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Today was held the largest exhibition of mobile electronics MWC 2020. Unfortunately, the epidemic of the coronavirus, the event was canceled, depriving us of the opportunity to see many interesting announcements. But some producers still did not deny myself the pleasure to share their latest developments and or came to Barcelona, but by themselves, or found another way to present its own news. Among these companies are Huawei Honor and with whose first major presentation in 2020, you can watch online. Links to the broadcast, we'll leave below.

Smartphones similar to the Rubik's cube they either "everything went perfectly", or any of the sides they look kind of weird (and sometimes and not one, but several). To understand this, you will have to peruse the table with the characteristics for each model within the budget, then the information on different sites to figure out which of these characteristics are important and which are not, and finally, to place candidates for purchasing from best to worst in terms of price and quality. Or read our review and see what a smartphone already exists.

Games published by Humble quite difficult to call blockbuster, but at least they are hearing through the publisher. To be more precise, known area, where Humble enough often satisfied with the large sales, in which you can catch a lot of games from third party publishers at very good prices. This time, however, the sale comes to its own games, but also a platform to honor such events not quite familiar — games are sold not on the official website of Humble and popular online games store Steam.

As is known, in the current generation of Xbox no own virtual reality helmet, what can be said about PlayStation. Not only that, the company released the device in this segment in principle, one of the first, so also the cost of its solution puts on the shoulder of absolutely all a little bit of standing competitors. Many expected at least in the new generation of Microsoft will give console owners the opportunity to dive into the world of VR, but judging by the statement of the head unit, the probability that it will happen, every day becoming smaller.

In the network do not stop talking about the new generation of designer smartphones Xiaomi — Xiaomi Mi Mix. At first it was speculated that the device will get a display that will cover more than 100% of the area of the front surface of the smartphone, but then it turned out that this is not a new Mi Mix, and Mix Alpha. Now, the network appeared the image of the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi 4 Mix and, apparently, it will look like the final device. The main feature of novelty is its second display, located on the back of the smartphone.

More recently, Huawei was faced with a huge number of problems and constraints associated with sanctions imposed on it by the US government. The company lost the ability to use a full-fledged Android with Google services in their smartphones, for some time almost all the hardware manufacturers refused to cooperate with the Chinese technology giants for the same reason. And here now it became known that the leaders of Huawei began to show definite signs of paranoia, trying to find the traitors within the company.

Reviews of smartphones transformed into a technology that will never use. You'd think all desperately need to scan your face in 3D virtual reality, to shoot slow-motion video of the shootings of the movie "the Matrix" or check your heart rate. Just manufacturers are trying to make smartphones more expensive and add useless features to justify their greed. And still reasonable for the price of the flagship no frills and with high-quality basic functions still exist. Today we will tell you about one of the best smartphones in its class.

In Spite of the pressure that Huawei suffers from the United States in recent years, the company continues to move forward, developing new technologies that will allow it not to depend on supplies from the United States. Perhaps the company is not interested in how to turn Harmony OS mobile operating system, but the company is clearly consolidating its position in the market of mobile processors. The Chinese giant has finally confirmed the existence and the forthcoming announcement of the chip Kirin 990 and, unsurprisingly, he again focused on 5G.

Mobile Phones is a type of technology that has no eternal authority. Who was nothing will become everything that we observe on the example of Chinese manufacturers. And Vice versa: death (to be Frank) HTC half-dead as Sony and LG is good prove. Alcatel was always somewhere in the middle of the fight, but has long ceased to break in the premium and Vice versa, trying to offer an alternative to the cheap "Chinese". And today we have smartphone with specifications a little better than the Xiaomi budget, but even cheaper. All this, in good sense of the word, is alarming, so today we will check whether fresh budget Alcatel to compete with the "China Suite".

If you still think that smartphones with a giant screen a lot, open online shopping and refresh my memory — half Huawei (one official, which already almost anywhere do not sell, the second one anyhow adapted to Russia illegally imported Chinese) and one is Xiaomi, which outside of Moscow is already too easily and not buy. It is amazing that the most modern and coolest smartphone with a large screen made Samsung lazy, lazier which is the development of cellphones to look for more (find 10 differences Galaxy S7 edge from Galaxy from Galaxy S8 and S9). Yes, and made this phone frameless, record compact and with an unusual camera! It is necessary to take?

23 July 1985 on combat duty was delivered the first missile regiment "Topol" in the city of Yoshkar-Ola. "Topol" is a mobile missile system equipped with three-stage solid-fuel Intercontinental ballistic missile RT-2PM. The development of this weapon began in 1975 at the Moscow Institute of thermal technology under the leadership of chief designer A. D. Nadiradze, but officially the decision on creating the "Topol", which was released on 19 July 1977. The first flight test of the missile took place on 27 October 1982 at the site "Kapustin Yar" and ended in complete failure. The second launch took place on 8 February 1983. He has been successful. August 10, 1983 was the fourth test launch of "Topol", first produced not from a silo, but by a self-propelled...

Just recently, Qualcomm announced the release of their new mobile Snapdragon processor 855 Plus. In fact, it is an improved version of their previous flagship CPU with the addition of just a couple of strokes designed to improve the already wild performance. Given the fact that in the near future, Samsung is expected to submit its Galaxy Note 10, many netizens began to suspect that the company will release the device for us and Chinese markets just in time for the new processor from Qualcomm. But there it was.

When we talk about protected smartphone, we mean covered in decorative socket "kitayschinu" with unpredictable build quality. When we remember the sturdy push-button phones, we are talking about models "nothing, so nothing to break" like the Nokia 3310 or the false fabrications "I was attacked by the samurai with the katana, and I exposed your Samsung, broke their swords, and then beat them by the same cell phone and called his home to say that you will be late". But today we will talk about reference phone, which combines the flagship bells and whistles with steep (even by the standards of push-button mobile phones) protection.

8 Jun 1978, there was the legendary Intel 8086.It is not only the first 16 bit CPU from Intel, but also the first x86 chip. In other words, he "spoke" the same language as the processors in modern desktop computers and laptops. Crystal 8086 contained 29500 transistors — laughable by today's standards the number, but according to this characteristic, the processor is noticeably superior to its predecessors. He worked at a frequency of 5, 8 or 10 MHz. For comparison, modern phones are processors with a frequency of 2000 MHz, or even higher. Soon after the Soviet engineers have created a processor K1810VM86 — essentially a clone of the Intel 8086, who worked at frequencies up to 5 MHz.

3 Jun 2008 Intel launched a range of Atom processors. Premiered at Computex 2008 in Taipei, where immediately were presented and the first netbooks based on Intel Atom. However, for a long time the popularity of these computers is not enough — the Intel Atom is moving too slowly, the model is Intel Core 2 Duo and even Intel Pentium (truncated versions of Core i3, rather than those who are doing today from the tablet processors) were too expensive. In the end, with the release of the Apple iPad in 2010, in 2011 the tablets on iOS and Android surpassed netbook sales. And in 2012, the pioneers in the market of netbooks, ASUS and Acer, has stated that it will no longer produce vehicles of this type.