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Today it is safe to say that with the arrival on the market of innovative material almost completely removed the problem of contradictions in the external forms (of the facade) and maintenance (trim) of the house. About where you can apply a material such as AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Universal, read the article "the Facade, which is not afraid of rain, snow and wind".

According to statistics, the most common capacity of household electric water heaters lies in the range from 50 to 100 L. However, this does not mean that the market is missing the need for models small or conversely, large displacement, especially in beauty salons, food service establishments, private hotels or in a country cottage. Answering the queries of consumers, the company offers a wide range of Haier appliances for heating water. Read more in the article "Electric water heaters Haier: b...

In mid-April, 2016 in Milan was held the European furniture exhibition iSaloni. The interior fashion week has attracted hundreds of experts and has set the trends for upcoming seasons. The focus of the design community has been rapidly growing in popularity style of new retro. Read more in the article "a Fresh look at retro: the new style for bathroom".

For any summer resident or owner of a private house fire on the territory of its property is the worst nightmare. But even knowing how quickly the flame can destroy all the acquired property, we hope to "maybe" and do nothing to protect our homes from fire. But just a few economical solutions to your home never got to reports of incidents the local fire service. Read more in the article "Nanoskin house: how to protect against fires".

It is Known that many inventions which we now enjoy, were invented and introduced into use for a long time. But progress does not stand still, therefore in such an important matter as the construction can not do without innovative solutions. And one of them read the article "Cement Board is the Foundation of your interior".

In our time, the building materials market is so diverse and dynamic that the question of the choice of roofing can confound even the most sophisticated buyer. However, few people know that leaks will appear in the winter. But the reason in 90% of cases of the violation of temperature and humidity. What we will try to find out in the article "Temperature and humidity conditions in pitched roofs".

C the arrival of spring in Russia to start heavy flood, which present no surprises to owners of suburban real estate. The probability of flooding of the site and the house increases if there is no drainage system. And here owners of cottages and villas will be useful knowledge about how in an emergency to protect their possession and to prevent similar incidents in the future. Read more in the article "Flooding: how to survive and what to do?".

To the used roofs traditionally are very specific requirements of durability and wear resistance. One of the modern materials used for waterproofing of roof and can fulfill the functions of the finish roofing is polyurea. Read more in the article "an Innovative method for the waterproofing of roofs trafficable".

Today in Russia is actively developing "lean" (or "green") construction, is particularly relevant in terms of office space. In this regard, more value in the eyes of the developers and owners of business property becomes its compliance with international standards. Read more in the article "Office-style LEED".

The construction of the house – the procedure is not only responsible, but also quite costly because of the cost of operating specialists may seriously exceed the cost of the necessary materials. How rent manipulator will help to reduce your expenses on construction, see the article "How to use the rocker to save time and money on building a house".

About viagra written a huge amount articles, reviews, materials tips on choosing, but the paradox is that people who are going to change the window, again and again asks the same questions to which answers have been given hundreds of times. Therefore, we are publishing another article about plastic Windows and look at the most frequent questions people in the article "a New conversation about the old one. Plastic Windows".

The First vision system for inspection of sewer pipes was introduced in 1957. And for the last half century the use of videovigilancia equipment for condition monitoring of sewage pipe networks firmly established in the world practice. About how the needs of professionals determine the development of equipment for videodirectsite pipes, read the article "Accurate diagnosis for pipes".

Today Imeretinskaya lowland became the sport center of the Adler district. When implementing projects, developers faced several challenges: in particular, due to the instability of the soil of the plains and heavy rainfall is needed to provide a reliable system of drainage of stormwater. To overcome all the difficulties managed with innovative engineering solutions. Read more in the article "the Development of the Imeretinskaya lowland: the problem of the large amount of rainfall and its solution".

Dear visitors we inform you that on March 22, we opened the eighth contest for the best construction site of the Runet. This year, we still hold the competition on a territorial basis, in order to find more beautiful and modern websites in the construction industry. At the time of opening the competition will be held in the following regions: in the first part will be evaluated the sites of Moscow and Moscow region; the second part will be evaluated the websites of provincial regions...

Every year the costs of housing are becoming more tangible for the family budget of majority of Russians. Particularly acute, this question has acquired since the beginning of the crisis and coinciding with it in time commissioning of universal compulsory fees for the repair. However, it does have a solution. Read more in the article "How to recover costs for the repair".