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The Choice of construction material depends on many criteria: cost, time of construction, quality, durability, environmental friendliness and more. We will look at the brick, monolith and wood, compare them and look at their advantages and disadvantages. Read more in the article "How to choose the material for building a house?".

Many people familiar with the situation when the apartment shut off hot water or when you have a private house and the water is only cold. And there are cottages, country cottages, where the water pressure can be extremely small. From all this there is a universal salvation - gas tankless water heater. Read more in the article "Inspection and care of the gas flow water heaters".

Agriculture in Russia is traditionally subsidized industry, and nearly 25 years of the post-Soviet period, nothing changed. So, in 2013, the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation recognized unusable 3/4 farmland in the country. In 2014, the government announced its intention to send to support the agricultural sector 100 billion. Under these conditions, the energy efficiency becomes one of the key factors in the development of the Russian agricultural sector. More Chi...

Brick house checked for centuries. They are not afraid of storms, frosts, weak earthquakes and fires. They are durable, warm and clean. Read more in the article "Construction of brick buildings. Types of bricks".

Appeared on the Russian market is relatively recent, shower enclosures have been able to gain wide popularity due to its obvious advantages over the boxes. However, in this segment of the market, as in any other, has its legislators quality standards and outsiders. The greater the demand, the greater and more varied the quality of the proposal. How not to make a wrong choice? Read more in the article "quality Criteria shower enclosure".

Deadwood is a rugged pine, drying naturally on the vine, for 100-150 years. Thanks to this long-shrinkage, the tree takes incredible strength and resistance to mold, fungi and insects. Read more in the article "the dwellings of the dead pine".

Political situation in the world and received in respect of Russia's economic sanctions have had a significant impact on the hotel business. To compensate for losses is possible only by rethinking the role of hotels in tourism, leisure and entertainment. Read more in the article "the crisis is ready! As the hospitality industry to cope with falling demand."

If the microclimate shop, cafe or beauty shop is only supported by the air vents, in the heat of summer, the client will not entice any promises. Conversely, a modest sign "we Have a air conditioning" miraculously stimulate sales. See how important the task of selection of HVAC equipment decide in the Russian small business focusing on customer service. Read more in the article "Air business"

Our ancestors laid between crowns log moss, tow, and even bags and rags. Now the construction market offers easy to use tape heaters made from natural, environmentally friendly materials. Read more in the article "How warm wooden house? The whole truth about interfering with the insulation".

Often the deciding factor when choosing a new sewage pumping system or replacing old are the initial cost of the equipment. But, as practice shows, these investments are only the tip of the iceberg. That is why the engineers analyze the life-cycle cost of the equipment (SIC or LCC). Read more in the article "Minimizing life-cycle cost of sewage pumping stations.

Over the past decade, housing, Russia has undergone many changes. One of the innovations that had a great influence on the communal services market and the market of equipment for engineering systems, became Federal law No. 261-FZ. It prescribes the mandatory installation of individual metering of all kinds of utilities, including heat, in new construction and reconstruction, starting from 1 January 2012. For more information, see "Using the radiator distribution...

When Planning the construction of homes, each is faced with the problem of choosing the main construction material. Let's consider the advantages and disadvantages of wood as a building material. For more information, see "Advantages of wooden houses. Properties of wood".

Houses from glued beams durable, environmentally friendly and are not subject to shrinkage. Technology gluing boards used Japanese samurai for making bows, but only in 1890, the German Otto Hetzer acquired an official patent for the invention and construction of timber by gluing thin boards casein glue. This was the beginning of the modern production of glued laminated timber. Read more in the article "Modern construction technologies. Glued laminated timber".

Desire a little to increase the useful area of their homes is quite understandable, and such opportunity is provided by plan of most modern homes, where each apartment has at least one, often two and sometimes even three loggias. It is not surprising that their insulation is a compulsory program of repair of almost every Russian newcomer. But the task is not as trivial as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, the new owner should carefully review the various...

Smooth wall is the dream of every citizen who wanted repairs in the apartment. But the alignment of the walls and ceilings of plaster, further shpaklevanie, is one of the most expensive parts of the estimate of repairs. Yes and importance of the construction process of finishing these stages are at the top of the list. Read more in the article "Rotband - based smooth walls."