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Today was held the largest exhibition of mobile electronics MWC 2020. Unfortunately, the epidemic of the coronavirus, the event was canceled, depriving us of the opportunity to see many interesting announcements. But some producers still did not deny myself the pleasure to share their latest developments and or came to Barcelona, but by themselves, or found another way to present its own news. Among these companies are Huawei Honor and with whose first major presentation in 2020, you can watch online. Links to the broadcast, we'll leave below.

Smartphones similar to the Rubik's cube they either "everything went perfectly", or any of the sides they look kind of weird (and sometimes and not one, but several). To understand this, you will have to peruse the table with the characteristics for each model within the budget, then the information on different sites to figure out which of these characteristics are important and which are not, and finally, to place candidates for purchasing from best to worst in terms of price and quality. Or read our review and see what a smartphone already exists.

Games published by Humble quite difficult to call blockbuster, but at least they are hearing through the publisher. To be more precise, known area, where Humble enough often satisfied with the large sales, in which you can catch a lot of games from third party publishers at very good prices. This time, however, the sale comes to its own games, but also a platform to honor such events not quite familiar — games are sold not on the official website of Humble and popular online games store Steam.