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If we easily walked away from the old stereotypes that the cargo is pulled in the past, our lives would be much easier and the interiors of the apartments are bright and interesting. Read more in our article "the Old stereotypes in interior design".

Dear friends! Portal "Your House" congratulates you with New Year! May the coming year of the Goat will meet all Your expectations and fulfill the most cherished desires! We wish You love, joy and happiness! We are glad that you use the services of the portal, and hope to be useful to You in the coming year. A fun and memorable holidays! .ny-2015 { width: 670px; padding: 0; margin: 0 auto; overflow: hidden; } .ny-2015 ul { position: relativ...

What lifts installed in the greatest houses of Russia and the world, how to choose a lift and what parameters it should fit about this, see the article "What lifts to be installed in high-rise buildings?".

"Without hassle and without worry, dangling feet with spoons, plates directly in the mouth go makarski" - the familiar lines? If these verses begins with each meal, continues dances, songs ends, but the kid still preverences - most likely you mommy Maliki. About how not only to feed nehochu, but to do it right, read our article "Harmful advice: how to feed malaise".

For heating apartments we choose different types of devices. Someone chooses a time-tested cast iron radiators, and someone prefers modern advanced models. However, I must say that it is not always warm and comfortable microclimate depends on the type or quality of the radiator, it is also necessary to correctly calculate the capacity and number of radiators. Read about it in our article "How to calculate the number and power of the heating radiators.

Garage enterprises and private garages belong to the category of objects with a high level of fire danger. To ensure an adequate level of fire safety in garages need not only to strictly comply with the fire prevention measures, but to use modern fire fighting systems. Read more in the article "Fire in the garage.

So, You face the problem of choosing the sink in the bathroom. In the article "How to choose a shell, we offer some practical tips that will help You understand and make the right choice.

In place of generations X and Y come "digital" people (or Generation Z). To them were born in the early 1990's, the fact that the predecessors were called "technologies of the future became the present. They did not grow up on stories of the famous science fiction writer ray Bradbury, and live in them. Read more in the article "the House that'll do it myself".

Starting repairs in the kitchen of course, we think about how the sink will be the most appropriate. The choice of kitchen sinks now considerable, and diversity for the layman does not facilitate the task. In the article "How to choose a kitchen sink" we will try to cover all the details and give good advice on cleaning.

About a fifth of Russia is located in the Arctic. Here resides approximately 1.5 million people and is located about 30 large and medium cities.In this regard, the development of construction technologies in conditions of extremely low natural temperatures and permafrost seems to be one of the priorities for the domestic construction industry. Read more in the article "Construction beyond the Arctic circle".

The Choice of the mixer, as practice shows, not such a simple matter. Often before buying we do not think about how good this or that model, what material to choose, and so on, we choose the so called "beauty". In the article "What mixer to choose" we will try to understand the diversity of choice of mixer.

Approaching the New year, magazines and websites about the style of life is already full of tips on how to celebrate the holiday, where, with whom and what. The city is filled with Christmas lights, shops - new year's collections and attributes of the holiday. And we all, like children, we wait and trust that the new year is sure to be better than the previous and will bring new colors into our lives. Why wait? New paint can bring joy, and in the literal sense. Read more in the article "In the New year with a new interior:...

After a family dinner hostess habitual movement of the hand sends in a bucket of meat bones, a half-eaten salad and bread crumbs. In the morning, on the way to work, throwing the waste into the incinerator. Simple actions that you perform daily, thousands of people, without thinking about the catastrophic consequences both for themselves and for the environment. Read more in the article "My green planet, or How to save the Earth from food debris.

In the construction of any object you have to think about compliance with regulations for fire protection. Equipment selection should be made taking into account the specifics of the fire protection of such objects. We must not forget that it will require not only the design and installation of fire protection systems, and periodic maintenance. Read more about the maintenance of fire protection systems, see maintenance of fire protection systems"

Trying to save money, buyers tend to buy the cable at the lowest possible price. In this case, the buyer can expect an unpleasant surprise. Read about it in our article "About the consequences of buying defective cable.