediately became the most powerful smartphone with a bigger battery, but still one of the cheapest. There isn't a trick, and how this upstart looks in comparison with the current "king of the hill", Xiaomi?

We've learned that Alcatel is a smartphone in case you don't have enough money to Samsung in the mobile salons. But today we have to test Alcatel, which is interesting not for the usual criterion of "but it's cheap", and the coolest frameless design, good cameras and USB-C where competitors often offer a "goners" without a hint of modern stuffing. On the other hand, Alcatel has never claimed the laurels of Xiaomi and not designed record cool "anti-crisis" model. Did Alcatel 5 to be the exception?

Welcome to the world of billionaires, according to Forbes, which made a fortune on digital coins! Bitcoin managed to be in the top five of world currencies by market capitalization, among other things, on the head of staging familiar and native to us ruble. Young people suddenly found that will not remain young forever, and have to postpone the cryptocurrency for old age. And you still "swim" in the definition of what is a bitcoin? One of the main and most controversial phenomena of the last decade is legends, but we will restrict ourselves to the analysis of common newbie questions.

Every day, I hear that Mars will be Apple blossom, and new computer technology will allow us to live comfortably, more time, less time for routine, etc. most Often, the chatter of the matter and ends, but the technology forget. But not in the case of Google, which holds in the fist half of the Internet and smartphones in our pockets. Once a world famous Corporation demonstrates several advanced features of the nearest future. And we tell about the most interesting of them.

It's hot and I want ice cream. And homemade ice cream – useful, no artificial colors and flavors, with fresh berries, with a small amount of sugar. Besides it is possible not to put foods that cause allergies – for example, eggs or to do without animal products, replacing them with coconut or almond milk and juices. It is not quick: it will take a few hours at his kneading and solidification. Tell what kind of freezer to choose whether you can get by with just a refrigerator and what is the technique for making ice cream.