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Chinese smartphones are stuffed to the eyeballs with their own programs manufacturer. And if your application is somehow possible to understand — thanks to such solution, the same Xiaomi can provide a low enough price on their smart phones, here in the case of installing programs, collecting a variety of data without user desires, there are questions. Questions, apparently, has arisen in the protection of Google Play Protect, which blocked one of the applications Xiaomi — Mi Quick Apps because of potential problems with surveillance.

Darkness is fading — not only that, in 2020, the parcel from China worth more than 200 Euro will impose fees, and to buy a order from abroad is almost nothing. More precisely, almost all Chinese manufacturers are divided into "half dead" to which there are no spare parts and have not updated firmware; despicable, which cut support for all standard 4G, except the Chinese; and Xiaomi, which are good, but their monotony is sick. But there is no rule without exception, so all exceptions from the exotic to "pop" in our November collection.

IFA is one of the oldest exhibitions of various consumer electronics. In the event a very rich history: in 1928 exactly at IFA, was presented the first prototype of the television, and in 1930 the exhibition was opened by himself, albert Einstein. Today, IFA is the event in which the largest manufacturers of smartphones, computers and laptops, and consumer electronics, and more show their latest developments. IFA 2019 is going to be a very cool event. And although some companies are almost shouting that they plan to announce in the framework of the upcoming exhibition (Yes, LG?), the majority still keep the secret, and that means that surprises will also be a lot. Now we will tell about the fact that industrial spies have already scouted out future models...

Nobody humiliates its own subsidiary Redmi, how do marketers Xiaomi smartphone which was created under the name of Redmi K20 Pro and initially had to show that "we Saami know how to do some hoo mobile phones, and even cheaper!", renamed in Mi 9T Pro and sell as another (the fourth) modification of the flagship Mi 9. All in order that buyers can look for differences between them and ran off to another manufacturer that does not have a mess with the names of the flagships. And in vain, because, not counting the strange signboard, Mi 9T Pro – one of the best smartphones of the year on the set of "martial qualities".

Due To the fact that the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes is becoming more common in the United States, there is concern about the fact that people in a condition of narcotic intoxication can drive a car. Unlike the breathalyzer used to detect alcohol, police have no device that can be used on the spot to determine if a driver is under the influence of marijuana. But it is possible that the new study, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh is able to change that.

Remember how everybody laughed at AirPods three years ago? "Who needs these headphones wirelessly? What else would you charge them?" But Apple somehow magically managed to impose his headphones quite a stir. Only time does not stand still and now AirPods buy either for prestige or out of inertia, not because they are the coolest from a technical point of view. But what about the competition? Let's talk today about Jabra Active Elite 65t - completely wireless headphones that don't fall out of your ears, and are not afraid of water.

It's been a little over five years from the time that Apple led by Tim cook, bought the company Beats. Then Beats came full access to Apple technologies. And now to the manufacturer realized the need to make true wireless earbuds as an alternative to the main AirPods. So was born the Beats Powerbeats Pro is a fully wireless flagship headphones from Apple. Large, attached to the ears otherwise. In short, the exact opposite of the popular earpods - no miniature. Is there something to pay? Because headphones are clearly not cheap.

Cheap flagship smartphones are fading. Huawei released the prices to the skies, ASUS and OnePlus followed, Meizu dying and no one else presses prices, Nokia lags behind in quality even from the Chinese. For Samsung and Apple, without a thousand bucks come on. Remain Xiaomi, which also announced that Mi 9 would be the last affordable flagship. And now we have to test a cheaper version of the latest affordable flagship. Understand, what kind of phone and not vparivayut us budget-with the new label at a higher price.

In this article we compare three smartphones smartphone middle class with the cost of 20 thousand rubles each. It is not the public sector, where Chinese smartphones are often bad, but not quite middle class, in contrast to smartphones for 25-30 thousand, where "anything does not deny." For example, the Samsung Galaxy A50, Motorola and Xiaomi Mi G7 8 Lite check the myth that "at the same price the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will always be better than Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony and other brands conceited".

Who's wanted in Russia the same rates, as in China? You succeeded, in January, Russian networkers sell smartphones with good discounts, and the Chinese in their aliexpress, on the contrary, redraw the labels under the reality of "dollar for 70 rubles", and add a surcharge on cell phones to be welded on the flow of orders during the Christmas holidays. In the end we get a pack of Redmi models at a reasonable price, a crowd of overrated competitors and some mad discounts on the recent flagships — welcome to 2019.

In 2018 Yandex abruptly ceased to live only through software innovations and moves in the direction of real devices: in this year appeared the first gadget company — Yandex.Station, unmanned vehicle Yandex was able to get to Kazan, and in December came back and Yandex.Phone. In this article we will talk about the latter. What is the best and complete answer Google Pixel, a platform for advertising their own services or simply attempt to go on the Patriotic feelings of Russians, who suddenly abandoned their iPhones and samotny and buy our own, dear?

15 December 1970 station Venera 7 successfully landed on the surface of Venus.It happened in 120 days after launch from Earth on August 17. This is the first space station, which successfully landed on another planet. In addition, Venus-7 has carried out the first data transmission after a soft landing on Venus. To start this station was the delivery of the lander, several previous missions failed, because the devices were designed for a pressure of 20 atmospheres and their flattened at an altitude of about 25 km.

2018 was happy for those who like "MacBook" and for those who laptop need as much speed. But the miracle in the spirit of "laptops fell by half" did not happen, and hardly worth hoping for that. Miracle AMD, in which all believed, after the release of RyZEN, faded, strong competition in laptops, the "red" does not represent, and laptops on Snapdragon (the processor from the flagship smartphones) — slow and expensive. About this and everything else that happened with the mobile computer segment of the industry, will shortly tell in our article.

In the network appeared the details about the ninth generation Intel Core processors for laptops. Information has become available thanks to the leaked list of specifications of the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad S530-13IWL, who fell into the hands of the journalists of the resource Tom's Hardware. the characteristics are those optional processors: Intel Core i7-8565U, Core i7-9550U, Core i5-8265U, Core i5-9250U, Core i3-8145U and Core i3-9130U. Of these, i7-9550U, i5-and i3 9250U-9130U belong to the eighth generation of processors, but the others are still not represented Intel. As expected, Intel's ninth generation will be available in the second quarter of 2019. They will receive four agras (Core i5 and i7), TDP 15 W and 2 MB cache in the third level on each...

LG Electronics has patented its new camera for smartphones. Information about this found in the documentation for intellectual property Bureau for registration of patents and trademarks USA (US Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO) of the relevant Dutch resource LetsGoDigital. According to the idea of the Korean manufacturer, its future smart phones can get crazy 16 modules for the main camera. The patent shows the rear camera with four lenses arranged in four rows. the User can select and combine several modules for capturing a specific photo or combine different parts of photos taken on different cameras to create a single photo or a moving image. it was convenient to make selfie using a camera in the phone provides a kind of "mirror" or even a secondary...