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Cheap flagship smartphones are fading. Huawei released the prices to the skies, ASUS and OnePlus followed, Meizu dying and no one else presses prices, Nokia lags behind in quality even from the Chinese. For Samsung and Apple, without a thousand bucks come on. Remain Xiaomi, which also announced that Mi 9 would be the last affordable flagship. And now we have to test a cheaper version of the latest affordable flagship. Understand, what kind of phone and not vparivayut us budget-with the new label at a higher price.

In this article we compare three smartphones smartphone middle class with the cost of 20 thousand rubles each. It is not the public sector, where Chinese smartphones are often bad, but not quite middle class, in contrast to smartphones for 25-30 thousand, where "anything does not deny." For example, the Samsung Galaxy A50, Motorola and Xiaomi Mi G7 8 Lite check the myth that "at the same price the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will always be better than Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony and other brands conceited".

Who's wanted in Russia the same rates, as in China? You succeeded, in January, Russian networkers sell smartphones with good discounts, and the Chinese in their aliexpress, on the contrary, redraw the labels under the reality of "dollar for 70 rubles", and add a surcharge on cell phones to be welded on the flow of orders during the Christmas holidays. In the end we get a pack of Redmi models at a reasonable price, a crowd of overrated competitors and some mad discounts on the recent flagships — welcome to 2019.

In 2018 Yandex abruptly ceased to live only through software innovations and moves in the direction of real devices: in this year appeared the first gadget company — Yandex.Station, unmanned vehicle Yandex was able to get to Kazan, and in December came back and Yandex.Phone. In this article we will talk about the latter. What is the best and complete answer Google Pixel, a platform for advertising their own services or simply attempt to go on the Patriotic feelings of Russians, who suddenly abandoned their iPhones and samotny and buy our own, dear?

15 December 1970 station Venera 7 successfully landed on the surface of Venus.It happened in 120 days after launch from Earth on August 17. This is the first space station, which successfully landed on another planet. In addition, Venus-7 has carried out the first data transmission after a soft landing on Venus. To start this station was the delivery of the lander, several previous missions failed, because the devices were designed for a pressure of 20 atmospheres and their flattened at an altitude of about 25 km.

2018 was happy for those who like "MacBook" and for those who laptop need as much speed. But the miracle in the spirit of "laptops fell by half" did not happen, and hardly worth hoping for that. Miracle AMD, in which all believed, after the release of RyZEN, faded, strong competition in laptops, the "red" does not represent, and laptops on Snapdragon (the processor from the flagship smartphones) — slow and expensive. About this and everything else that happened with the mobile computer segment of the industry, will shortly tell in our article.

In the network appeared the details about the ninth generation Intel Core processors for laptops. Information has become available thanks to the leaked list of specifications of the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad S530-13IWL, who fell into the hands of the journalists of the resource Tom's Hardware. the characteristics are those optional processors: Intel Core i7-8565U, Core i7-9550U, Core i5-8265U, Core i5-9250U, Core i3-8145U and Core i3-9130U. Of these, i7-9550U, i5-and i3 9250U-9130U belong to the eighth generation of processors, but the others are still not represented Intel. As expected, Intel's ninth generation will be available in the second quarter of 2019. They will receive four agras (Core i5 and i7), TDP 15 W and 2 MB cache in the third level on each...

LG Electronics has patented its new camera for smartphones. Information about this found in the documentation for intellectual property Bureau for registration of patents and trademarks USA (US Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO) of the relevant Dutch resource LetsGoDigital. According to the idea of the Korean manufacturer, its future smart phones can get crazy 16 modules for the main camera. The patent shows the rear camera with four lenses arranged in four rows. the User can select and combine several modules for capturing a specific photo or combine different parts of photos taken on different cameras to create a single photo or a moving image. it was convenient to make selfie using a camera in the phone provides a kind of "mirror" or even a secondary...

In the network appeared new details about its forthcoming flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10, not yet officially presented by the manufacturer. Information shared the Chinese resource ITHome with reference to the Hong Kong GF Securities. One of the versions of Samsung Galaxy S10 could receive 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB on the drive. Apparently, we are talking about models with support for cellular networks 5G. According to earlier leaks, Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released in three main and a fourth 5G version in black, white, yellow, and green color options. the Junior version will be numbered SM-G970x, and two older — SM-G973x with SM-G975x. Model SM-G973x SM-G975x will receive displays with a diagonal of 5.8 and a 6.44 inch with built-in in the...

26 November 1965, launched into space the first French satellite, Asterix. Thus, another space power has become greater. Originally the device was called A-1, but after reaching orbit, was renamed after the famous hero of French comics. The launch of the "Asterix" was intended primarily for testing of the carrier rocket "Diamond". The satellite with a diameter of 500 mm had a weight of 42 kg. of the Chemical battery was only enough for 15 days of operation in space. Asterix, the first French satellite 26 Nov 2003, ended operation of the British-French airliner Concorde. He and Tu-144 are two of the only supersonic aircraft in commercial operation. the development of the "Concorde" began in 1962. Collaboration teamed up French company Sud Aviation and the...

On 24 November 1995, Nintendo introduced the console, the Ultra 64. As the name implies, is a 64-bit gaming console. It worked for Nintendo in conjunction with Silicon Graphics. It was a response to the set-top box competitors: the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The clock frequency of the CPU was 93,75 MHz, graphics is 62.5 MHz. Ultra 64 was fitted with a RAM to 4.5 MB, and the maximum resolution was 640x480 pixels with 24-bit color depth. Due to the fact that the development was involved by Silicon Graphics in this console, there are many innovations associated with three-dimensional graphics, e.g., aliasing of textures and MIP-mapping. Together with Nintendo released the first 3D platformer, Super Mario 64, which is in all its glory demonstrated...

In the network appeared the details about the upcoming smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro not yet officially presented by the manufacturer. This relative inexpensive smartphone will replace Redmi model 6 Pro. He will get a very thin frame around the display with a small round neckline and a triple main camera. The hardware platform will be an advanced intermediate level processor Snapdragon 710. The memory will be used in the variants of 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal flash memory, or 6+128 GB. Two basic sensor rear camera will get a resolution of 12 and 8 MP, front camera of 12 MP will be able to authenticate on the user's face. While the starting price for the Xiaomi Redmi 7 Pro is expected to be 216 dollars.

LG Electronics has registered three trademarks for their future foldable phones with flexible displays. Information about this found in the documentation on intellectual property in the European patent office EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) of the relevant Dutch resource LetsGoDigital. so, LG smartphone with flexible folding display can get the Flex, Foldi or Duplex. According to earlier leaks, the development of such a smartphone is in the company for several years. While LG makes the emphasis not on being the first who released a foldable phone, and to do something that really required by users. simply put, LG is not going to release a smartphone just "because." Of course, while the representatives did not disclose details about the...

The users of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 began to complain of problems with the main camera. While shooting photos or videos, the camera app freezes or freezes, as well as just retarding. This is clearly not the behavior that is expected from a smartphone for a thousand dollars. The problem concerns a variant of the Galaxy Note 9 on the basis of the Snapdragon, which is sold in the United States. The model is based on the original Exynos in a similar has not been noticed. the official moderator of the American forum Samsung confirmed the existence of the problem and said that the company is already working on a special software update for Galaxy Note 9, which is to solve it.

Analytical company Counterpoint Research published the results of research on the results of the third quarter of 2018 the smartphone market. During this period, has sold 380 million smartphones, representing a decrease of 5% compared to the same period a year ago. the three leaders on an international scale, companies Samsung, Huawei and Apple with market shares of 19%, 14% and 12%. In Asia, while leading Chinese company Oppo with 16%, followed by Huawei and Vivo with 15%, Xiaomi with 14% and Samsung with 10%. In North America, naturally, the first place is Apple with a huge share of 37%. Samsung is in second place with 25%. In Europe, Samsung is leading with 31%. He also took first place in Latin America (37%), Africa and the middle East (25%).