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Play and win in one of the most famous and prestigious competitions in Runet! Applications are accepted in 25 categories. The submission of works ending March 28, 2015. The competition "Rating Runet has been held annually since 2010. For the past five years, the project has gained wide popularity and became the most prestigious competition sites in Runet. The organizers estimate that this year attendance "Rating Runet" will be more than 300 thousand people per month. The main goal of the contest...

Russian utilities sector has always been focused on the normative distribution, not actual accounting of consumed communal resources. But international experience shows that stereotypes should be changed. Read more in the article "problems of modernization of the Russian housing and communal services".

In the article "do Not skimp on safety glass we will briefly tell you about the types of glass and how to make its application more secure even in emergency situations, such as strong mechanical damage, explosion, shot, hacking. This information can be useful to anyone, not just the representative of the glass industry in which we operate.

It would be wrong to assume that "nostalgia", erected in the absolute degree, it is understated classic or ultramodern hi-tech. In the article "Three brutal style" we will talk about three styles that can cope with it perfectly well.

Making a choice in favor of black or white sofa, the buyer demonstrates not only their design preferences and rationality, but also other personal characteristics. Read more in the article "Black or white sofa? The details of the choice".

The Interior will look gorgeous through the use of stained glass lamps: floor, wall and table. The lampshades made of colored glass, attract attention even in the off state. And when the chandelier, sconce, lamp or any other lamp turns on, then a miracle happens: the light rays are refracted through the stained glass and begins a magical dance glare. Normal room is transformed. Read more in the article "Stained glass lamps to create exclusive interior...

A three-layer sandwich panels (TSP) based on polyurethane and its derivatives have begun to be used in Russia recently. Already, however, the material produced on automatic lines with strict observance of technological process, has won the trust of many industries. Read more in the article "Universal"panel.

The Russian market of products of high added value, particularly in the field of construction, for the past 20 years has undergone major changes in the structure of demand and supply structure, gradually becoming more focused on quality. However, in recent years a disturbing trend, associated with the advent of cheap, low-quality products from abroad, mainly from China. Read more in the article "Russian plywood market: trends and threats".

Substitution in the Russian market, especially in the food segment, is one of the most pressing issues of the day for both professional and consumer communities. The structure of this problem has two components: the production of the necessary amount of raw materials and logistics. To accept the challenges of their time to domestic companies will help the rational use of available resources and application of modern production technologies. Read more in the article "Technology and good judgment as ...

So, who served for many years bath suddenly started to "take positions" - enamel yellow, fell off the handle, leg, appeared chips... Can I return it to its former appearance? Read more in the article "If the bathroom is in trouble...".

It is Very important that the doors are well combined with the design of the rooms that they share. This will not only seamlessly fit doors in overall appearance, but to Supplement it, to make it complete. There are several ways to make a balanced choice. Read more about choosing read in the article "the Color of interior doors: guidelines for choosing".

Has long been one of the easiest ways to drastically alter the appearance of the structure is the use of the facades. They are suitable for both lining of private houses and high-rise buildings or industrial buildings. On the Russian market you can find a huge variety of facing materials for vented facades, different both in quality and appearance cost. Read more in the article "cost-effective solutions for vented facades".

Just the same as any modern family needs a home, any individual home needed a garage. But what would it be? The solution here may be different. We will consider the options, discuss their advantages and disadvantages, as well as pay attention to some important nuances of the design and construction of garages. Read more in the article "Garage fantasy".

Most people prefer to insulate their homes in the summer. At the worst end in the autumn. However, there are insulation materials, which can be done in the winter. One of such innovative for Russia materials, which, however, are used worldwide for many decades, is polyurethane foam, abbreviated as polyurethane foam. For more information, see "Insulation with polyurethane foam in the winter time."

When assembling electrical networks the most frequent manual operations are cutting, cutting and sealing of cables and power cables are designed for transmission and distribution of electricity. Depending on the destination, they are in diameter from a few millimeters to meters, with various types of insulation, flexible and tough, armored, etc., read More in the article "Tool for the electrician".