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Construction of private houses, facade warming, repair the outdoor balcony and alteration in the bathroom – in many situations, we have to look for reliable materials that provide high strength, moisture protection, versatility and simple construction. Are there materials that have properties not inferior to traditional (brick, stone, blocks) – but to save time and money? Read more in the article "From the pediment to interskate: universal material 2...

In Europe human health are emphasized, and therefore of special interest to the water, directly influencing it. The company BWT, to meet the needs of the most demanding European customers, is simply obliged to constantly develop new products. Read more in the article "Three steps to a perfect water in the apartment."

Dear visitors of the portal! Not often we turn to You with such requests because we believe that it is impossible to abuse Your good attitude towards us. Today is another situation that gives us the right to contact You with a request. Seriously ill our marketer Tatiana! She needs surgery for bone marrow transplantation and rehabilitation afterwards. We are raising funds for the operation, helps the company, but this is not enough. So I appeal to You — take part in the fate of the Article...

You have realized that a roof window is what you need! You have long wanted to renovate the attic and finally decided to do it. But I don't know how to choose the right roof window. How to choose a reliable producer and within budget, read the article "Selecting skylights: which manufacturers to trust?".

A Choice between bathtub and shower is one of the most painful. However, designers recommend to calm down, because there are planning decisions that allow you to place a bath and shower even in standard small bathroom. Consider some of them in the article "Bathroom plan".

Among the industries most affected by the economic crisis, construction, until recently, been one of the drivers of the domestic economy. In conditions of falling demand the issue of competitiveness is critical, and one of the key ways of its solution are to minimize construction costs while maintaining adequate quality of production. Read more in the article "Optimization of formwork works as a way to reduce construction costs".

"When will the repairs?" – the most common and burning issue both for customers and builders. Experts of the leading manufacturer of building materials Sika group – told about the main rules of quick and quality repairs in the article "How to reduce the time of repair."

The Market of products for construction and repair is one of the most difficult in Russia. To be an entrepreneur it is very difficult today: fierce competition and crisis do not forgive mistakes. However, there are proven recipes for business development even in difficult times. Read more in the article "Small business in crisis conditions".

Bathroom Renovation is considered the most difficult in the entire apartment. And it was at this time often make mistakes that can undo all the look of "modernization." And to avoid this, read the article "5 "taboo" for the bathroom".

So we arranged that determine the quality of any products mostly by their appearance. Rosy Apple seems tastier pale and clean and shiny car is more reliable and faster than dirty and dull. But in the modern world, an attractive appearance of goods says nothing about their consumer characteristics, reliability and quality. By what criteria to choose a really reliable and safe materials and solutions, read the article "Is imperceptible quality".

Feeling to stand on the threshold of his new, own apartment, incomparable to anything else. As well as the feeling of contemplating a bare plot of land that already very soon there will be a house where you'll be happy. How to contribute to construction and repair, reduce the cost both operations, read the article "Learn how to build a cheap house and make repairs".

The bathroom is a special place in the house where you can relax in the evening after a busy working day or to cheer up in the morning. To the bathroom was cozy, comfortable and functional you need to properly arrange the room, placing the furniture and sanitary ware. How to make the right choice in the diversity of proposals, read the article "Furniture for bathrooms: how to make the right choice."

Shower for the modern man — not just a hygienic procedure. This is one of the most affordable ways of relaxation, stress reduction, and health promotion and even treatment. The modern market offers a variety of goods, enabling to realize all this at home, but their diversity is easy to get confused. Try to understand the article "Under the warm jets of the shower."

About the benefits of steam bath known for centuries, but baths and saunas are still popular to this day. Steam is to take time to rest, relax, recharge benefits for the body.But in order to enjoy all the benefits of pair, they must be arranged according to certain rules, with observance of all technological nuances, which are explained in the article "the Warming of the sauna: is it safe and beneficial to health".

Threaded rod (also called screw rod) is rightly considered one of the most versatile fasteners used in modern construction. Now without them can not do any erection of cottages and multi-storey residential buildings or the construction of bridges, tunnels, nuclear power plants and launch sites. Read more in the article "Threaded rod in construction".