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16 Feb 2009, Samsung introduced the Blue Earth phone with a solar battery and a touch screen.This is a true smartphone based on Android, but its case was made of recycled plastic bottles. To save energy, Samsung made a special software that adjusts the brightness of the screen and also disables Bluetooth, 3G, and Wi-Fi modules if the battery charge is critically low. Additionally, the Blue Earth was counting function emitted into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide on the basis of data on the number of steps taken. Alas, solar panels in smartphones has not caught on and this model, like other companies, was just a demonstration of what Samsung cares about the environment.

“Lopatina” or, as they are affectionately called, “phablets”, are still popular, although really a luxury smartphone with maximum features among them a little. Samsung Galaxy Note has long ceased to be record-large smartphone — ”only” 6.4 inch diagonally. Once it was about-go-go, but thanks to the fashion for a reduction of framework even in the dimensions of the old “shovels” can be entered the display bigger. Today we have the most new and interesting to buy smartphones with extremely large screens new fashion proportions.

11 Feb 2003 came out the graphics benchmark 3DMark 2003. In 2002, the company was renamed Mad Onion in known to this day Futuremark. The Corporation still produces popular software to evaluate the performance of iron. For Example, PCMark. Finnish products are not only tests components of desktop computers and laptops, but also mobile devices. 3DMark 2003 introduced simultaneously with the release of DirectX 9. In total this benchmark was fourth after 3DMark 99, 3DMark 2000 and 3DMark 2001. For the first three days after the release of the program has been downloaded almost two million times when the weight distribution is 180 MB.

5 February 1958 American bomber B-47 and F-86 collided in the sky, and then the emergency crew of the bomber dropped a hydrogen bomb into the ocean.The fighter lost a wing and crashed, the pilot managed to eject, but the bomber failed engine and damage the fuel tanks. When the plane began to lose altitude, the captain made the decision to reveal a compartment with a hydrogen bomb the Mark 15 approximate weight of 3,500 kg and dump it in the ocean. The bomb fell to the bottom of the Gulf of USSO (GA) with a height of 2200 meters, the explosion followed.

Do you Remember what stuff looked like Samsung Galaxy S4 mini on the background of the full-fledged S4, or LG G3s against the standard G3? Mini versions of flagships have always been the budget way to sell junk at exorbitant prices to the buyer who will bite on a big name and is similar to the original appearance. But now Koreans have come to mind: the G7 Fit LG just replaced the excessively powerful CPU on moderate performance and lowered the price to the level of "Chinese" middle class. Test flagship smartphone of 2018, with the processor 2016 and wonder what happened.

January 21, 1981 came off the Assembly line the first batch of DeLorean DMC-12. The car has become in some measure the cult, as it time-traveled characters in the film "Back to the future". To the question Marty, why were selected DeLorean DMC-12, Doc said, "if you do a time machine into a car, why wouldn't she look stylish?" Interesting fact: the film was released in 1985, but in 1983, the manufacturer, DeLorean Motor Company has ceased production. During this time descended from the conveyor 9,000 copies.

If you love new technology, work MacBook Pro, and I would like to know the number of steps per day, to see the notification on the screen hours and to be aware of your heart rate during occasional trips to the gym... go to the store for the Apple Watch. But if you have just returned from the tenth year of the alloy on the mountain river and expect in two weeks to conquer a new height, better buy a much more brutal, and just more suitable for active, if not "heavy" lifestyle smart watch — Garmin Fenix 5 Plus. And here's why:

January 11, 2005, Apple introduced a music player iPod shuffle with no screen. Apple has drawn attention to the fact that many people have pumped into their digital "hurdy-gurdy" music and listen to it in random order (shuffle mode), forgetting about the albums, artists, playlists. And when the density of the communication gadgets and the interface is not actually needed. As argued in Cupertino and made the iPod shuffle. What he stood out among, frankly, the same models, is the lack of a screen. Only the buttons: play, skip to the next or previous track, volume, and switch the order of the songs (including the main — random).

29 Dec 2011, hackers broke into the GSM network.At the conference Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin Carsten Zero and Luca Melette demonstrated how to use the readily available de-encryption software and mobile phone, you can impersonate the user of another GSM cell phone. They made a few calls, sent text messages and even check voice mail from a person of the other party and identified his location. Their method worked due to the weakness of the GSM encryption and also due to the fact that the key that was originally supposed to be updated each time a new challenge is often used for several different transactions. Identified then the vulnerability does not affect more modern cellular networks of the third and fourth generations.

On 22 December 2007 on orbit was launched the first African satellite.The carrier rocket Ariane 5 was launched on oristo Land from Kourou in French Guiana, which belongs to the European space Agency. African telecommunications satellite RASCOM-QAF1 weighing 3.2 tons fell on a preliminary orbit 26 minutes after launch. The main objective of this spacecraft as a means of communication in rural Africa, where for many reasons don't want to come of the world's major operators. In addition of a satellite into orbit Ariane 5 has brought the North American and Horizons-2.

8 Dec 1880 patented the coaxial cable.Invented by British physicist Oliver Heaviside. Coax is an electric cable that comprises a coaxial Central conductor and the screen. This wire is used in various applications requiring transmission of high-frequency signal. It and communication systems and networks, computer networks, alarm systems, CCTV, communication channels in consumer electronics, military equipment. It is now rare to meet a local network was built on coaxial cable, he was replaced by twisted pair and telephone cables.

Almost everyone who praises or criticizes smartphone Yandex says almost nothing about the smartphone, but only about his attitude to the Russian search engine? Technical competent journalists somehow turn into jesters on both sides of the fence — some, when you compare this unit with the latest IPhones, the second — when issued "ha ha, MPs and the FSB will listen to you right out of your pocket!" instead of talking about the processor, battery, screen or camera. We will explain what is "Yandex.Phone" as a mobile for 18 thousand in comparison with the competitors and to clearly explain whether it is worth buying.

23 Nov 1889 earned the world's first jukebox, it was installed at the Palais Royal Saloon in San Francisco. Soon the device became known as the "Nickel-in-slot" ("Nickel" — a colloquial name of a five-cent coin). The very first model was reproduced two-minute audio recorded on the surface of the cylinder, and listen to the sound needed through the tube like a stethoscope. Over time, the cylinder gave way to the gramophone disc, and users were able to quickly choose one of several melodies.

All who tasted the advantages of Chinese cell phones, can you like to giggle and point fingers, but in the eyes of ordinary customers, the Koreans Samsung and LG are perceived exclusively as respectable and respected manufacturers. From their flagship smartphones, it is customary to wait for technical breakthroughs almost never expect from a Chinese, the best cameras, the hottest sound and the best quality screens. But now we will see what these companies offer at a reasonable price. We took the LG and Samsung smartphones middle class with a "twist" in the form of water resistance, in order to compare them among themselves and with Chinese competitors.

The Best cameras and powerful processors in Android smartphones in 2018 — in the fight for first place in sales Huawei does not skimp on investments in the stuffing. However, not for our own benefit or to satisfy their ambitions for, and immodest amounts — we have two of the most expensive Chinese smartphone, except melkomyagkie models with diamonds and other decorations. We tried to figure out whether the price Huawei, which is more top-end models from Sony and Samsung, how much worse Mate Junior 20, or maybe in this crazy time to say the Chinese "good bye" and return to the good old manufacturers?