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Finally a country house built and it was time to do arrangement of internal engineering communications, such as heating and water. Of course, in this case one cannot do without professional help, professionalism which will depend on the comfort and the cosiness in your home. But how to know which of installers - "newbie", and who are highly qualified? Read more in the article "a test for the fitter".

Hotels Today 5-10 rooms are in demand and in resort towns, and cities, and even in small towns. But in order not to get lost in the crowd of competitors, it is necessary to properly equip coaching Inn. Read more in the article "Comfort on the road".

Today in Russia a regular air is one of the necessary factors of development of economy. In turn, the development of the air transportation industry is impossible without modern network of airports, which represents more than just cleared the runway and Barack terminal. Such engineering complexes with modern infrastructure while in our country is not enough. Read more in the article "Modern airport".

"15 men on a dead man's chest..." - pirate romance seemingly left the civilized world together with the latest caper, a snub at a yard. Today, however, increasingly Jolly Roger" appears where no sea, and does not smell. Music, cinema, games, electronics - can be a long list. Perhaps there is no area that does not suffer from the "Board" nimble seekers gain. No exception and the construction industry. Read more in the article "the Pirates will not pass!".

Modern technologies of repair confidently marching in step with the times. One of the fashion trends in interior design are textiles (fabric) Wallpaper. Read more in the article "Textile wall - Deposit stylish design of the apartment."

For Centuries, the way of life of ordinary people almost did not change. From generation to generation they used the same tools and household utensils. Many habitual for our ancestors household items, we can now be found only in museums and antique shops. That's why it is interesting to see how changing things that surround people in everyday life. What we have lost and what is gained and start on the waves of progress? Read more in the article "How young we were, as many have forgotten!".

Historically centralized heating in Russia was and remains the prevailing system of comfort in towns and cities. Modernization of district heating systems is urgently needed. The reason is simple: most of the technical solutions became hopelessly outdated and could not cope with their tasks, but leads to the emergence of global problems in the economy. Read more in the article "peculiarities of national modernization".

Differences built in refrigerators from solo (detached). What appliances for kitchen is better to choose to fit right for You? Read more in the article "The embedded refrigerator differs from a detached?".

Ventilated facades have many advantages. But they can be easily undermine, if you break the technology of installation or incorrect selection of the materials. In this article we will examine the basic error of installation of hinged ventilated facades in the construction or reconstruction of various objects. Read more in the article "Common mistakes installation of ventilated facades".

If you want quickly and without significant cost, to make the Alpine slide their hands, we offer you to clearly see the photo report that sent us one of the visitors of portal.

What is better in the city - centralized or Autonomous heat supply? This question has no definite answer. Opinions are divided not only on the industry level, but also whole countries. Read more in the article "there is No prophet in his own country."

Heating is one of the most significant items of expenses on service of a private house. So not only price and subsequent costs: the cost of fuel, planned repairs, replacement of the used equipment, etc. Compare according to these criteria the most common options of heating systems. Read more >>>

Communication on special forums and searching information on the Internet is common practice for both experienced and newly homeowners. The choice of materials and technical solutions for the non-specialist is always a difficult task, which is hardly possible without further consultations with professionals and the same homeowners. Read more in the article "someone to ask advice?".

On forums, social networks, comments, blogs often there are questions like: "How to calculate the optimum thickness of a heater?", "Is there enough insulation, 2-4 cm?", "Are there any super-efficient heaters?", etc. for More information, see "Calculating the thickness of the insulation on the example of insulation Cellulose".

Waterproof structure, with the ability to quickly harden even under water pressure is called a hydroseal. The main advantage of this material is a short setting time. Due to the content of fast-hardening cement this composition is able to grab 40-60 seconds, forming a solid tube, are not washed away by the water, even coming under pressure. Read more in the article "What is the hydroseal".