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Figure of the day: 80% bitcoin has been mined. the bitcoin Market overcame another milestone. 13 January 2018 was produced bitcoin number 16 800 000. The Creator of the Protocol has an inherent capacity to 21 million coins. Thus, the miners received 80% of the total number of available bitcoins in the world, but there was only 20%, or 4.2 million bitcoins. At the moment, the miners receive 12.5 bitcoin for each decoded block. Every 210 blocks the reward for mining is reduced by half. As expected, the next "Polovinnaya" will be held in early June 2020, reducing the "production" to 6.25 bitcoin from the block. When all capacity is exhausted, to obtain bitcoins will become much more difficult and cryptocurrency will be even more valuable. This cryptocurrency...

Command Yandex.Taxi announced the launch of new features for its service. From January 15 to day users and drivers can contact each other in the chat application Yandex.Taxi. However, the function is working in test mode and only available in the iOS app when traveling to Moscow. For drivers has a voice interface, not to be distracted from the road. In the driver's Taximeter app, you can dictate the message, and the passenger will get it in writing. Written response passenger in the chat, the Meter also will read aloud to the driver.

American authorities are preparing a bill to ban smartphones Huawei and ZTE. Mike Conaway (Mike Conaway), a member of the U.S. house of representatives from Texas, introduced a bill last week called "Defending U. S. Government Communications Act" (Act on the protection of government communications USA). the Document prohibits government agencies, bodies and agencies of the United States to use the phones and other equipment companies Huawei and ZTE. The ban caused concern about national security, because the company suspected of ties with the Chinese government. As outlined in the statement of CONAMA, the use of the products of Huawei and ZTE "will be the invitation of Chinese intelligence in all aspects of our lives."

Goznak will soon launch the app "Notes 2017" for devices running the operating systems iOS and Android. This was reported by the press service of Goznak reporters. the Application "Notes 2017" iOS and Android will be available for free download in the App Store and Google Play with 18 January 2018. It will allow you to quickly check on the authenticity of the new banknotes of 200 and 2000 rubles, released in the fall of 2017. according to the report of Goznak, many are not yet accustomed to the appearance of banknotes, some do not know the basic elements of their protection. On the banknote denomination of 200 rubles with the main green, are placed the symbols of Sevastopol. Banknote of 2000 roubles is made predominantly in blue color. The front side shows...