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If you decided to hang in your bathroom a few hooks for towels, a shelf or the dryer for fine linen, do not rush to call the master, so as to cope with this task you can easily and most. Read more in the article "Fasten the hanger on ceramic tile with your hands."

Morocco... the Gold of the Sahara desert, the dark blue expanse of the Mediterranean sea, unusual for European culture... All in the African country steeped in tradition and craftsmanship, renowned worldwide for its Handicrafts and wood cutting boards. And now each of us can create in your home a piece of this exotic country. Read more in the article "Interior design in Moroccan style.

In the processing of wood inevitably accumulated waste in the form of sawdust and shavings. Just throw them a pity, because sawdust can serve as a fuel. Of course you can burn them in a conventional oven or fireplace, but more interesting they can present for a special furnace for sawdust. Read more in the article "How to make a portable stove sawdust".

Starting to create projects of interiors, it is necessary to get acquainted with styles that lend uniformity and harmonious combination of elements of the premises. Many years there is a common stylistic classification, which shows the chronology of styles. Read more in the article "trends in interior".

It So happened that in Russia of an apartment on the ground floor are considered to be undervalued. In this regard, as a rule, these apartments are pretty bad, if the seller does not make a good discount. However, if we approach the question of the sale of the apartment more carefully, leaving on the side of all its flaws and human stereotypes, it will be possible to sell the existing property is very profitable. How to sell apartment on the first floor is expensive, said the experts of the real estate market in the article "How expensive it is to sell the apartment on...

With the arrival of spring it is time to upgrade your metal objects in the country - a fence, benches, other dachas. Easiest way to do this using a paint which can be applied directly on the rust and without priming, saving you time and effort. Read more in the article "How to paint a rusty metal surface and protect it for a long time?".

If the house is a small place, a lot of things, and the surface of the walls resembles the dunes of the Sahara desert, you can remedy the situation by creating a problem in one room or several niches of plasterboard. Read more in the article "Wall with a secret, or 3 rules for creating niches of plasterboard".

Let's Not forget: the comfort of staying in nature depends on how this "nature" to furnish. Moreover in a literal sense: for example, if you wanted to watch the sunset on the waterfront, better get comfortable on the bench or chair. The article "the Bench over the pond shaded" we'll talk about garden furniture.

The Constant growth of tariffs for energy resources has led to the fact that in our country has significantly increased interest in the construction of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes. The article "Affordable energy-efficient house – myth or reality?", we talk about energy efficient home Green Balance, let's see the results first heating season, consider the technology used in the construction of economic housing.

Construction boom of recent years has generated a wide demand for a variety of flooring. Depending on the tastes and preferences of the owners of premises for floorings are parquet, laminate, carpet, tile and, of course, the linoleum. About the types, types and standards for the use of linoleum, read the article "flooring".

Want to feel pride for their country? Then get ready to learn about what you don't know that Russia has Europe's largest enterprise for production of autoclaved aerated concrete (gas concrete) and its products are recognized as the best in Europe. All the details in an interview with the company Bonolit "In Russia do best aerated in Europe!".

Fashion trends in interior design have the feature after some time again to return. Often in the background of the creation of new technologies and materials, again gaining popularity seemingly remaining in the past and already-forgotten trends. Such finishing materials include modern wall murals, which have recently confidently declare themselves. Read more in the article "Mural again come into fashion".

Stylish Idea interior design is based on the desire to give the room features a recognizable image. The interior style is not only exemplifies taste and aesthetic preferences of the house owners, but also reflects the era and the culture that he created. Read more in the article "interior Styles bedroom".

Representatives of the construction business could not help comparing the current state of the industry crisis of 2008-2009 Then falling sales and increased competition felt literally everything – from the producers of materials for construction and repairs to developers. For example, the market of plastic Windows will try to understand, whether will work in the current environment, strategies, performance in the past difficult years in the article "ready For the storm!".

Ceiling in old apartments with years crack, and not a whitewash or paint normally put already fails, quickly a microcrack, which become more noticeable... and now the repair must be done again. In this sense, the Wallpaper, including under painting, are much more durable solution. Read more in the article "wallpapering the ceiling. The basic principles".